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General Hospital on 1/23/2015 – Mothers & daughters, Haunted Star party, Shawn goes grave-digging!

In Pentonville, Ava wakes up from a nightmare.. to find Madeline standing there. What’s keeping her from her beauty sleep? Ava replies she can’t be with her baby, and it’s HER fault – she blames Nina for her premature labor with the drugs Madeline got for her. Madeline cries and claims she was forced to do unspeakable things as she feared for her life.. then laughs and says that will be her testimony tomorrow! She even has a witness. She gloats that she’s about to walk out of the joint, while Ava is stuck there forever. Ava accuses her of selling out her daughter to protect herself, but Madeline accuses her of doing the same. The guard lets Madeline out, and pulls out a knife.. he can’t have a witness to what’s going to happen next!

Kiki at Kelly’s
At Kellys, Morgan runs into Kiki and Avery.. on his way to shoot pool at the Floating Rib. He cradles Avery, while they talk about Michael – she didn’t think he was capable of being so cold. Dante and Lulu stop by to coo over the baby, Lulu wonders how Kiki is doing..? Dante mentions Sonny’s side of the family, she isn’t alone – Morgan mentions he is still looking for a job, when Lulu offers him one at the Haunted Star. They leave together. Kiki and Dante talk about Michael, he thinks they will figure it out – Kiki says it didn’t help that Morgan kissed her. Being more than friends would be complicated, and Michael would hate them more than he does now.

Hauted Star – a party!
Michael and Lucas arrive at the Haunted Star to see Fluke, who’s carrying the baseball bat he found in the basement on Elm Street. So what’s the big surprise? He apologizes and supports Michael’s idea to level the house and build the clinic there. He was using his bad memories against Michael – turn a negative into a positive. He won’t stand in their way anymore.. and wants to throw a party! To wine and dine the fat cats for their donations… Michael agrees when Lulu and Morgan walk in. She is hiring Morgan as a bartender, but Michael doesn’t want to have the party there anymore if Morgan will be there. He thinks Michael is being ridiculous.. and leaves. Lulu understands it’s complicated, they aren’t taking sides, she goes after Morgan. Fluke says NO one is going to forget the party..

Shawn’s accusations
At the cemetery, Jordan tells Shawn they should level with each other. She knows he is up to something, and has earned his trust.. but he has questions about her! Things aren’t adding up – talking to Dante, upset when Anna got fired.. he accuses her of being a cop! She tells him he has no idea who she is.. let’s drop the nonsense and dig up this grave. He tells her Sonny thinks Bill Eckert is her old boss. It wasn’t Faison and he wasn’t wearing a mask.

Franco wants in!
Sonny wants to break out of Pentonville.. and disappear after saving their sons. “I hope you have room for one more” says Franco, who has been in solitary confinement for a month. He’s surprised the two have become pals and wants to talk… he threatens to tell the guards about the contraband phone and escape attempt. He’s willing to keep his mouth shut for a price. He wants to use the phone to protect his people as well. He just wants to check up on someone.

Nina’s new mother??
At Shadybrook, Nina plays battleship with Heather! Heather tells Nina they don’t belong in there, neither of them are crazy.. Heather ask Nina who hurt her..? Nina replies “the whore who slept with my husband”. She tells Heather her story.. the woman is now in prison. Heather complains that her son betrayed her and doesn’t deserve her loyalty, while Nina muses that Franco was the only one she could trust… “did you just say Franco?”.. Heather perks up, but claims to know him only as the famous artist. Nina smiles and remembers how he watched over her.. too bad he isn’t there to protect her now, Heather responds. Franco tried to get sent to Shadybrook with her, but the judge didn’t buy it.. she thinks about him all the time. everything she loves is gone.. that’s what she gets for trusting her mother. She tells Heather her mother put her in the coma as she wanted her baby to die.. Heather thinks she sounds horrible. Nina asks why would a mother do that to a child..? She wonders why she couldn’t have a mother like Heather? Heather offers to be her mother in Shadybrook, and hugs her close. She is going to look after her.. and introduces herself as Diana Taylor.

Ava asks the guard who sent him..? Another guard interrupts with an emergency.. he tells her this will be continued..

Nina has a call from her lawyer.. but it’s Franco! He is worried about her, and they will figure something out. She tells him she met a friend today.

Sonny whispers to Julian they are breaking out tomorrow.

Back at Kelly’s, Morgan tells Kiki about his new job – but he won’t be working the private party as he ran into Michael.

Michael is distracted while Lucas natters about the clinic.

Fluke goes down to the basement to see Luke, who asks if he hurt his sister?? “You can rest your spiky little head – I saved her life cos she quit yappin about a buncha crap that was none of her business”. Luke asks if he is Bill Eckert??

Shawn continues to dig at the cemetery…while Fluke tells him about the party at the Haunted Star. He has invited everyone he cares about.

Shawn opens the coffin..

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