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General Hospital on 2/18/2015 – Luke’s dark half, Jake’s surgery, congratulations jackass!

Alexis tells Julian she couldn’t break up with Ned.. she was too busy cutting him loose from police custody. She explains how she convinced Scotty to drop the charges, and he is free to go. “Congratulation, jackass.. and you’re welcome”.

Ned will be there for Liv
Liv comes to see Ned, and tells him she is NOT pregnant, but he figures out she is lying, she starts to cry and apologizes. He wants to know why she lied.. she says she doesn’t want anyone to know. He asks if she is going to terminate the pregnancy? She quickly says no! She doesn’t want Julian to know she’s carrying his child! She doesn’t want her child involved in his mob life, it’s time to leave town. Ned believes they can come up with another solution, and offers to go to the doctor with her! He flashes those dimples and tells her she is stuck with him, and get used to it.

Bobbi confronts Luke
Bobbie arrives to see Luke in jail, he tells her to give it a rest, there’s nothing she can say.. but she reminds him they used to be a team, and he better start explaining! What has been going on.. the Haunted Star bomb.. and ordering Lucas’ murder. He explains the hit was on anyone in Julian’s family. Bobbie says it doesn’t make sense… but he coldly says he would have finished Lucas off had Julian not interrupted him. She reminds him they were Spencers and they had each other… she stood by him when they were scared and screwed up, but they were never alone. When things got really bad, she would reach out her hand and he would rescue her. When did he stop being her brother??

Luke is confused.. he asks what’s going on, what’s happening?? He claims he doesn’t know why he’s there.. but Bobbie gets angry, tells him he is nothing to her and leaves, while Luke yells “Barbara, come back.. what’s going on??”

How Helena & Luke happened
Tracy and Lulu arrive to see Helena.. they want answers! Helena tells them she went to Amsterdam to see Jerry Jacks – Luke was there and suggested they join forces, he wanted to break Sonny and take control of Port Charles. He would destroy anyone who got in his way. They formulated a plan to bring him back to Port Charles, but when she saw him in Mascavige, she found him changed.. with no memory of the collaboration. Within a short time, he was back to their plan. Like he was two different people. Helena remembers an argument in the basement, but it was only Luke’s voice.. he was yelling at the corpse of Bill Eckert. She tells them to put the pieces together – he is deranged, and the source is his childhood home. Something traumatic happened, and it gave rise to Luke’s dark half. Tracy has had enough, and she leaves with Lulu. Helena asks for breakfast.. confessions are so tedious! But Nik wants to finish his conversation with Helena – who is Jake Doe..?

Jake’s decision
After Patrick delivers the news about the chip, Jake asks Liz to stay – he has to make a choice whether or not to have the surgery. He doesn’t want to leave the device in his head as he can’t trust himself not to hurt her or her kids. She quietly tells him the surgery could take him away from people who care about him.. he appreciates her support, but she doesn’t want their friendship to end. He makes a decision..

Sam asks Patrick about Jake’s surgery, and starts reminiscing about Jason’s situation.. Patrick points out the situations are similar, but they are completely different people. Jake comes out and tells Patrick and Sam he wants the surgery! Patrick reminds him of the danger.. but he doesn’t want to hurt anyone else.

Bobbie arrives at Kellys to join Tracy and Lulu, and shares details of her visit with Luke.. it’s like he was two different people. Tracy tells her Helena’s theory that something bad happened in their old house, Bobbie doesn’t know but she knows someone who might.

Luke yells for Anna, Lulu, Tracy.. get someone here to help him.. he is innocent.. and sees a Luke dressed as a guard! He wonders who he is.. and what did he do? The other Luke says HE did it. They are the same. Now shut up, you’re making a fool out of both of us.

Sam wishes Jake luck before his surgery, and touches his arm.. he flashes back to the night in her room and says there was only one ring. Sam asks what ring? She wishes him luck, but is puzzled.

Alexis is pushing Julian out in a wheelchair when they run into Ned and Olivia!

Luke is stunned to realize he was hallucinating.. “nooooooo”.

Helena gives Nikolas a box.. it will answer all his questions about Jake Doe. A ring! It’s Alan Quartermaine’s ring.. Sam gave it to Jake.

While he’s drifting off for surgery, Jake remembers Helena’s words.. his name is Jason Morgan!

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