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General Hospital on 12/9/2014 – Liesl saves Nathan, Alexis & Ned make up, Jordan is fired, Ric is missing!

At Kelly’s, Alexis asks Maxie if she has seen Molly.. and flashes back to Anna telling her Ric is alive.

Ned, Liv & Alexis
Olivia and Ned are watching a 3D movie together, he tells her about his fight with Alexis and says she has been a good friend. She jumps into his arms at a scary scene, he gently reminds her she has seen the movie before! He asks if there is something on her mind? She is just about to tell him.. when Alexis arrives! Liv quickly says she isn’t interrupting, starts babbling about the movie and wants to leave. Ned insists she stay, Liv goes into the kitchen, and Ned asks Alexis why she is here? She wants to apologize for defending Julian – she tells him he framed Ric, and she believed him over Molly. Alexis tells him Ric is alive! Paperwork is in motion to bring him home – she hasn’t told Molly as she hasn’t returned her calls. He comforts her, she says she is looking forward to seeing where “this” goes and Liv sees them kiss. After Alexis leaves, Ned asks what she wanted to say, but she is just happy they patched things up.. Ned says they have to find someone for her! He insists she means a lot to him – they’re both due for happiness.. he has found his, and hers is right around the corner. She wants to get back to the movie, and quietly wipes away a tear.

At Kelly’s with TJ, Molly sees missed call from Alexis – he asks if she can forgive her, and she reminds him about his issues with Jordan. He still can’t process the news about her and Shawn, and the fact that she’s a drug dealer.

Maxie finds out about Nathan
Nathan is brought into the hospital for his gunshot wound – Obrecht takes over, while Sam and Lulu ask the nurse for updates. Sam tells Lulu about the gunman who dragged her to the waiting van, and how Faison escaped. She can’t ID him as he was wearing a mask – it was calculated job, the guy had experience. Lulu sees a text from Maxie and isn’t sure she should share the news about Nathan – Sam says it’s Maxie’s decision to make.

Maxie waits for a text from Nathan, and is joined by Patrick – he tells her about his argument with Sam. He asks about her paperwork, she tells him about the custody hearing, and how she needs to stay away from Nathan.

Lulu phones Maxie and tells her that Nathan has been shot. Patrick rushes out with her..

Jordan & Anna – Bob returns
At the docks, Anna and Dante hear noises and pull their guns on someone.. it’s Jordan, she was looking for Faison as well. She saw a boat speeding away, and they wonder who arranged his escape. She sends Dante to the hospital, she and Jordan will continue the search. Jordan is furious – she has been undercover for 8 months, and he escaped in 48 hours..? Her DEA boss Bob arrives and wants to know who is to blame for this.. Jordan had one job to do, and she failed. She spent more time covering for the Jeromes than bringing them to justice.. she argues about what she has sacrificed for the job, but he fires her! He doesn’t think she was ready, but Anna wants to make a statement on her behalf, but her endorsement means nothing, after how she handled both Faison and Ric. Anna insists everything is out in the open now, arrangements are being made to bring Lansing home, but Bob sake “so you haven’t heard about Ric?”..

Dante arrives at the hospital and asks about Nathan, when Liesl appears, with blood on her scrubs. He will pull through, thanks to her! She tells Dante to focus on who shot him, he mentions Faison was probably responsible.

Maxie arrives and rushes into his room and he groggily smiles… Liesl agrees to give them a few minutes alone (“never scare Mutter like that again”). Nathan says she shouldn’t be there, but she doesn’t care what Judge Walters thinks.. she isn’t going anywhere.

Patrick finds out Sam was involved in the incident and asks if she is hurt..? He wants her to get checked out, but she tells him not to worry, he can go. He says he is not going anywhere.

Jake & Liz watch the news!
Jake returns home, Liz asks how his job search went? She notices his pulse is racing, he has signs of over-exertion, which worries her. He says he just pushed himself – she asks where he went, but then sends him upstairs to have a shower. When he returns, they decide to watch a movie – they see the news that Faison has escaped and there is an armed gunman on the loose! They watch footage of the hostage situation and Nathan’s shooting… Jake tells Liz that Sam was a hostage, she had no choice. The news anchor reports that PCPD has named Faison as the head of Jerome crime family.. contradicting reports that it was Ric. Liz is stunned..

Molly reads her article about Ric, and hopes it goes viral.. hopefully his death won’t be in vain. Alexis arrives.. she really has to tell her something..

Maxie holds Nathan’s hand, she isn’t going anywhere.

Patrick doesn’t want to leave Sam.. she says she is fine, he tells her that she might be upset with him, but it isn’t going to stop him from caring about her… Sam tells Dante she is going to find the gunman if it’s the last thing she does.

Liz tells Jake about Ric – she turned her back on him, but he died before she had a chance to tell him she had changed her mind. Maybe he would still be alive…

Anna demands Bob tell her about Lansing – after hearing news, she stands behind her decision, and Bob leaves.

Anna calls Alexis and tells her that Ric is missing!

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