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General Hospital on 2/24/2015 – The fight for Avery, Spencer gets treatment, Nina is free, Ava’s alive!

Nathan tells Silas he’s hopeful about Nina’s trial, but informs him the police have given up searching for Ava’s body. He also mentions the progress Nina has made, when Alexis calls with an update.

New Kiki plans a memorial
At Kellys, the new Kiki has breakfast with Morgan and Silas. She is planning her mom’s memorial, and hopes she made the right decision leaving Avery with Sonny. Morgan tells her that Michael wants custody instead! He thinks Michael has gone of the deep end.. it’s all about Sonny, not Avery. Kiki wants to focus on the memorial for Ava, she has to assume she’s dead..

At the courtroom, Michael meets Alexis, ready to fight for Avery. The judge only agreed to hear arguments – needs him to calm down and sends him out for coffee.

Michael walks into Kellys and Morgan leaps to his feet.. what’s wrong with him?? Michael claims to care for her, unlike him and Kiki, who handed her over to a killer. Kiki reminds him nobody has the right to keep his child from him. Morgan points out he doesn’t even know Avery..but Michael says Sonny is dangerous to her. He will never see her again, and neither will Morgan and Kiki.. Morgan throws a punch and knocks him down! Silas pulls them apart.. where’s their compassion? Michael says he knows what it’s like to lose a parent, and leaves. Silas receives a text, and tells Kiki he has to leave town for a couple of days to help a colleague. As for the memorial, she should do what feels right for her.. Morgan consoles her that Michael won’t be granted custody.

Sonny’s new lawyer
Before heading to court, Carly informs Sonny that Spencer was in a fire last night – he went back into the burning room to get his favorite present, the boxing robe that Sonny gave him. She tells him it’s not his fault, but she reminds him that Michael won’t back down, he needs to get ready for Diane.. when Ric walks in.. Diane can’t make it! He promises to fight like hell for him – Carly asks like he fought for Jake?? He was worried Liz has feelings for Jake and wanted him out of the way.. Ric says that’s none of her business, and has no bearing on his case. He offers to pull himself off the case, but Sonny offers to shake his hand.

Good news for Nina
At Shadybrook, Nina visits Franco – he knows who she is.. she’s Phyllis! She asks if he’s still hallucinating, does he remember what he did? He happily grins and says this is one of her schemes, but she quietly tells him she isn’t going anywhere, she won’t abandon him.

Nathan and Alexis arrive at Shadybrook – she’s getting out! The doctors testified she wasn’t responsible for her actions, and has made a full recovery – the charges have been dropped. But Alexis tells her she can’t come back to visit Franco. He was an accomplice, and she has to show the judge she knows right from wrong. Alexis tells her they have an appt with the judge now, Nathan tells her to say goodbye to Franco. Nina leans in and tells Franco she’s not allowed to see him – he’s the one with the answers, what should she do? He grabs her arm.. you don’t need to worry about it Phyllis, you always know what to do.

Michael meets Avery!
Michael approaches Alexis at the courthouse, he’s on edge, waiting for the hearing.. Alexis doesn’t think it’s because of the baby, she thinks he’s realizing if he goes through with this, it could sever ties with his father, and the rest of his family. Rick arrives with Sonny, Carly and the baby.. Alexis has to deal with another case first, and leaves them all together. Carly cradles Avery, and brings her over to meet Michael, who holds her for the first time! Carly says they all love her, why not give Avery all the love she deserves?

Update on Spencer’s condition
At the hospital, Elizabeth offers kind words to Nikolas, he hugs her and tells her what happened. He breaks down and cries.. Spencer has burns on his face and body but he is being sedated now, hopefully he doesn’t feel anything. He’s exhausted wants to know what’s going on, when Obrecht arrives with answers!! Nikolas yells he doesn’t want her anywhere near his son .. she understands he has issues with her about Britta, but she loved Spencer, and would want her to intervene. Plus Nathan is a Cassadine.

Nik pulls Obrecht aside, and sneers that he KNOWS Victor isn’t Nathan’s father.. just get someone in to help Spencer! Liz returns and Obrecht tells them the best course of action is to discharge Spencer from the hospital. Nik claims she’s doing this because he kicked Britta out.. Liesl says Spencer needs expert treatment at Shriner’s Hospital for Children. He will receive the finest care there.. she would send her own child there, and Nikolas agrees.

Nik thanks Elizabeth for being there for him, Obrecht returns to tell him they’re ready for transport. He goes in to see Spencer, who wakes up and says he’s scared! Nothing hurts.. but is he going to be okay? He informs him he is going to Boston for treatment, and of course he’s coming with him. Spencer tells him he love him..

Elizabeth thanks Obrecht, she has been surprisingly compassionate.. and Liesl tells Liz she has been surprisingly gracious!

Michael holds Avery while Carly asks why not let her have the love of both families? Please call it off.

Nina arrives at the courthouse with Nathan, and remembers Franco’s words that she will figure it out. She stops when she sees Avery.. “ohmigod, that’s my baby”..

Kiki notices that Silas is uncertain about the memorial, but Morgan thinks they should go ahead.

Silas enters a small room.. it’s Ava lying in the bed!

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