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General Hospital on 1/30/2015 – Party guests, the Prison Gang, a Nightmare on Elm Street for Dante!

At the Haunted Star, Nathan leads Jake away while the bomb continues to count down behind the bar.. Jake has no memory of what he’s being accused of. Nathan tells Lulu he hasn’t seen Dante all day.

Helena & Fluke meet
On the docks, a fur-clad Helena asks Fluke what HE has been up to – he informs her he was putting some trouble to rest (including Ava) and there will be no one left to stop him. They see Nathan leading Dante away, Fluke says this will wreck his plans, but Helena insists the bomb WILL detonate. She reminds Fluke to leave the boat before the bomb goes off – then sees Nicholas with his date! Helena claims to be a friend of the family and wants to speak to him privately. Ivy goes ahead to the boat – Helena grabs Nik’s arm and insists he can’t go to the party.

Party Guests
Sabrina arrives and introduces Carlos to Michael.. as her date for the party. He’s glad she will be working at the clinic, and she thanks him for the opportunity. They all had issues with Ava Jerome.

Michael tells Tracy that Jake seemed like a decent guy, while she waits to hear from Luke, worried.

Fluke arrives at the party, and apologizes for being late – he tells Lulu he ran into Dante at the Elm Street house, he isn’t going to make the party! Lulu asks if anything happened at the house? He claims Dante isn’t coming because of his feelings about Johnny, and there was no point telling Lulu himself. Lulu leaves an angry voice mail for Dante and Tracy notices a spot on the cuff of his shirt.. is that blood?? He claims it’s cocktail sauce and goes to wash it off. Brad and Lucas arrive at the party with Bobbie, they tell her Sam and Patrick are at the police to report the stolen phoenix.

Jake at the station
At the PCPD, Carly tells Sam and Patrick she filed a report about Jake Doe and apologizes to Sam – Jake was the gunman who held her hostage and shot Nathan. She fills them in on the duffel bag – the gun was a match, and Nathan is at the Haunted Star to arrest him. Sam is distraught, but Carly says it’s not that simple.. when Jake arrives in cuffs!

Carly confronts Jake – he claims he met with Kevin Collins, and he isn’t the gunman who took Sam hostage. He repeats the claim that Sam planted thoughts in his head, but Carly tells him he never saw Dr Collins. What he remembered didn’t actually happen! He flashes back to seeing Helena.. tells them someone else was there! A cop tells Nathan the prison van was hijacked by four prisoners.

In the Elm Street basement, Dante is unconscious.. and starts to stir. He grabs the crowbar while his phone rings.. he sees someone in a chair.. and staggers to his feet.

Prison van road trip
The Prison Gang are en route to Port Charles, Ava wonder why Franco is with them! She hears all about Nina at Shadybrook, he needs to save her from Heather. Ava hopes Heather draws and quarters Nina real slow.. as long as it took her to drug her and steal her baby. Franco reminds her she is no saint herself! He calls her a poisonous bitch who deserves everything coming to her. Ava says it will be karma for both of then, but Franco insists Nina is blameless. Sonny tells both of them to shut up – he didn’t send the guard to kill Ava, Julian tells them it was Bill Eckert. They have to warn Lucas and Michael.. Sonny asks Julian to call Lucas, who makes the call!

Lucas tells Julian he is at the party hosted by “Luke”… the call starts to drop and Fluke overhears him saying “Dad? Julian?”. Julian tells him Luke is trying to kill him and Michael, they have to get off the boat.. but the phone battery died! Lucas tells Michael they got disconnected, must’ve been from a secret phone.

Nina hears the truth
In Shadybrook Nina is reading a book when Heather arrives with a surprise – her “knitting” bag that contain nail polish! She paints Nina’s nails blood red.. when Nina muses she hasn’t heard from Franco, Heather tells her it’s because of her – both of their phone privileges have been suspended. She tells Nina her name isn’t Diana – she sold her baby on the black market and never got him back. That baby was Franco!

Fluke tells Johnny that Sonny and Julian have escaped and are coming for him. Johnny says he can track the phone.

Jake apologizes to Carly, while Patrick consoles Sam, who tells him to go ahead to the party. She walks in to talk to Jake.. about her phoenix figurine!

Nik tells Helena he is going to the party, but she has two guards to stop him!

Maxie tells Lulu that Johnny left the party with Carlos.

In the prison van, Franco insists they have to see Nina, the others want to go to the Haunted Star! Sonny tells him to jump, when they realize they’re being followed, it doesn’t look like cops. Julian speeds up, when he is blinded by headlights, and tries desperately to control the van!

Nathan tells Carly that Ava, Julian, Franco and Sonny have ALL escaped.

Dante sees a burnt body in the chair, while the bomb ticks down.. less than one hour..

Tick tock….

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