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General Hospital on 1/9/2015 – the old Spencer house, Julian & Sonny unite, Helena’s plan, Fluke gets angry..

Bobbie visits Michael in his office, and encourages him to use her old house as the site of the clinic, although Luke might have a problem with it. She suggests they work together to get Luke’s blessing, she has a key, and they agree to look at the house together.

Standing on the porch, Bobbie reminisces about the neighborhood before they go inside. Once inside, she remembers Luke doing chores, chafing under authority even back then.

Nikolas confronts Helena
Helena calls Fluke, he’s been busy dealing with the Julian Jerome situation, Helena has her own problem – Sam Morgan. She’s on the trail of their Soldier Boy – Nik overhears her say “I will handle little Miss Samantha Morgan” and grabs the phone. He wants to know who she was talking to? He isn’t afraid of her, she claims she was speaking to a friend, and he should let it go. Helena says Sam isn’t true family, but if he cares about her he should tell her not to involve herself in other people’s business. Nik smugly realizes Helena doesn’t want Sam asking questions about the gunman she sent to free Faison.

Nik knows Helena was listening to his conversation with Sam, and he told her what Spencer saw – SHE was on the docks with Obrecht and Britt when the jailbreak happened. He knows she masterminded Faison’s escape. Both Sam and Nathan were almost killed, what happened to the importance of family? She scoffs when mentions Nathan is Victor’s son – Obrecht was lying through her teeth! Helena says she has her own reasons, Nik muses there is honor among thieves, but she denies micro-managing anyone. She freed Faison as she owed him.. he did her a great service!

Sonny backs Julian
At Pentonville, Sonny pushes Julian for answers and reminds him he’s alone when Johnny’s thugs approach to finish the job that Carlos Rivera started. They tell Sonny to take a walk, who chuckles and leaves. The thug pulls a weapon, when Sonny returns and stabs him!

Sam gets closer
At the hospital, Sam asks Obrecht about Jake Doe.. and what he may have done to her. And maybe he shot Nathan? Liesl mocks her, it’s not possible.. but Sam reminds her she came face to face with Jake on the docks when he delivered Faison to Helena! She learned all about Britt and Faison’s departure from Spencer, and will tell her story to Anna Devane. Liesl says she has nothing on her, but stops Sam before she leaves.. she will “speculate” about Faison’s escape, and who made it happen. Like any good operative, he concealed his identity at the docks.

Jake is confused
Jake tells Carly he isn’t sure what he’s capable of, he can’t remember! When he ran into Sam at the PCPD, he had a flashback of grabbing her from behind, but strangely can account for his entire day. Maybe these are memories. Carly insists neither him or Sam have enough information – why would he help Faison escape? She thinks Sam has planted the accusations.. plus he had a brain injury! He angrily replies that he doesn’t want her to pity him, he just wants to figure it out. Carly suggests they find other reasons.. Patrick suggested he see Kevin, Carly thinks it’s good advice, she will call him to make the appointment. Carly tells him she already knows enough about him, and isn’t scared.

Fluke gets angry
Fluke goes down to the basement to see Luke.. he tells him he has it easy compared to him! Everyone wants to reminisce.. and all because of that big mouth Bobbie. She just doesn’t stop. The other day she wouldn’t stop talking about Bill Eckert, and how he looked just like Luke.. “bitch doesn’t know what she’s talking about”. He picks up a baseball bat and says he knows one sure way to keep her mouth shut. He smashes an item on the table.. and will use it to crack Barbara Jean’s head open!

Bobbie remembers
Bobbie starts remembering the past – looking at the chair her father used to sit in, her mother’s rocking chair where she used to alter her sister’s clothes for her. Michael didn’t realize they had a sister, she says they don’t talk about Patricia, he asks what happened to her?

Bobbie and Michael hear a crash from inside the house. What was that?

Two more thugs appear – the first one gets a call from Johnny and tells the others to kill both Sonny and Julian. A fight ensues and Sonny and Julian take care of the thugs together! Sonny tells Julian he still owes him…

Carly and Jake come face to face with Sam at the hospital – Jake quickly mentions his appointment and leaves. The two face off, and Carly reminds Sam that she has no evidence against Jake. Sam suggests Helena put him up to it?

Helena warns Nikolas he (and Spencer) would lose everything if he brings her down. She invites him to play ball and hands him a folder.. he later looks at it… “ELQ?”..

Jake walks into Kevin’s office, the chair turns around.. it’s Helena.

Fluke says it’s a shame Sonny and Julian are stuck in Pentonville, he would love to crack their skulls open!

Sonny and Julian tells the guards they didn’t see anything, the thugs went after each other. Julian thanks Sonny for stepping in… Sonny says they are now allies since Johnny is after both of them. Julian tells Sonny it’s not Johnny, he can’t give him a name.. but he has Luke Spencer’s face!

Fluke is about to take a few practice swings at Luke’s head, when Michael approaches the basement door and tells Bobbie to get ready to call the cops.

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