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General Hospital on 2/20/2015 – Spinelli tells Nathan, Alexis has doubts, Tracy sees the real Luke, buh-bye Helena!

In his cell, Luke continues to hear his Dark Half telling him they are the same when Tracy comes for a visit. Luke tells her he’s in trouble, he thinks he has done bad things.. it was HIM the whole time, he needs her help. He has no memory of dealing with Helena, but is convinced she is capable of anything. Tracy insists it has been all him, and has something to do with the past. Something terrible happened to him in the house when he was growing up, and she asks what it was?? Tracy insists Luke can tell her.. maybe he has blocked it.. he yells at her to stop, no more.. and “mind your own business, you miserable bitch!”. Tracy isn’t afraid, he’s a sick man, and she will help him recover – she will get answers from his sister. And not Barbara Jean! Bobbie was too young, she will find their older sister Patricia, who will know what happened.

Maxie shares with Lulu
Maxie arrives at Lulu’s with Georgie, they coo over the babies and she shares the news that Spinelli and Ellie broke up and he wants to be a family with her! He has feelings for her.. and yes, she told him she’s with Nathan, but doesn’t know where they stand right now. Nathan was furious about Johnny, and agreed to cover for her.. and she now regrets telling everything to Spinelli. as he probably thinks he has a chance with her. Maxie says she and Spinelli are deader than disco.. and she’s with Nathan now. She asks about Luke.. she wants to be a good friend, and offers to help when Tracy comes barging in.. she saw Luke and wants to have a private conversation with Lulu.

Spinelli shares with Nathan!
Nathan runs into Spinelli outside Kellys.. literally! Inside Kellys, Nathan takes his shirt off to change, while Spinelli wonders how he can compete?? Nathan returns, and finds out Ellie will not be joining him on the trip.. they broke up. Nathan tells him he’s a good listener, and Spinelli can tell him anything.. why did they break up? Spinelli talks about the differences in relationships, and brings up him and Maxie. He mentions he knows all about what happened with Johnny.. and how their values are more in line with each other, like a real couple. Nathan points out they aren’t a real couple!

Who’s your daddy?
Ned announces HE is the father of Olivia’s baby – they were having sex, and he wanted to be there for the appointment. Alexis tells Ned she knows he’s lying as he has done this before, when she was pregnant with Christina. Ned denies it, and insists he would have to be an idiot to make up the same story twice.. Alexis and Julian grill them about when the baby was conceived, when did he cheat on Alexis? Julian wants Olivia to tell them when it happened.. Liv claims it was Thanksgiving, while he and Alexis were estranged.. she almost walked in on them when they were watching a movie. Alexis believes him – he lied to her, made her feel guilty while he was cheating on her, and calls him a smarmy son a bitch! Alexis can’t believe Ned was cheating.. she trusted him! Julian reminds her of their passionate evening together, and Ned says they’re even. And now Liv is having his baby! Julian asks one more time, and Liv says the baby is not his.

Liz tells Nikolas about Jake
Elizabeth arrives at Wyndermere and tells Nik and Helena that Jake is out of surgery, the device she implanted has been removed. Helena believes her control of him is over, and doesn’t owe Liz any answers. Liz quickly mentions she heard them talk about lying to HER – what was that about? Nik pretends he didn’t want her and Lulu to know Helena was staying with him. He says he is sorry, and would like to cover Jake’s medical expenses, he doesn’t have insurance as he doesn’t know who he is.. but Liz informs him that might not be the case anymore, he said he remembered who he is. Nik says it’s great news, Liz thanks him for helping her friend.. and sees herself out. Helena is pleased Nikolas chose family first, but Nik says it doesn’t matter as Jake will tell everyone who he is when he wakes up! Helena tells Nik brain surgery is unpredictable, and she is thrilled he lied to Liz.. Nikolas tells her her stay was temporary, and it’s time she got the hell out of his life. The guards arrive to take her away.. he secured his inheritance and power base. She no longer has leverage or access to the Cassadine fortune!

Jake’s surgery
Patrick informs Sam and Carly the implant is gone, and he has patched him up. Carly knew he was trying to fight the mind-control, she hates the fact that he was arrested, but Sam think it was a good thing. Patrick tells them what Jake told Liz as he was going under.. he knows who he is. Sam and Carly are intrigued..

Julian muses that he missed out on raising kids, and he didn’t think Ned was capable of knocking someone up behind Alexis’ back.. neither does Alexis.

Spinelli tells Nathan that he and Ellie broke up because he wants Maxie back.. when Maxie walks into Kellys!

Tracy tells Lulu she saw Luke’s transformation when she mentioned the house on Elm Street!

Luke angrily mutters that he hopes Tracy doesn’t find Patricia..

Nik tells Helena she is going back to Cassadine Island, alone and away from the family she loves. She insists she has to see Luke, but is VERY impressed with his Cassadine move. Nikolas is relieved she will be gone, and when she says he will eventually need her, he points out the ELQ takeover is finished as soon as Jake wakes up and remembers who he is.. and instructs the guards to take her away.

Carly thinks it’s great that Jake remembers who he is, but Sam still wonders about the Helena connection.. and what does any of this have to do with her?

In the hospital, Jake wakes up… Patrick informs him the chip is gone and Liz asks if he can tell them who he is?

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