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General Hospital on 2/23/2015 – Jake has friends, Nikolas has guilt, Maxie has a decision, Spencer has a party!

At Kellys, Spinelli announces he wants Maxie back, Nathan asks Maxie if she can believe it he has been hiding it from both of them? Nathan realizes that Maxie already knew – he told her on Valentine’s Day.. but why didn’t she tell him?? She tells him she panicked and made an impulsive decision.. while Spinelli continues to interrupt their discussion. Nathan is angry she confides in Spinelli.. why not him? Maxie sits with Nathan and explains she was excited to see Georgie, she didn’t want to get into Spinelli’s confession with him. Nathan admits he over-reacted.. it’s not like she is still in love with Spinelli.. Maxie hesitates and Nathan asks if she IS in love with him? She claims she isn’t, but Nathan isn’t sure about her answer.. she needs to decide who she wants to be with.

Uncle Sonny talks to Shawn
After a visit with Avery, Spencer receives a birthday present from his Uncle Sonny.. something to wear to his party! He’s happy he’s home and saved everyone, Sonny reminds him he did it for his son – Nikolas would have done the same.

Shawn arrives and ask if he can do anything for Sonny.. they talk about Jake as Carly kissed him on New Year’s Eve – Shawn was there, it was the night they got orders from Duke about the ballot box. Sonny asks him to keep an eye on Jake for him. Shawn also talks fondly about Jordan – he thinks they’re a good team, but he is still on his toes.

Conflicted Nikolas / Spencer’s party
Sloane pays Nikolas a visit at Wyndermere, he wants to talk about Jake Doe – how should be handle the case? He wants the charges against him dropped – his family has hurt him enough. Spencer arrives home, excited about his party, while Nik is conflicted – he doesn’t feel like the great man Spencer thinks he is. While Spencer and his pal dance, Nik leaves a message for Liz, asking about Jake. He starts talking to himself – Jake is Jason, and he wants to take over ELQ..

Cam is still angry at Emma, while Josslyn reminds him she meant every word she said about him earlier. The DJ announces Spencer, the birthday boy.. who make s grand entrance ins his little tux – he thanks his dad, and his friends and the love of his life, Miss Emma Drake! Cam tells Spencer wearing a tuxedo is stupid and tells Emma that Josslyn appreciates him more than she does.. the two bicker, and Cam tells Emma that Joss gets him in a way that Emma doesn’t, plus she never told him she loved him! He asks Joss to join him and they leave together.. but before he goes, Cam knocks a bag over on to a lit candle!

It’s just the two of them – Spencer doesn’t want to see Emma hurt, and asks her to dance… while the fire starts to grow..

Jake has visitors
At the hospital, Sam and Carly wonder why no one reported Jake missing? He will probably want to go home once he remembers who he is. Carly muses that Jake has been a friend to her, and she will miss him..

Liz asks Jake if he remembers his real name? Unfortunately he can’t remember what he remembered.. Liz says she feels like she already knows him. He’s a good man, thoughtful and kind, kids love him.. no matter what his name is. He thanks her for staying by him, when Carly arrives! She asks for a moment alone with Jake.. he thanks her for getting involved, but she wants to apologize for turning him in. She normally doesn’t give up on people, and feels like she failed him, but he insists their good. She asks if they are still friends?? She thinks it’s inevitable, and he agrees..

Sam asks Patrick if he’s okay.. he can’t help thinking about Rafe.

Anna & Jordan catch up
Anna arrives at Jordan’s, and shows off her new Federal Agent badge! She has Sloane’s old job, and plans to expose him and anyone else who rigged the election. She’s convinced Mayor Lomax was involved, and questions Jordan about the ballot box – it has to have been opened at Wyndermere. As Anna puts two and two together, she doesn’t think Nik would be involved. She finds out that Duke is still running the organization while Sonny has other priorities. She points out to Anna that Shawn trusts her, but it’s eating away at her – she is becoming a real family with him and TJ. Anna is conflicted herself – Duke stepped in when Sloane was giving her a hard time, and she still has feelings for him. But she has a job to do, and so does Jordan!

Liz tells Carly, Sam and Patrick that Cam and Emma broke up at Spencer’s party, while Cam and Jossyln left together.

Shawn arrives at Jordan’s and asks what Anna was doing at her place..she tells him Anna was there to harass her, but insists she told her to leave them the hell alone..

Back at Sonny’s, Carly tells him she went to see Jake – she can’t see any reason they can’t be friends.

Before he falls asleep, Jake tells Liz everything was due to her and Dr. Drake.

Sam decides to stay at the hospital, while Patrick leaves to check on Emma at Wyndermere.

Spencer and Emma waltz together as they fire ignites!

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