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General Hospital on 1/5/2015 – Baby Avery, Julian & Olivia caught & who is Bill Eckert?

Nathan and Maxie wake up – it’s like a dream. He keeps wishing her happy new year, and they can’t stop smiling at each other. He offers her breakfast wearing nothing but an apron and she leaps back into his arms. The continue to enjoy a loved-up day while he makes her eggs again… and they go back to bed again!

Metro Court Couples!
Alexis and Ned wake up – she tells him it was just as good as she remembers. He asks if she has any regrets, pictures Julian kissing Olivia and says no. Ned remembers the same thing, but he thinks they have a chance to make it work this time (yeah….). Ned suggests room service, to avoid running into Olivia, but agrees to go down to the buffet.

Also at the Metro Court, Olivia is dreaming she is making love with Ned, and Julian imagines he is with Alexis, but they wake up together! Julian reminds her what they did, while Liv is mortified and rushes to leave. He tells her not to pretend she didn’t enjoy herself.. they can talk about it, there is no need for her to scramble from shame.. when Alexis and Ned see them just inside the door!

Ned is furious and accuses Julian of hurting Olivia, or getting her drunk! She tells him it’s none of his business, she wasn’t drunk she got into bed with him of her own free will. He tells her she is better than this! Alexis says Julian is worse, but he reminds her they mean nothing to each other. Disgusted, Alexis leaves.

Olivia comes back for her shoe, and Julian points out Ned and Alexis’ reaction to seeing them together. He asks her to have breakfast with him, but she suggests they forget all about each other… she tells him she’s out.

Morgan visits Sonny
In Pentonville, Sonny has a visitor.. it’s Morgan with news! He tells hims that Michael is done with him and Kiki. Sonny is FURIOUS that Carly didn’t take his advice, the Quartermaines are not his family. Michael can hate him, but not his mother. Morgan tells Sonny HE is the father, and it’s a good thing because he doesn’t feel fit to be a father himself, he doesn’t even have a job. Sonny is grateful he found the baby, and Morgan sadly accepts he is just a brother – he shows pictures of the baby to Sonny, and leaves.

Baby Avery
Ava sees Kiki holding the baby, Silas asks the guard if she can sit with her while she waits for prison transport. They tell her that Sonny is the baby’s father… and how disappointed Morgan was. Silas reminds her the baby is a miracle, and Sonny isn’t going to be involved for a long time. Kiki asks about her name… Ava decides to call her Avery. Ava says goodbye, and the guard escorts her away in cuffs. “Don’t let her forget me”.

Who is Bill Eckert?
At the Metro Court, Bobbie accuses Fluke of being another wannabe with her brother’s face – she was joking as he is too punctual! She is happy they’re having breakfast together, and sorry she didn’t realize Faison was impersonating him. She assumed their cousin Bill Eckert was posing as him. She marvels how first cousins can looks like twins… he reminds her Bill is dead, shot in the back trying to defend his son and Lucky from Frank Smith. He tells her to leave it alone as he was mistaken for Luke – that was his only crime! She says he wasn’t exactly a saint himself.. he was a womanizing cheater and had an abusive personality. His son Sly was desperate for his love, but Fluke says Bill loved his son.. he never beat him. “Like our father?” Bobbie asks.. he tells her not to go there, then apologizes for raising his voice when Ned and Alexis stop by their table.

Bobbie asks Ned if he remembers Bill Eckert.. yes, he looked exactly like Luke. He owned a chunk of ELQ stock for a time, it went to Damien Smith when he died, but Ned eventually got it back. Fluke decides to leave.. he has no appetite anymore.

Ned sits down with Bobbie who remarkss that Luke was never interested in family history, but he turned on a dime when she mentioned Bill Eckert. Strange.

Liv runs into Alexis. She tries to explain, and apologizes.. she is sorry if she hurt her. “Are you?” asks Alexis.

Kiki is worried that Sonny will find his way to Ava. Meanwhile, Sonny runs into Ava as she arrives at Pentonville. She tells him she named the baby, he points out she is as much his and she is hers. She tells him he won’t hurt her now that they share a child. He says don’t count on it!

Fluke waits for Julian outside his room – Julian says he has no plans going to Pentonville, they will be doing business for a long time.

Nathan and Maxie toast the new year from bed!

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