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General Hospital on 2/11/2015 – Maxie’s confession, Jake’s plea, Sonny’s kiss, Nik will make it right…

Liz is at Wyndermere to see Nikolas.. he’s happy for her that she is back together with Ric. She says it was like out of a dream, he wonders why she’s there about Jake? She informs him that Helena is responsible for his crimes, and she needs Nik to do something about it. He doesn’t know why his grandmother would use Jake, but Liz wants him to get her to confess what she did. He would like to help her, but doesn’t think Helena would listen to him.. however, he agrees to think about it and Liz leaves.

Ric’s bad advice
Ric arrives at the PCPD to see Jake in his holding cell, as his attorney! He’s not sure he trusts him, but Liz has asked him to represent him. Jake accepts his help, and Ric gives him advice about the hearing.. telling him to plead guilty, for a lighter sentence! Ric doesn’t think he can persuade a jury about the mind control.. and if he gets out, how does he know he hasn’t been conditioned to follow someone else’s orders? Can he say he isn’t a danger to Elizabeth and her kids.. he suggests he plead guilty, and do the time.

Kiki’s indecision
Morgan arrives at Kiki’s, she can’t accept the thought of Sonny taking Avery away from her. Morgan reminds him he is her father, but she questions if he really did try to save Ava. She doesn’t want to hand over her baby to him, and wants to keep things the way they are. She is Avery’s guardian, but Morgan tells her she needs to accept it.. she belongs with her father.

Sonny and Carly’s moment
Carly arrives at Sonny’s to see him… he asks why she didn’t stay the night, to celebrate with him?? She avoids the question, and has a present for Avery – a night light that belonged to Michael! They reminisce when he was a baby, and wish it could be like that now. She grabs her coat to leave, but Sonny stops her… why the attitude? She reminds him how he pushed her away. She is angry he cut her off, but he didn’t want her to see him like that.. she yells that what she wants doesn’t seem to matter. He was trying to do the right thing. She tells him she found someone else.. Jake! He’s a friend who has been there for her, Sonny wonders how Jake feels about Sonny, and finds out he’s in jail! For planting the bomb on the Haunted Star. He wonders why his freedom, and the fact that he loves her, be enough? Carly wonders what kind of relationship she has with Sonny if it’s only in good times?

Lulu needs help!
At the courthouse, Lulu arrives to see Scotty, she needs his help. He has big plans for Luke, once he’s done with Jake. She asks him to grant someone immunity! He is furious that he couldn’t put Sonny away, and has no plans to give Luke immunity.. but Lulu isn’t asking about Luke.. it’s for Helena! Scotty reminds her what she did to her family… Lulu thinks she used mind control, and won’t tell them how to undo it unless she is granted immunity. Scotty doesn’t believe it, Luke is a very very bad guy.. capable of raping her mother and killing Elizabeth’s baby! He thinks Luke has gone too far, and tells her get lost. Lulu angrily tells him he will regret this.. big time.

Maxie fesses up
Maxie reads the news that Johnny is missing, when Nathan arrives with roses, he’s exhausted searching for Johnny! He tells her arrested Carlo, and doesn’t think Lulu would have been so reckless to help a mobster. A furniture delivery arrives (for Georgie’s visit), Nathan asks if she has some cash, but her wallet is empty, thanks to Johnny. He then offers to put gas in her car, he wants to help, and asks for her keys! She pretends to be confused, remembering how Johnny took her cash and car.. Nathan goes to find her car and tells her he thinks she has been robbed! She claims she was home all night, he thinks someone broke in.. he wants to call the station, but she admits she knows what happened. She helped Johnny.

Lulu arrives at Wyndermere to see Nik.. Lulu thinks Helena has been controlling Luke, he isn’t surprised to hear it as Liz just told him she is doing the same to Jake Doe.

In court, Ric reminds Jake his only option is to plead guilty.. when Liz arrives. She tells Jake she think she got through to Nik, and they have to keep fighting.

Sonny reminds Carly she can always count on him.. he may have messed up, but has never stopped loving her. He cups her face in his hands and they share a passionate kiss.

Kiki feels like she is betraying her mother if she hands Avery over to Sonny.. he is NOT taking the baby.

Nathan is furious that Maxie helped a known criminal, what the hell was she thinking??

Lulu didn’t know where else to go – Nik is her brother, and she is begging him.. please hep her dad! Nik says he will make it right for her.. for Luke and for Jake.

The judge asks Jake how he pleads..? A shocked Ric looks on as he pleads “not guilty”…

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