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General Hospital on 1/26/2015 – Remembering Aunt Ruby, Heather talks to Franco, Ava & Julian plan an escape!

At Kellys, Bobbie, Lulu and Lucas remember Auny Ruby on the 16th anniversary of her death. She orders heart-shaped pancakes for them.. Carly can’t make it as she’s looking after a sick friend, Bobbie is glad she has something else to focus on. She thinks Luke changed his mind, and finds out about the clinic party at the Haunted Star. Lulu thinks it’s strange that Luke hasn’t joined them to honor Aunt Ruby and phones him.

Fluke visits Luke in the basement on Elm Street, he’s excited about the party.. especially when the boat explodes. He will watch all those people go sky-high – Luke is terrified for his loved ones, why is he doing this? Luke says they’re family, but Fluke denies being Bill Eckert. Luke pleads for him to take his revenge out on him alone, leave his family alone. He receives a call from Lulu – he missed their breakfast, but does he want to meet them at the cemetery? He agrees, and leaves Luke to ponder WHY is he doing this..?

Jeromes plan an escape
At Pentonville, Ava visits Julian – she thinks Sonny is trying to kill her, but Julian says she’s blaming the wrong person, it could be their boss. Julian needs to fill her in on who’s been running the show since they’ve been locked up, she hears all about Bill Eckert – he may have sent the guard to kill her. He tells her he got himself locked up for protection – he needs to get to Lucas, but doesn’t have a way out. Ave replies that she does! Madeline is being transported by prison van back to Port Charles tonight at 6:30pm. She is going to be on the van, and Julian says he is coming with her. He insists she will need protection, “let’s do this together”. He has something else to tell her, when a guard appears and drags her away.

Franco make s a call!
Guards visit Franco to check his cell and find the phone! The guard wants to send him back to solitary, but Franco offers him a deal. He draws him a sketch.. a priceless Franco that is worth a fortune, it’s psycho-art! The guard takes it, and leaves him with the phone. He makes a call…

At Shadybrook, Heather brings Nina a jelly donut and Nina secretly tells her the call was from Franco, not her lawyer. He’s in prison but has a phone in his cell.. he cares about her, and will find his way back to her. She also told Franco all about her new friend Diana.. he’s happy and grateful to her, and hopes to meet her one day. Heather suggests that next time he calls, she can say hello? Nina receives a call from her “lawyer” again – it’s Franco and she tells him her friend Diana wants to talk to him… “hello Franco”.. he knows it’s Heather!

Nina sits down to eat her donut, while Heather explains she is now in Shadybrook – he warns her to stay away from Nina. She says she seems SO alone and vulnerable, but now she is her new friend Diana. She can think of no better way to punish him than crush his little bird. He betrayed her after she did everything he asked, and will get her revenge. Franco begs her, but Heather reminds him there is nothing he can do to stop her. Nina gets back on the phone, but the call has been disconnected. The phone rings again, and Nina tells Heather to give her the phone – before Franco can say anything, the guard says time is up! Heather pats her head and says everything will be alright.

An empty coffin
At Pentonville, Shawn tells Sonny Bill Eckert’s coffin was empty! Sonny wants to handle the bastard himself.. Shawn can’t protect him with the restraining order, but he is breaking out with Julian today. He has to protect his son, – Bill could snap at any time, he doesn’t want him to know what’s coming. Shawn informs him that Jordan is also aware.. but she is loyal and can help them.

Dante sees the grave!
At the cemetery, Dante is puzzled by the dug-up grave when Jordan appears – she was helping Shawn dig up Bill Eckert’s grave at Sonny’s request, to see if there was a body in there. Faison was a ploy, the man Alexis brought home was not the real Luke. Shawn was at the Elm Street house tailing Fluke, not Michael, he saw him leave with Helena. Shawn was prying open the door to the basement when Michael arrived. Dante figures the real Luke might be in there, and decides to head to the house himself!

Fluke runs into Dante at the cemetery.. what are you doing in the boneyard? Lulu and Bobbie arrive, and Lulu thanks Dante for being there.. he asks Fluke if Ruby was Bill Eckert’s mom..?? Bobbie explains Ruby was their father’s sister – he chuckles and says he gets confused, while Fluke chides him to show a little respect. Lulu quietly asks if everything is ok? Bobbie pays a warm tribute to Aunt Ruby.. Lucas leaves, Dante is heading back to the station and takes Lulu with him. He wants to hear more about the party she is throwing with Johnny Zacchara.

Jordan talks to TJ
Jordan runs into TJ on the pier, he is still angry she was working for the Jeromes. She says she is responsible for bringing Ric back to Molly alive. She tells him her and Shawn rescued Ric – the Jeromes didn’t kill her as she joined the other side! She now works with Shawn and his crew.

Shawn arrives on the pier, and asks TJ how he feels about him and Jordan working together? He tells him to give his mother a break.. he admits that Shawn is right, he does want her back in his life. He hugs her.. and is happy Shawn and Jordan are on the same side.

Bobbie muses to Fluke that after everything that happened when they were kids, they still turned out okay, thanks to Aunt Ruby. He says she will be there in spirit tonight, waiting for the rest of the family to join her! He asks to have a moment alone at the grave… and sees the empty grave of Bill Eckert!

Sonny tells Julian the coffin was empty..

Dante approaches the Elm Street house…

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