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General Hospital on 2/2/2015 – Bomb Countdown, Mob Shootout, Dante in peril, a phoenix memory!

At the Elm Street house, Dante is horrified at the burnt corpse in the chair, then notices the bomb! He yells for help and looks for his phone. He finds it and calls Lulu..

Nik hears the truth
Helena’s men hold Nikolas back while Ivy wonders where he is.. he asks Helena what’s going to happen on the boat?? He demands answers, and Helena informs him the Haunted Star is about to go up in smoke, with everyone on it! He struggles with the men and tells Helena this is mass murder – he is knocked unconscious, Helena tells the men to take him home.

Haunted Star party!
At the Haunted Star, Fluke is gleeful and gives a speech praising the clinic and the new staff.. he thanks Michael for both the clinic and the destruction of his old house. He reminds them bad acts were done in his name, but no one batted an eye – no one questioned why he would hurt the people he loved. He wanted to rage against them, but realizes his own past damned him. Lulu interrupts and says they should have known Luke Spencer would never have tried to have his nephew killed. He understands, and forgives them! He introduces Michael, who gives a speech. Maxie tells Lulu to go talk to Dante..

Lulu left her phone on the bar, and Fluke picks it up when Dante calls! He tells Dante he should focus on the bomb on Luke’s lap.. Lulu will join him as soon as the bomb on the Haunted Star is detonated!

Michael offers a toast to his Uncle Luke, but Lulu sees him on her phone.. who is he talking to??

Fluke pretends Dante is bad-mouthing Lulu, and jealous of Johnny.. he yells at him to get his priorities straight. Treat Lulu with respect or stay away from her! He SLAMS the phone down and tells Tracy he has to get some air. He wants everyone to enjoy the party.. have a blast!

Maxie suggests to Lulu that they leave to find her husband.

Nathan, Jordan Sam & Jake at the PCPD
At the PCPD, Nathan asks Jordan about Sonny’s prison escape, she has no idea what’s going on. Her only intel has been spying.. she followed Shawn, and helped him dig up a grave. They think Bill Eckert is posing as Luke. she thought Dante would have already told him?? She tells him he was going to track down the real Luke at the house on Elm Street.

At the PCPD, Sam grills Jake about why he broke into her apartment and stole her phoenix? He says he missing something, she tells him it was worth something to her and Jason. She starts to cry as she tells him Jason had it with him when he was shot and left in the water to drown.. she was too late to save him, the phoenix was all that was left of him. He is frustrated, but doesn’t deny anything. He isn’t confessing, but is apologizing – he didn’t willingly do any of these things, he thinks someone made him commit the crimes.

Nina in trouble!
Heather tells Nina she hates Franco and wishes he was dead – Nina tells her she can help reconcile with him, she wants revenge and has what she needs. She has Nina and throws her against the door! You’re not going anywhere.. friendo. She pulls a hypodermic needle out of her knitting bag! It’s a mixture she used on the real Diana Taylor… she laced her iced tea with her “magical” recipe, but drank it herself. She tells Nina to relax.. it’s an overdose of LSD! Nina tells her to back off, but Heather knows her way around needles.. “come to mama, Nina”..

A Mob Shootout
The prison van comes to a crashing halt, knocking them all unconscious.. Ava, Sonny and Franco wake up, when a car pulls up containing Johnny and Carlos Rivera! Julian stirs awake and they get ready for a gunfight.. shots ring out and everyone ducks for cover. Carlos tells Johnny to take Sonny and Julian.. Ava is his!

Ava tells Franco to give her the gun to protect herself, but he needs it for his mother. She tries to grabs the gun when Carlos appears, gun pointed.. Franco offers him Ava, she begs him not to leave, but he tells her she’s on her own. Just as she likes it.

Dante’s phone battery dies, while Nathan leaves the station to find him!

Ava begs Carlos, then shoves him and makes a dash for it. Carlos catches up to her on the bridge.. and taunts her.

Julian has been shot in leg, Sonny tends to him when Johnny approaches with a gun – he has him where he wants him.

Sam tells Jake to stay away from him, he grabs her arm, flashes back to the phoenix!

Sabrina and Ivy wonder where their dates have gone?

Heather raises the needle, when Franco bursts in with a gun – “that’s enough, Mother”.

Helena and Fluke are on the docks, to watch the fireworks.

As the bomb counts down, Nathan arrives and finds Dante!

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