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General Hospital on 1/29/2015 – Haunted Star bomb, Nathan arrests Jake, the prison gang escapes!

At Pentonville, Ava’s creepy guard is driving the prison van.. she freaks out and tells

Madeline she will be a dead woman. She starts yelling for help when the guard approaches with a knife. He will plant a gun on her and say it was self-defense and no one will stop him. Sonny, Julian and Franco arrive dressed as guards.. and Sonny announces “how about me?”. A fight kicks off, and Ava is shocked that Sonny saved her. Sonny tells Madeline she is their ticket out.. guards arrive with gun, Madeleine cowers in fear while the others jump in the prison van and drive off!

The SS Tracy
At the Haunted Star, Lulu wonders where Dante is, when Michael and Tracy arrive. Maxie ushers Lulu away to get ready for the party, when Michael sincerely thanks Tracy for convincing Luke to allow him to tear down the old house. He tells her the house has been condemned, because of the foundation, which Tracy finds odd, but they chat about Bill Eckert. He arrived in town on the SS Tracy, a freighter owned by ELQ, but it blew up and sank. Her father raised the boat. Bill had a chip on his shoulder – a bitter man, killed when Frank Smith mistook him for Luke. That’s how Luke got dragged into the mob, and started working for Sonny. Michael points out he was one more person who had his life ruined by Sonny.

Lulu tells Maxie she can’t sell the place, even though working with Johnny worries Dante,

Fluke in the basement
Dante is unconscious on the basement floor of the old Spencer house – Fluke takes his gun while Luke watches, tied to the chair, and points it at him. He tells Luke he ran into him at the cemetery to honor Aunt Ruby, but he thinks Dante was there to check up on Bill Eckert’s grave. But he found nada, zip, zilch, nothing. Luke asks if he is ready to admit he is Bill Eckert?! Fluke tells him there are other things he should be worried about, but Luke demands to know WHO is doing this to him? Fluke gloats that the Haunted Star is going to blow sky high.. he leaves Luke screaming “you sonofabitch!”

Carly spills to Nathan
Carly arrives at the PCPD and tells Nathan she has reason to believe it was Jake who helped Faison escape from police custody. She now believes Sam’s suspicions, but Nathan wonders if he has the skills? She tells him how Jake attacked the guy who threatened her at the Metro Court, she thinks he could be a professional and Jake would want her to tell the police. He isn’t in control of his own actions. She shows him the duffel bag and he immediately sends the gun for testing, to see if it matches the gun that shot him. She explains he doesn’t remember anything after the accident, and has been having issues with memory, and lied to her about Dr Collins. She doesn’t know where he is right now.

The tests on the gun come back – it was Jake! Nathan tells her he will get a warrant so he doesn’t hurt anyone. He gets a call from Maxie, he will be at the party as soon as he can. She mentions Jake is working with the catering crew and tending bar at the Haunted Star party!

Jake plants a bomb!
Jake has another duffel bag and knocks out a guy delivering cases of champagne to the Haunted Star – he arrives at the party, pretending to be part of the catering team and meets Lulu, who remembers him from the Metro Court. He goes into the back room, opens the duffel bag and sets a bomb to go off on three hours! He plans the bomb in a cabinet. He receives a call from Helena, and says “it’s done”. He gives her the all clear.

Sam finds her phoenix
Brad asks Lucas to move in with him, and tells him he loves him when Patrick and Sam knock on the door, ready to take them to the party. Sam is shocked when she sees her phoenix figurine on the table!! She demands to know where Brad got it.. did he take it from her room? Lucas tells her he found it on the docks, and she apologizes. He says he was down on the docks with Michael, just after he treated Jake.. who also happened to be found unconscious on the docks!

Nathan arrives at the Haunted Star on official police business to see Jake, handcuffs arrests him! While the bomb continues to count down.

Sam tells Patrick she thinks Jake broke into her apartment!

Fluke returns to the basement in a tux, and when Dante stirs, he hits him in the head with the baseball bat, knocking him out again. He has a surprise for the two of them.. another bomb that he places in Luke’s lap!

Tick tock tick tock…

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