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General Hospital on 2/10/2015 – Sonny wants Avery, Johnny wants help, Michael’s revenge.. James Franco memories!

Maxie and Nathan put a crib together, and talk about Dante and Lulu – he insists Johnny should be brought to justice for what he did, but Maxie doesn’t think he’s a monster. Nathan needs to find them both, and leaves to interview Sabrina.

Carlos is caught
Sabrina tends to Johnny, while Carlos thanks her for not turning them in. She’s conflicted about what they’ve done to Ava, but Johnny insists she knew the rules. Sabrina hopes she is still alive, when Nathan comes knocking on the door to speak with her! The men rush to hide, leaving a a blood-stained pillow on her sofa, and she lets Nathan in. Doesn’t take long for him to figure it out, he pulls a gun on Carlos, and asks where Johnny is..?? Carlos informs him he went out the window.. and Sabrina isn’t involved, she was a hostage herself. Nathan needs to take her statement later, and leaves with a handcuffed Carlos.

There’s knock on Maxi’s door.. it’s Johnny! He comes inside, and needs her help to skip town. He asks her for money, and reminds her about her car.. he can’t go back to Pentonville. She doesn’t want to get mixed up, but tells him to wait.. she can’t willingly help a criminal, but dumps out her purse, leaving her money and keys out.. she is going to have a shower, and “hopes” he doesn’t swipe them. She tells him to care of himself, he takes the cash and keys and leaves..

Alexis wants to help
Alexis stops by to see Julian at the hospital to share the news the police have stopped the search for Ava. He now believes she’s dead, and starts to reminisce about her. He thanks Alexis for telling him, and she informs him she has decided to represent him! She wants to have his confession thrown out, as well as his inside knowledge of Fluke – she wants to keep him out of prison, when Michael walks in and asks about putting someone back IN prison. He wants her to find a way to overturn the pardon, but she explains there is nothing she can do. Michael wants that sonofabitch to pay! Julian calls him an ungrateful bastard.. Sonny is devoted to him, and they risked their lives to make sure him and Lucas were safe. Michael tells him it’s none of his dam business.

Sonny meets Baby Avery
Sonny and Carly tell Morgan and Kiki the story behind his full pardon, Morgan gives him a hug, but Sonny admits he still has to live with what he did to Michael. Morgan is glad he’s out, but Kiki looks peeved when Sonny asks about holding Avery. She isn’t ok with that.. while cradling Avery, she tells them they called off the search for her mother, Ava. She heard how Sonny “supposedly” tried to save her.. but wants him to look her in the eye and tell her he did everything is his power to save her. He understands, and swears on Avery’s life. Kiki hands her over and introduces her to her father, while Carly looks on beaming. Morgan consoles her while Sonny and Carly coo over the baby.. her daddy’s here. He’s not going to let anything happen to her.

Olivia at GH
At the hospital, Michael tells Olivia that Sonny got away with murder! Some people never pay for the bad things they do, but Liv understands what he is going through after what happened to Connie. She begs him not to do anything rash – he thanks her for the chat and quickly leaves.

Ned runs into Olivia, and she bring him up to speed about Sonny.. they share some friendly banter, and he admits he’s at the hospital to spy on Alexis. He apologizes, she probably doesn’t want to hear any of this, he knows they aren’t friends, and rushes to leave.. Liv goes after him and says she still does want to be his friend. They both admit they have missed each other, and he tells her he’s spying on Alexis as she can’t seem to stay away from her ex. He understands, but thinks she cancelled their lunch to see Julian. Olivia assures him it’s fine, and tells him to trust Alexis until she gives him reason not to. They part on good terms..

James Franco memories!
At Shadybrook, Nina hovers outside Franco’s room, the doctor isn’t hopeful after the high dose of LSD – she wonders how Heather got the drug?? She asks if he will recover, but the doctor thinks he might be an empty shell. She asks if she can sit with him, and he agrees.. but warns her to prepare herself for the worst. She talks to him while he’s lying in bed, staring at the ceiling.. catatonic. She asks him for a sign, and he whispers he remembers her.. with a small smile. He tells her he fell between two boulders, was stuck for 127 hours, hallucinated and cut his arm off (the plot of the James Franco movie!). He keeps repeating he cut his arm off while Nina tries to calm him down. He DOES remember her.. she saved him while co-hosting the Oscars… another James Franco moment!

Nina kisses Franco’s hand and tells him he will get better.. he helped her see the truth, and stood by her, and she is going to do the same for him. She isn’t going anywhere until he comes back.. and remembers her! “You rock, Anne”..

Sonny tells Kiki he will come back to pick up Avery tomorrow.. it’s time he brought his little girl home.

Alexis take Julian’s hand – she will do everything in her power to help him.. while Ned watches outside.

Liv runs into Michael again.. he tells her he just spoke to Alexis, who is with Julian. He swears on his father’s grave, he will make Sonny pay!

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