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General Hospital on 12/3/2014 – Faison is Fluke, Nik is furious at Britt, Molly hears the truth, Madeline has info?

The mask has come off, and yes indeed.. Cesar Faison was Fluke.. and Anna slaps him! Julian doesn’t know who he is.. and Dante accuses him of stealing Luke Spencer’s life, but he blames Anna. Anna tells him to shut his mouth and starts to read him his rights.. he angrily asks where his rights were last year? Dante looks on while he says she tortured him on Spoon Island.. Dante asks if it’s true? She says she can explain, but Dante understands. He would’ve done the same thing.

Anna is angry that Julian knew he wasn’t Luke.. but he insists his family was being threatened. Anna reminds him other lives were destroyed. Julian tells Anna it was Ric or his family – he was protecting the people he loved. She tells him he is coming with her to the station.

Baby names?
At the cabin, Franco reminds Nina about her mother… she saw them leave together. Nina reminisces about what a good mother Madeline was to Nathan – she never received the same affection as she probably reminded her of her father’s side of the family. She understands that she loved Nathan the most, and Nina would do anything for this munchkin. Franco suggests they name the baby! They need to choose a name that doesn’t draw attention to them. Nina suggests “Allegra”, after her favorite horse, but Franco asks if there is anyone in her family who means something to her? There IS one person..

Madeline at the PCPD
At the police station, Madeline asks Nathan for an update on Nina.. she swears she told him everything she knows, and apologizes for the role she played. She also needs to say goodbye. She is very proud of him, he didn’t inherit some of his traits from his biological parents. He mentions Liesl and Victor.. Madeline wants to know what Victor Cassidine has to do with anything..?? Nathan tells her he was his father, but is now dead – Liesl shot him, but Madeline thinks she may have just been afraid of what he was going to tell him?

Britt ‘fesses up!
At Windermere, Nikolas grills Britt – was she behind Spencer’s disappearance? She tells him Spencer decided to come up with the plan because he wanted them to get back together.. and so did she. Leisl tries to pull her away, but she tells him the truth. She needed to convince him to let her back in.. if Spencer ran away, she would help him find him. Spencer was never in any danger as they were in contact.. Nik is furious, “how could you?”, but Obrecht jumps in and takes the blame. She encouraged her to fight for him… that Britt should exploit Nik’s love for Spencer.. she was following HER instructions. She made her do it.. and Liesl is pleased with the results, as everything is “as it can be again”. The end justifies the means! He asks Obrecht to leave.. and calls her despicable. He is angry Britt willingly and deliberately endangered his son.

Alexis tells Molly
Alexis flashes back to Julian telling her Ric didn’t kill Connie, and joins Molly at Kelly’s. She tells her she was with Julian on Thanksgiving.. Ned wasn’t very happy, but they were rescuing Luke Spencer! Molly is shocked to hear Julian knew Luke was in Miscavige all this time.. Alexis tells her the man pretending to be Luke was Julian’s boss. Molly was right ALL along.. Ric was not his boss. She is angry at Alexis – she had begged her to help. Alexis apologizes, but Molly tells her to go, she just needs time alone.

Luke meets Rocco
At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy is pacing back and forth, waiting for news about Julian’s arrest. Luke hopes they Dante and Anna are questioning him now, but Tracy still feels like a fool. Lulu brings Rocco downstairs and Luke introduces himself, he is thrilled to meet his grandson. His perspective has changed since he was locked up – he wants them to know how much family means to him.

Lulu takes a call from Dante, it was Faison after all! Luke wants to kill him, Lulu insists he will pay.. there is no wiggle room. They caught him in the act of trying to kill Julian Jerome. Lulu tells him not to do anything for Rocco, he agrees to let the PCPD do its job. Faison was coming at them from another angle.

Faison at the station!
Liesl rushes into the PCPD to see Nathan, she wants to spend time with him before she goes.. just then, Cesar is brought into the station! She wonders why HE is in handcuffs, after being tortured.. Liesl asks Dante if he’s going to let his mother speak to him that way. Cesar says “mother?”.. Liesl tells him Nathan is her son, she had him while they were apart, and it doesn’t change her feelings for him. Madeline asks if she was about to run away with that lunatic AGAIN..??? Madeline wasn’t about to let her leave, with what she knows about James/Nathan!

Nik is angry at Britt – she would do anything to get what she wanted, anything could have happened to Spencer! It’s the same story over and over again.. he used to empathize, but she isn’t a victim, she is exactly like her mother! She doesn’t get to feel bad – she is the worst kind of selfish. She doesn’t take responsibility for ANYTHING in her life.. he wants her out of his life. Nik opens the door for her, he is tired.. he doesn’t want to shout, he is all fought out.. and done with her. Pack your things and leave..

Nina says the one person who did right by her was James/Nathan.. she wants to name that baby after him! Him and Jamie Summers.. the bionic woman..

Nik tells Britt to get a lawyer.. he plans to prosecute for what she did to his son!

Madeline warns Obrecht about the consequences if she refuses to testify on her behalf.. or she will tell Nathan who his father REALLY is.

Alexis is at the PCPD, not to defend Julian, she wants an update on the man pretending to be Luke, but Anna says there is something she needs to know. Ric is ALIVE!

Molly cries over the photo of Ric.

Dante asks Faison how long he has been targeting Luke..? He wants his phone call.

Tracy goes upstairs to bed, while Luke picks up a hidden phone.. it’s Faison.. everything worked like a charm on his end. Luke’s reply..? Not one of these idiots is any the wiser..

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