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General Hospital on 12/4/2014 – The real “Fluke”, Sam hears Jason was alive, Helena’s plan, an angry Spencer!

Spencer wants to know where Britt is.. Nik tells him he asked Britt to move out because of what she did to him. Spencer tells him it was ALL his idea, he did it to bring them back together. Nik angrily tells him he was too young, she put him at risk.. child endangerment is a crime! Spencer says she was there to comfort him, but Nik says she will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. He can’t be with someone who would use his son.. yes, he threw her out and she isn’t coming back. Britt fooled him too many times.. he is disappointed, he never should have trusted her. She let him feel all that pain when Spencer was missing. Spencer insists he has to forgive her – he can’t lose his mother all over again! Nik says she is nothing like Courtney.. his mother was an honest good person, not like Britt. Spencer says he deserves to have a mother and wants Britt. Nik says it’s the final word – she is a terrible person, and they’re better off without her.

Brad offers to hel Britt
Brad runs into Britt at Kelly’s.. he notices something is wrong, she tells him Nikolas threw her out, told her it was over like she didn’t mean anything to him. Brad offers her whatever support she needs, Britt says she may just need the help as he will be pressing charges. She leaves a message for Diane, and worries how she will be able to afford her? She tells Brad she is still paying off med school loans.. she also can’t call Alexis, but Brad offers to help her pay for it. He is sorry for what happened, she tells him she loves him.

Patrick and Sam visit Faison
Anna steels herself, and walks in to question Faison. She tells him he deserved to rot, slowly and painfully.. he tells her she didn’t have the guts to kill him. She reminds him of the past emotional and mental torture, but he replies she is no better than him. She says he is going to prison for the red of his life.. he grabs her jacket, but she pulls away. She notices he doesn’t have a lawyer – who did he call last night? He avoids the question, and Anna reminds him of what he did to Robin.. he broke her, she can’t even come home to her own child, but she will get justice for her. He is going to Steinmeuer forever, and without a lawyer, there’s no one to refuse him visitors. In walk Sam and Patrick! They have half an hour to talk to him.

Patrick tells Faison he wants answers, and Sam wants to know why he killed her husband Jason! He tells her he has no idea what they’re talking about.. he doesn’t know anything about Rafe running the car off the road. That was Victor Cassidine! Patrick says Spencer told them Luke had threatened him, and HE was pretending to be Luke. Sam says it doesn’t make sense, but Cesar says Victor didn’t want Drake talking about what he was up to at Crichton Clark. Robin and Sam’s husband!! He looks at Patrick and tells her Jason didn’t die two years ago.. “wrong again, sweetheart”..

Helena sees Liesl
Liesl walks on the docks, distraught over Cesar’s arrest when someone dangles a black lace handkerchief in front of her. It’s Helena.. she knows what Obrecht did to Victor, but relax, she wasn’t fond of him. She also claims Cesar won’t be held for long.. he will soon be a free man, and she will make it happen. She has the “proper personnel in place”. Liesl is giddy, and doesn’t know how to thank her.

Jake and Liz
At the house, Jake reads the paper over breakfast with Liz.. he sees a picture of the woman who came to the house at Thanksgiving, and shows it to a shocked Liz. It was Helena! She tells him she is insane and evil, and uses people for whatever she wants. She should be dead. Jake asks why she would come to the house? Liz asks what she wanted..? They chat, but he has to leave for a job interview.

The real “Fluke”..
Alice brings Luke breakfast, she tells him something was off about the other Luke they brought back from Miscavige. He asks what tipped her off, she mentions his coldness.. but why didn’t she do something about it? Why did she leave him in that institution for the criminally insane for a year? She tells him about the heart transplant.. he pretends he was just messing with her, but she says she screwed up. He isn’t mad at her, it was just a joke. She tells him the heart she got belongs to a gangster, who was killed by an FBI lady!

Tracy brings Anna in, who has stopped by to see Luke.. she came to apologize to both of them, it’s her fault. Tracy is furious she had him stashed in a hole at Windermere?? He went around Port Charles for almost a year with Luke’s face.. and she married him! Luke defends Anna’s actions, and accepts her apology. The important thing is he is behind bars and will pay for his crimes.

Spencer tells Nik he hates him for making Britt go away!

Faison admits he shot Jason and kicked him in the harbor, but he didn’t die! He was fished out of the water and taken to Crichton Clark.. if he has more questions, she should ask Patrick!

Liz phones Anna and tells her Helena came to her house.. the doorbell rings.. it’s Nikolas!

Liesl joins Britt at Kelly’s and tells her everything is going to be alright.

Sam is furious at Patrick.. is it true he knew Jason didn’t die on the pier..? Yes, he says.. she runs away..

Jake sees Helena on the docks! “Mr Doe.. over here”..

Tracy wonders where Luke went? Fluke opens a door, and walks down the stairs to the REAL Luke, who his bound and gagged.. “how do you like your new accommodations?

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