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General Hospital on 12/5/2014 – Sonny in prison, Helena controls Jake, Sam is upset, the real Luke Spencer!

Fluke tells the real Luke the PCPD has already apprehended his imposter.. the wrong man! He and Jerry Jacks arranged for someone to wear the mask.. which was delivered by Larry Ashton. It was Cesar, a valuable member of their team. Real Luke wonders why Faison would help, but Fluke says he will never see the inside of a prison.. and no one will suspect he isn’t real. Real Luke asks who the hell he is..?? Fluke taunts him about how exactly he got his face..?

Sam hears the truth
Patrick tells Sam it’s true.. Jason didn’t die.. she wants to know what that means, is he alive?? Patrick says no, he is dead. He survived the gunshot, a Cassadine boat picked him up, but he died much later at Crichton-Clark. Robin was with him. She didn’t leave him to work in Africa, Victor forced her to work for him, or Jason would die. She did everything she could, but Jason still died. Patrick admits he found out when they were at Chrichton-Clark together. Sam is furious and pushe him – “son of a bitch!”. She angrily cries, and he insists there is nothing she could have done, he was already dead.. but she claims she could have said goodbye!! He could have been alive when she went there with Silas. She asks why the hell he didn’t tell her. He explains that Robin was being held, he wanted to tell her, but she had just started to heal.. he was trying to spare her the pain. She is angry – it wasn’t his decision to make! And she had even thought they could be more than friends. He is sorry, he made a mistake and asks her to forgive him. All she wanted was one more chance to tell him that she loved him…

Cesar & Anna
Anna wants to know what Helena has to do with Faison impersonating Luke?? He hasn’t seen her since their attempted mind-control on Lucky.. he wonders if she has perfected the technique? Anna tells him he tried to brainwash her and failed.. nothing will ever make her love him. He didn’t feel love, it was an obsession.. he tells her the spell is broken and asks her to sit down. He says he is a free man.. freedom from her! She became ordinary and mindless when she broke the laws.. she isn’t worthy of his love now.

Helena tells Jake he is Jason!
Jake asks Helena why she was at Elizabeth’s house on Thanksgiving – and yes, he knows who she is now. He won’t let her hurt Elizabeth, and will do anything it takes.. but Helena isn’t interested in Liz, it’s him! She knew him before the accident, and during his revival at Chrichton-Clark at the hands of his good friend Dr Robin Scorpio Drake! Helena tells her he was Robin’s greatest triumph, but he doesn’t remember and accuses her of taking advantage of his temporary condition. She asks if the name Jason Morgan is familiar to him? HE is Jason Morgan. No one knows who he is, not even himself. Helena tells him the story – privileged son, gets a job with a mob kingpin and becomes a lethal assassin. He mentions Jason is married to Sam, and Helena confirms it – yes, Danny is his son. She has no inclination to lie to him! He tells her he needs to go see Sam, then stops and asks her to prove it. She suggests a DNA test.. he turns to walk away, but Helena says “wait.. you work for me”. She tells him he returned to Liz’s house, and instructed him to meet with here on the pier, and to forget her involvement. He has to follow her instructions now, it’s impossible to do anything else. He wants to know why.. she has selected him for his superb skills! A member of an elite team of WSB agents… Victor was grooming him, but now he’s dead. Helena says he has no choice, but she appreciates his skills and has a job for him to do.

Liz was right
At her door, Nik tells Liz she was right about Britt.. again. He tells her she helped Spencer run away, so she can now gloat about being right.. Liz can’t gloat but does say I told you so. She also tells him that Helena has re-appeared, and showed up at her house.

At Kelly’s Britt tells her mother that Nik wants to send her to prison, and Anna will be thrilled to help him. Liesl says she can come away with her and Faison on a wonderful adventure, but Britt informs her Faison is going to prison. Liesl says he has an inside source that says otherwise – why not come with them.. after all, what’s left for her in Port Charles?

Sabrina apologizes
At the memorial clinic site, Michael tells the architect his name is now Quartermaine, when Sabrina asks for a moment. She owes him an apology – Carlos made a false confession. Before she leaves, he wants to talk to her.. he wants to offer her a job at the clinic. She says she no longer works at GH, she was fired – she let revenge take over her life, and did something terrible. She warns Michael not to do the same.

Sonny in prison
In prison, Sonny flashes back to his argument with Michael when he is approached by Carlos! He is angry that HE went to prison for a crime Sonny committed…did he ever think about him? Sonny wonders why he confessed to AJ’s murder.. Carlo says he did it for love. He assumed Ava was responsible, but she had just used it to her advantage.. he knows she killed Connie Falconeri, but it doesn’t matter, he is getting our of prison today. He tells Sonny a lot of people hate him there, he might get exactly what he deserves.

Helena tells Jake if he doesn’t make their next rendezvous, he will forget they spoke and forget he is Jason Morgan. It’s now time to go to work.

Patrick offers to take Sam home, but she refuses to go anywhere with him. She tells him to go and starts to cry.

Liesl approaches Helena at the pier with Britt, who is coming with her!

Anna tells Sam that Faison will pay for his crimes and walks away.. then a masked man grabs Sam!

The real Luke yells there is only one Luke Spencer.. HIM!

Sabrina sees Carlos outside of Kelly’s.. he wants to get everything back that he lost.

In prison, Sonny is approached by Johnny Zacchara!

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