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General Hospital on 2/25/2015 – Maxie kicks Spinelli out, Spencer in the hospital, Luke hires Diane, Duke makes an offer..

Anna runs into Duke at Kellys, he wants to know what she’s going to do about Julian being free? Anna agrees with him, but suggests he takes it up with Sloane as it isn’t her job anymore. She points out the Jerome crime family is in shambles, and it doesn’t seem he’s rebuilding it – Duke decides to handle it himself. Anna doesn’t want to know anything about his business, as it would be evidence.. she suggests he leaves. Patrick calls Anna, and aks her to pick up Emma from the hospital,.

Shirtless Julian
Alexis leaves Julian’s bed to go to work – she’s representing Nina at her competency hearing as no one wants to take the case. She thinks everyone deserves a defense, and also informs him she will be representing Michael in his custody suit against Sonny for Avery, Julian’s niece! Before he has a chance to respond, she gets a call from Nikolas.. he’s at the hospital and needs her now!

There’s a knock on Julian’s door, it’s Duke, offering to save him. He knows he’s a free man with a clean slate.. he says they can go their separate ways peacefully if he hands over all his territories to Duke. He’s offering him an exit strategy, but Julian insists he’s still in the game.. he isn’t kinder and gentler, and asks if Sonny put him up to this? Duke tells him he is going to bury him!

Luke has a lawyer!
At the PCPD, Nathan is distracted thinking about Nina’s hearing when Luke is brought in – Dante is furious that he tried to kill him, while Luke taunts him that he will get another chance to get rid of him, Lulu and their little brat! He laughs while Nathan holds Dante back… scoffs that Dante is all bark and no bite. Dante threatens to kill him when Diane arrives to talk to her client! He is need of representation… she is aware of the charges, and he has been held for days without arraignment. Innocent before proven guilty. She wants him released immediately. Nathan lists all the charges and threats… Diane asks for an immediate bail hearing, tomorrow morning at 9am. Luke smirks at the detectives while Diane takes him to the interrogation room. Nathan warns Dante to stay calm, but Dante worries this version of Lulu’s father is vicious.

Spinelli wants Maxie
After putting Georgie to bed, Spinelli suggests to Maxie they do the same! He assumes he will be staying on her couch and she tells him he’s wrong.. she let him stay out of pity, but he can’t stay there because he keeps saying he wants her back! She insists she has a boyfriend, and it wouldn’t be fair to Nathan if she let him stay there. He will think there is something going on with them.. but Spinelli asks if she’s worried that something WILL happen between them? He suggests she does have feelings for him, especially if being on his couch makes her nervous! She admits she has feelings for him – he is the father of her child, but what he’s doing now is unfair and unacceptable. He needs to go now! He argues he won’t give up on her, when she slams the door behind him.

Spencer in the hospital
Lucas is on duty when Spencer is wheeled in, with smoke inhalation and burns to the right side of his body and his face! Nikolas follows him in, while Patrick consoles little Emma. Nikolas is frantic that Spencer won’t wake up.. Patrick offers to find out more information, while Emma consoles Nikolas.

Anna arrives at the hospital to pick up Emma, while Lucas treats Spencer. Alexis arrives and hugs Nicolas, who starts to break down! She explains it was a tragic accident, but Nik cries that he must have been so scared. What if he doesn’t make it.?? He can’t lose him!

Patrick arrives with news about Spencer – he’s stable, but on a ventilator, not yet awake. He has severe burns on the right side of his body, they’re worried about infection and septic shock. Nikolas goes in to see him..

Spencer family history
Lulu and Tracy clean up after Rocco when Bobbie arrives late.. she’s at a dead end, they don’t know where Patricia is. Tracy demands to know what drove Pat away, what isn’t Bobbie telling them? She tells them she can only remembers what Luke and Ruby told her – their father was a rotten drunk, and their mom did her best to keep him away from them while Pat took care of them, right up until their mother died. They went to Florida.. without Patricia. Bobbie never knew why she didn’t come with them, but she didn’t question it – Ruby refused to talk about it and Luke told her to forget Pat ever existed. None of them can find any information, but Lulu has an idea..

Luke tells Diane he is depending on her, and she doesn’t want to find out what happens if she disappoints him. Diane tells Dante there is something seriously wrong with his father-in-law..

Lulu suggest they hire a private investigator, when Spinelli arrives at the front door!

Before being taken back to his cell, Luke tells Nathan he goes way back with the Cassadines.. he should teach his loved ones to sleep with one eye open!

Duke arrives at the hospital, he was worried about Emma.. just because they’re not together, it doesn’t mean he is going to stop caring about her and her family.

Nikolas asks to be alone with an unconscious Spencer, and holds his little hand. He loves him, everything will be okay and he isn’t going anywhere.

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