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General Hospital on 1/28/2015 – Ava’s plan, Lucas’ phoenix, Carly’s theory, Dante confronts Fluke!

At the hospital, Brad gives Patrick the file on Jake Doe.. Sam arrives, in desperate need of medical attention.. the kissing kind! He asks about her figurine, but she’s had no luck finding it. But she knows someone broke into the house and took it. She invites him to the clinic party at the Haunted Star – Lucas has been hired to run it, and she wants to be there to support her brother. He is happy to have a night out with the most beautiful woman in town (awwww). She is looking forward to celebrating her brother, and Patrick suggest she ask him if he knows what happened to her figurine?

Brad finds the phoenix
Brad arrives home to Lucas, who is admiring the figurine – and Lucas invites him to the party at the Haunted Star. They have an hour to kill and things turn passionate! Brad goes to hop in the shower and sees the figurine on the table.. what’s this, he asks? He found it on the docks, and thought it was cute and interesting… just like Brad, who knows it’s a phoenix. It’s usually sold with a dragon.. stronger together than they are apart. Just like them! Lucas muses that somewhere out there, a dragon is missing a phoenix.

Carly talks to Kevin
Kevin arrives at his office, sees Carly, but there’s no patient! Carly is puzzled, she has no idea where he could be. He gets ready to leave, but Carly stops him… she knows he already gave Jake a clean bill of health, but she thinks Jake is FAR from ok. Kevin doesn’t know what she’s talking about.. he never met with Jake! The appointment never happened, and he has never met him. He must have been lying to Carly. Little Kevin looks at his calendar – he sees the appointment, but he was called away on an emergency that day. He tells Carly he may have met with someone else… but the session would not have taken place in this office. Kevin reminds her that Jake has now taken off.. Carly tells him about the memory issues. She is upset to realize that he lied to her.. he must be guilty.

Helena’s new mission
At the cemetery, Jake is “active”.. Helena asks why Sam and Patrick are still alive? She assumes something went wrong.. he explains someone stopped him from killing them. A young woman, but he doesn’t know who she is.. she wasn’t real, but she was his friend and he shouldn’t take Helena’s orders. Helena realizes it was Robin, and he wants to know how he knows her – Helena says she is of no importance. He tells her he continued the mission after the vision disappeared, but had a memory when he went into the bedroom. He remembers the rings in the canister, and Sam giving him a figurine… he took it and left, but must have lost it. Helena thinks she pushed him, and tells him he will forget this mission, she has a new job for him.

Dante confronts Fluke!
At the Elm Street house, Luke confronts Dante as he tries to opne th basement door with a crowbar.. accuses him of being a criminal and slams the door shut! Dante says he’s a cop and suggests that Fluke should be getting ready for the party, and says he doesn’t need a warrant, he wants “dad” to let him into the basement. He just wants to take a look around, but Fluke says its’ dangerous for him to go down there, but Dante insists. He continues to use the crowbar, “it’s official police business”, while Luke gets more upset. Dante yells he doesn’t have time – there might be someone in the basement who needs his help. His father-in-law!!!! Fluke asks if has gone insane.. Dante says Luke Spencer is my father, and you’re Bill Eckert. He has been posing as Luke all this time.. he staged his own rescue at Miscagave, then pulls a gun on him and tells him to open the damn door now!

Franco joins the prison gang
In Pentonville, Franco approaches Sonny and Julian – he wants in on the prison break and Nina’s new new best friend is his homicidal lunatic of a mother. Heather hates him and would do anything to punish him, including hurting Nina. He threatens to sing like a canary unless they include him. He thinks he could help them communicate with his phone.. Julian doesn’t like the idea, they’re running out of time, and he convinces Sonny they need to get out of there sooner rather than later. They tell him Ava came up with the plan, and it involves Madeline – Franco gets upset as he doesn’t trust either of them! He doesn’t think the plan will work, but Julian reminds him it’s their only option.

Ava’s plan
At Pentonville, Ava tells Madeline she’s going with her to Port Charles in the prison van – and she isn’t joking! She is accompanying her in the van because she is testifying at her trial.. she’s actually testifying FOR her! She will testify that Nina forced her to go along with her plan to kidnap her baby – she was acting out of fear that night. Nothing was done of her own free will. Madeline wonders what she’s trying to pull..? Ava is simply doing her a favor – maybe she will do something for her tomorrow. Ava has no doubt she will get her hands on her fortune again, and will one day return the favor.

The guards come to take Madeline and Ava to the prison van… they don’t want any trouble.

Franco, Sonny and Julian are escorted from from their cell by guards, and they start throwing punches!

On her way out, Sam tells Patrick she promised they would take Lucas and Brad to the party – he will pick her up in half an hour.

Jake asks why Helena wants him to target all those people? There are people he cares about – Elizabeth, and Carly, but Helena tells him the headaches will get worse if he doesn’t obey her. She tells him Carly is NOT a friend of his.

Carly doesn’t think Jake is in control of his own actions.. she ask about instinct, Kevin thinks it’s real, Carly thinks Jake would want her stop him.. to turn him into the police.

Dante forces Fluke to open the damn door.. he instructs him to handcuff himself to the rail, takes the crowbar and yells for Luke at the top of the stairs. Just when he calls out “Luke, are you there?”, Fluke pushes him down the stairs!This Week Spoilers
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