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General Hospital on 1/8/2015 – Julian in Pentonville, a jealous Dante, Bill Eckert’s house

At Pentonville, Sonny wonders why Julian is in prison? He says he was picked up for Anthony Zacchara’s murder. Sonny doesn’t believe him, who put him up to this? A couple of thugs corner Julian, they know he didn’t kill Anthony, why confess now? Sonny wants to know why, asks if it was Johnny’s doing.. Julian admits it wasn’t Zacchara.

Sam stops by to see Nikolas, still focused on the masked man, she’s pretty sure he’s in Port Charles and hopes Nik can held her find him? Maybe Spencer saw something on the docks the night Britt left.. and Nik admits Helena was involved in Faison’s release. Sam tells him she thinks the masked man is Jake… she wonders if Helena planted him here to do her dirty work. She tells Nik that Carly now has her claws in him now, but she isn’t going to stop until she gets to the bottom of the whole thing.

At the Metro Court, Jake wants to start work for Carly, and asks her about Sonny. No, he won’t change his mind about seeing her, but she asks Jake advice about what Sonny wants. He tells her she deserves to be happy. She shows him how to make a dry martini. She sees the paper, and wonders why they haven’t caught the guy who accosted Sam – he gets flustered, and tells her Sam thinks it’s HIM. Carly says it’s ridiculous, he would never help Faison escape.

Ned arrives at Michael’s office, he needs his help – Luke’s house is in Bill Eckert’s name, does he know anything? He wants Ned to contact Jenny, Bill’s sister. They haven’t kept in touch, but he does have her number – he finds out Jenny doesn’t know about the house on Elm Street, it wasn’t listed in his holdings. The estate was passed down to Sly, Jenny will contact him. Michael wonders why the house wasn’t in his will? Ned remarks that Grandfather would be happy to see him running the company, and asks he has regrets turning his back on Sonny?

Tracy overhears Fluke leaving an angry message for Carlos, for not killing Julian. He pretends he was talking to Scottie – but Tracy knows Johnny killed him, he tried to frame them, doesn’t Fluke remember? It’s bizarre – all of a sudden Johnny is out of prison, and Julian takes his place. She’s worried he has “plans” for them, but Fluke assures her he won’t mess with them again. She asks about his reaction to Bill Eckert.. his argument with Bobbie.. why did he get so upset? She asks about his other sister, Patricia.. what is he hiding about his family? Fluke says it’s all ancient history.. he had a crappy childhood, overcame it and moved on. He needs to be alone for a few minutes, and thanks her for understanding.

Lulu tells Maxie that Johnny is out of prison, and she saw him at the Metro Court. They did shots together, when Dante showed up. Maxie hopes Dante doesn’t have anything to worry about? Lulu says seeing him was like a breath of fresh air! She was different when she was with Johnny, they needed each other back then. But they both have good guys now, and toast to how far they have come. Maxie wonders if Nathan is the jealous type?

Dante and Nathan visit Johnny, who’s back at home. Dante warns him against seeing Lulu, he doesn’t trust him.. Johnny says they were important to each other, that can’t be erased. Dante tells him to back off, he agrees and asks about Maxie. Nathan says he will be all over him for that… Maxie is HIS girlfriend and never mentioned him once. Johnny says he probably means more to her than he ever will. Nathan twists his arm and pushes him against the wall! He tells Johnny to stay away from both Lulu and Maxie.

Lulu and Maxie admire Jake, and wonder where he came from? He looks more like a solider than a bartender. Dante and Nathan arrive and ask who they were admiring..? He says he doesn’t mind her looking at anyone else, so long as it’s not Johnny Zacchara.

Jake tells Carly he doesn’t even know who Faison is.. but isn’t sure he wasn’t involved.

Fluke arrives to see Johnny, who comments he really does have Luke Spencer’s face. He tells Fluke he had nothing to do with Julian’s confession. Fluke figures he did it to stay safe, but Pentonville won’t save his puny little ass.

Sly doesn’t know anything about the house, and has no interest in the property. He’s welcome to check it out – Michale thinks it could be source of healing fro Bobbie and Luke.

Sonny wants to know who scared Julian enough to put him in Pentonville?

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