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General Hospital on 2/13/2015 – Valentine’s Day for Ned, Olivia, Julian & Alexis, Spinelli visits, Lucas loves Brad!

The Metro Court hosts Valentine’s couples.. an agitated Olivia is thrilled when her old Bensonhurt friend Melissa arrives, and they both scream with delight! She’s en route to Niagara Falls, and SO impressed with Olivia. She assumes Liv is moping about Sonny, but Liv corrects her.. it’s Ned Ashton, her best friend who only has eyes for somebody else. She gushes over him, but he doesn’t see her in the same way. Melissa tells her Alexis needs to choose between Ned and Julian, Liv confesses she slept with Julian herself, and almost lost Ned as a friend.. but she needs him in her life. Liv passes on a glass of wine as she’s getting the flu, and Melissa points out it might be too late if she doesn’t tell Ned how she feels soon.

Valentine’s dinner gone wrong!
Ned plans his romantic dinner with Alexis, who is late.. while the chef impresses him with the menu. Alexis rushes in, apologizing, wondering what the dinner is for? She realizes it’s Valentine’s and finds out Ned surprised her with the chef from ‘Oven War’, her favorite show.  He brings up Julian – he saw her at the hospital with him, holding hands. She is stunned – were you spying on me.? He admits he tracked her down as he was worried, but Alexis informs him she was there to give him news about Ava.. and is now representing him. Ned points out she can’t seem to stay away from Julian, when she angrily gets up saying HE is the only person she wants to stay away from. She knocks the chef’s tray of food over, and rushes out.

Melissa from Bensonhusrt arrives to see her son, the chef.. and meets Ned.. she has a bone to pick with him! She tells him they have to have a chat about her friend Olivia Falconeri. She is an amazing woman. He admits they have a blast, he finds her attractive, and says it’s complicated.. Melissa points out Alexis is pining over someone else, and why didn’t HE go after her when she left?

Brad is upset
Brad is in the locker room, and comes face to face with a very tall hunk in a towel named Derek. He invites him to play hockey, slaps him on the ass and tells him he hopes he gets lucky tonight!

He sees Felix and vents to him about Lucas.. not giving him an answer after he told him he loved him. Felix suggests he talk to someone else, and Brad muses about missing Britt.

Nathan covers for Maxie
At the PCPCD, Nathan stares at the photo of Maxie, when the Assistant DA arrives – she asks about his information on Johnny’s whereabouts. He says he left town because of his girlfriend.. she asks if she willingly aided and abetted Johnny’s flight from justice? He explains Johnny broke in, took her keys and money.. she didn’t know anything was missing until he showed up. The DA observes there is no report of forced entry in his report, how did Johnny break in?? Nathan assumes he found a spare key as they were friends, and he had also dated Lulu. The DA thinks that’s terrible, Maxie must feel so violated, Nathan should be with her! She must be traumatized.. but he tells her they had a disagreement about something stupid, but she reminds him Maxie will remember him not being there today. On Valentine’s Day.

No more Spinelli & Ellie!
Maxie thinks about Nathan, and greets Spinelli and Georgie when they arrive.. “hello Maximista!’. She hears that Ellie couldn’t make it, and when he asks where her dashing detective is, she tells him he just stormed out on her. She tells Spinelli its’ her fault – she helped Johnny Zacchara escape from the law! She couldn’t turn her back on him.. he had helped her so many times. Spinelli understands she wasn’t helping a criminal, but she says Nathan doesn’t see it that way. He figures Nathan will eventually calm down, but Maxie didn’t realize the position she put Nathan in.. he believes in right and wrong, and has a moral compass. Covering for her is compromising his ethics. She goes on about how perfect he and Ellie are together, but he interrupts and tells her they broke up!

A Samtrick Valentine..
Sam arrives the hospital, all dressed up.. she and Lucas visit with Julian, who asks Lucas if he has plans with Brad? He replies that it’s complicated – Brad told him he loved him, and they haven’t spoken about it since. Julian says it’s his choice if he wants to send Brad into the arms of another man. Sam leaves, and Julian asks about Brad.. Lucas explains he just froze.. he doesn’t know how to express himself. Julian tells him it sounds like the real deal.. love is messy. He should let him know, and make it count. Then again, the woman HE loves wants nothing to do with him.. when Alexis walks in!

Sam sees Patrick, who informs her that he has been paged for work – she understands, and will call the Metro Court to change their reservation. Hunky Derek, the chief of plastics, shows up and says “or you can come with me!”. He is meeting his own girl there, and offers her a lift. He tells Patrick he is taken, it’s just a friendly offer. She kisses Patrick and tells him not to make her wait too long.

Sam and Derek get seated at the Metro Court.. his date is stuck at work, he thinks she might be the one! Sam gives him some advice – it’s more important to spend time together than eat at a fancy restaurant.

Lucas confronts Brad at the hospital – he admits he messed up, he sucks at the big gestures. He stands on a table and has a big announcement to make. “I love Brad Cooper!”.. he admits he is hopefully, madly, deeply in love with him.. and would LOVE to live with him, if he will still have him. They share a loving kiss.

Sam is about to leave when Patrick arrives. and wraps his arms around her.

Nathan has paperwork to finish up at the station.

Spinelli tells Maxie that Ellie dumped him because of her.. Maxie!

Alexis admits she got into a fight with Ned as he thinks she wants to with Julian.. The truth is, Ned was right..

Olivia finds out she’s pregnant.. when Ned arrives with a smile!

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