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General Hospital on 2/12/2015 – Sonny & Carly reunite, Ric lets it slip, Nathan covers for Maxie, Helena is free!

Lulu visits Luke in his holding cell, she says he’s not the father she knows.. both Bobbie and Lucas were on the boat! He is surprised to hear that Sonny was pardoned – he mocks her, but Lulu doesn’t think he is acting in his own mind. She tells him Nikolas is going to get the truth out of Helena as he owes her.. Luke sarcastically says he feels fine. She’s convinced she will her her father back, he’s in there somewhere. She pleads that she loves him, and is fighting for him – Luke stares at her and calls her woefully ignorant. e tells her he planned the whole thing.. and there are flaws in her theory. Helena would have been controlling him for decades.. all the moments they shared would have meant nothing to him. Their history and relationship would have been a lie. She doesn’t know what to believe and leaves..

Helena has information
Sloane brings Helena our of her cell for questioning, Nik is there, it’s time she pays for her crimes. He asks about Jake’s mind control, and blames her for Luke’s behaviour.. she should admit it and make it right. She replies that she wants immunity, but they need Scotty for that.. Nik says he won’t be a problem when Scotty walks in, refusing to sign off on any deal! Nik says he will let her walk, and she will give them information on the mind control of both Jake and Luke, who will also walk. Or he will have him thrown out of office! Scotty claims he doesn’t answer to anyone, but Nik tells him he put Mayor Lomax in, and he will take Scotty out. Is he in or out?

Sonny and Carly reunited!
Sonny asks Carly if his kiss was better than Jake’s..?? She laughs and tells him he was just a friend. She hugs Sonny, and says she’s lucky to have him back. And he’s happy to have his daughter soon! He tells Carly he and Avery are a package deal.. he wants to be a better father, and hopefully she will accept both of them? She tells him she loves him.. and Avery, as she’s a part of him. He wants them to be a team again.. and they leave to pick up the baby.

Alexis arrives at Kiki’s place, she assumes it’s to discuss Ava’s estate, but Kiki wants to talk about Avery.. can she stop Sonny from taking her when he arrives? She may have a case for custody if she files a suit against Sonny to protect Avery’s interests, as he is a convicted murderer and known felon.

Sonny and Carly arrives, Alexis pretends she was there to help Kiki navigate the estate.. he picks up Avery to take her home, but Kiki says she can’t let him leave.. Not without a blanket that she pieced together from Ava’s old pillowcases. Sonny takes it and says she can visit her sister any time.

Maxie’s decision gets worse
Nathan is furious with Maxie for helping Johnny skip town.. he expected her to turn him away and call HIM. By helping him elude capture, she is an accessory to any of all of Johnny’s criminal activities. Now he has to arrest her! He can’t cover it up.. Maxie apologizes, then snappily says “arrest me”. He decides it’s a risk he will take.. Sloane is calling the shots, and he will throw the book at her. He tells her she’s missing the point – this is about Georgie, who is on her way now with Spinelli. She asks if helping Johnny makes her a bad mother?? He asks how she could risk losing Georgie now.. helping Johnny was the impulsive behaviour that Judge Walters had accused her of. He will have to lie and pretend Johnny broke into her place and stole her money and car keys!

Ric lets it slip…
Jake pleads not guilty, Ric is shocked and asks what the hell he’s doing..?? Jake reminds him Elizabeth believes in him – Ric asks for bail, but it’s denied. Jake tells Liz he needs different representation, as he and Ric were on different pages.. he tells her Ric wants him IN jail. When Liz grills him, Ric admits he told Jake to plead guilty! A plea bargain is the only hope he has of being free again.. there isn’t a jury on the planet who would let him walk. He tells her it’s a fight he can’t win – she is angry and says Jake is innocent, did Rick give him legal advice, or just want him out of the picture? He says it doesn’t seem that things are over between her and Jake.. Ric argues that she very dangerous, but Liz says he has always respected their relationship and moved out to give them space. He scoffs that he isn’t noble – had he not persuaded Jake to go, he never would have done it. Liz is stunned!

Back in the holding cell, Jake tells Lulu that Helena had conditioned him.. Lulu thinks that what she did to Luke, and he will be back. Fluke smirks and says there could be other option.. wouldn’t she like to know??

Helena is thrilled with the agreement, but Nik isn’t finished.. he wants to know how she is going to undo the mind control. She asks for a pen, and writes down everything about her relationship with Jake and Luke. All the information within her power to provide. Is she free to go?

Ric justifies telling Jake to leave as he was in the way – he did it for them. He loves her! She sadly thought she knew him.. he’s like a stranger. She feels like she knows Jake better than him!

Lulu sees Helena being released, and asks Nik what’s going on..???

Sloane arrives in the holding cell, ready to take Fluke and Jake on a field trip!

Sonny cradles Avery, while Carly coos over her. He’s happy she’s home.. no one is going to take her away! While Alexis tells Kiki she needs to decide if she wants Avery to grow up a Corinthos or not?

Maxie claims she couldn’t turn her back on her friend, Nathan should understand as he lied to help her get Georgie. He claims it was different as HE was doing it for the girl he was falling in love with! But now he has to go to the station to report a break-in. He wishes her a Happy Valentine’s Day and leaves…

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