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General Hospital on 2/19/2015 – Anna is back, Nik knows the truth, Michael’s revenge, Ned’s baby?!

Duke arrives to see Sonny, it’s time he hands the keys to the operation back, but Sonny says he can’t be associated with the business until the custody case is resolved. Duke has to continue to run the operation.. and he needs to deal with Michael directly.

Michael vs Sonny
Michael is gleeful to Sabrina – his first victory against Sonny! Sabrina asks him if his focus should be on what’s best for Avery instead? Michael thinks she is actually in danger being with Sonny. He reminds her he grew up in his house, he took a bullet meant for Sonny.. he wants to give Avery a better life. He used to think Sonny was a good father. Sabrina makes a quick exit when Sonny arrives to see him! Sonny informs him he is no longer running the organization.. he isn’t there to fight, he’s there to talk about what’s best for Avery. Sonny points out Michael had a good life, but Michael disagrees… and he’s not going to let anything happen to his sister.

Liv’s pregnant.. wait what??
Pushing Julian in his wheelchair, Alexis asks Ned and Olivia what they’re doing at the hospital? Ned says he gave her a ride while Liv pretends to cough. Julian informs them the charges against him have been dropped, thanks to Alexis. She asks to have a private word with Ned, and tells him she does want to be with Julian.. she understands if he is mad, asks for forgiveness, and hopes they can still be friends. He asks “how?”, he doesn’t think Julian will make her happy. Julian tells Ned he loves Alexis and the two start to bicker.. the nurse arrives to tell Liv her doctor was called away for an emergency c-section and has to reschedule her appt. They all stare.. and Julian asks if she’s pregnant?? Julian speculates it could be his baby, but Liv says there could be other reasons a woman goes to see an OBGYN.. but he asks why she brought Ned?? Ned threatens him, they start bickering again and agree to take it outside. Just as the elevator door closes, Olivia admits she IS pregnant.. Julian stops the door, he can’t believe he is going to be a father again. Ned steps in and says he’s not going to be a father, jackass.. HE is.

Jake in surgery
On the operating table, Jake remembers Helena telling him his name is Jason Morgan.. he mutters to Liz he know who he is, then passes out from the anesthesia. During surgery, Liz tells Patrick what he said, and they hope he wakes up. Patrick see the chip, and removes it when

At the hospital, Carly and Sam talk about Jake.. Sam tells her Jake said “only one ring” while he was being wheeled into surgery. Carly admits to Sam she owed her an apology.. she was convinced Jake was innocent, but Sam was right and Carly was wrong. Sam jokes it’s a banner day, but admits it wasn’t his fault. Carly admits she was distracted by the Haunted Star bomb, Sam tells her it’s very good news Sonny was pardoned, and can take care of his daughter. She finds out about Michael’s custody battle..Jason would know what to do. It’s Carly’s worst nightmare – Michael and Sonny going head to head. She remembers how she despised AJ, and wanted Michael to be fearless and smart like Sonny and Jason. He learned from Sonny.. and is using what they taught him to go against Sonny. They share a hug.. and Carly wonders what Jason would think if saw the two of them together now!

Helena tells Nikolas Jake is Jason
Nikolas asks Helena if Jake is actually Jason?? Helena confirms Jason IS alive and well, thanks to Robin, who revived him from the gunshot wound. Helena had plans for him, but there were complications.. Nik is stunned.. he has to tell Sam! Helena reminds him he isn’t Jason.. Nik thinks Sam deserves the truth and he will make sure she gets it, but she stops him, he will do nothing of the kind. The authorities might want to know about his secret dealings, and fixing the mayoral election.. she has proof. She needs him to have all the facts as it effects their takeover of ELQ. She hands him a file that has all the answers.. Skye and her daughter’s share of ELQ to their existing stock would give them 32%. She wants him to persuade the other lesser Quartermaines to join his side.. Brook Lynn, Dylan. But if Jason was alive, they wouldn’t get enough stock. Keeping his mouth shut would keep him out of prison as well! Helena tells Nikolas it’s a win-win – stay out of jail and take over ELQ.. but he points out he would have to lie to Sam, plus Jason has a son! Helena reminds him that Jason didn’t know Danny was his son..

Anna is back as a Federal Agent!
Over lunch at Kellys, Anna informs Sloane the charges against her have been dropped and she has a new job! She is Special Agent Anna Devane, and her first order of business is Sloane.. investigating the mayoral election.. he conspired to with Mayor Lomax to get her elected illegally. She smirks and tells him not to worry how she will prove it.. she will bring him down, and anyone who helped him. He accuses her of being in bed with someone and grabs her arm.. Duke steps in and tells him to get his hands off the lady! Sloane points out they were discussing mutual interests, and leaves. Anna thanks Duke, but he doesn’t like to see any other man touch her. She informs him Sloane is less than thrilled with her new job.. she is now a Federal Agent. Sloane is her first target and if he’s still working for Sonny, Duke is her second..

Michael yells at Sonny that nobody is safe with him, and to get the hell out of his house!

Sam tells Carly the surgery is risky, Jake could die.. when Patrick returns with news.

Nikolas wonders about everyone else who cares about Jason.. how is he supposed to keep this news from Elizabeth..? Liz walks in and stares at him and Helena..

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