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General Hospital on 2/16/2015 – Spinelli’s feelings, Julexis reunion, Olivia’s pregnant, Michael sues Sonny!

Olivia is stunned to hear she’s pregnant over the phone, while Ned asks if she is ok?? He asks if it’s bad news… she turns the tables and asks what happened to his dinner with Alexis? He tells her she stormed out because of Julian.. Olivia insists he should go find her and apologize, but Ned isn’t sure he wants to do that. He tells her about his chat with Melissa, her Bensonhurst pal, how she thinks Ned and Olivia belong together! Liv is furious, while Ned says he wasn’t offended… Melissa was right.

Nathan confides in Dante
At the PCPD, Dante asks Nathan about Johnny’s break-in. He thinks Johnny could be dangerous, but Nathan insists Maxie can take care of herself. The detectives go into a quiet room, and Nathan admits he made up the break-in story to protect Maxie .. they were worried about Lulu, but Maxie was the one who got sucked in. Dante asks if they can get past it?

Alexis wants Julian!
At the hospital, Alexis tells Julian she wants to be with him.. he pulls her close and kisses her passionately! She tells him she’s in, but they still have issues.. she tells him about her fight with Ned, and climbs into bed with him. After a few kisses, she decides she has to leave to break it off with Ned. He asks if she has any idea how happy he has made him??

Spinell’s feelings..
Spinelli tells Maxie that Ellie thinks he is still in love with her.. Maxie insists he just needs to explains to Ellie it isn’t true, but he says it isn’t that simple. She asks if Ellie is RIGHT..?? Ellie thought they looked like a family when Maxie visited with Georgie at Christmas, which made him think he might be denying his feelings. Ellie stayed home so he could visit on his own, to see if maybe the three of them could be a family. Maxie wonders why he brought it up, Spinelli thinks her fight with Nathan is a sign he should say something. He wonders if she and Nathan are actually suited for each other? Maybe Spinelli and Maxie are the perfect couple..? They’re different, but alike.. they both appreciate each other, and have a foundation to build on. There’s a knock on the door.. it’s Nathan! He finds out Ellie didn’t join Spinelli on the trip.. Maxie interrupts and says it’s because of work.

Michael’s revenge plan
At the Quatermaine mansion, Michael mutters that there are other ways to make Sonny pay for killing AJ when Sabrina arrives, to apologize for bringing Carlos to the Haunted Star. She mentions how Sonny saved them all, but Michael is still angry at him and wants revenge – he can’t go after his family, but he can go after his power! Take it away from him and he’s nothing. He reviews his financial holdings, and legitimate businesses – if he shuts down his coffee business, he will have nowhere to launder his dirty money. As CEO of ELQ, he can ruin him. He tells Sabrina he will make him pay.

Sonny’s new life
After putting Avery to bed, Sonny has planned a romantic Valentine’s in front of the fireplace for Carly. He loves her and grateful she’s in his life, as things turn passionate! He reminds her this is her new life, when Avery’s little cry wakes them up. They cuddle the baby together, and he tells her he’s going to dedicate himself to being a better father.

Kiki and Franco
Kiki visits Franco in Shadybrook, she knew there was good in him.. he recognizes her as his daughter, remembers her as a baby! Kiki is shocked and puzzled as he reminisces about her mother, she tells him he’s wrong, she didn’t grow up with him and her mother is dead. She needs his help making a decision – should she sue Sonny for custody of her sister? Franco says a father belongs with his own child.. being a father to a little girl can make you a better man. She has to make her own decision..

Alexis returns to the Quartermaine mansion, looking for Ned, when Kiki phones.. Michael says he couldn’t help overhear she was talking about Avery’s custody, but Alexis informs him she can’t discuss it with him.

Kiki tells Franco she thinks she made the right decision.

Ned admits to Olivia that Alexis IS hung up on Julian.. and she tells him she’s pregnant with Julian’s baby!

A man arrives at Sonny’s with an envelope – he is being sued for custody of Avery. It’s not Kiki.. it’s Michael..

Franco gives Kiki advice.. live the life she is supposed to live, find something she loves to do, only marry a man she trusts and to believe in herself. She deserves that. He tells her she has been a gift to him.. she blows him a kiss and leaves..

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