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General Hospital on 2/27/2015 – Nina & Franco fake it, Michael fights for Avery, Ava wants her back!

Over the phone, Julian talks about building his business from the ground up – Port Charles is his! He stops by Kellys to talk to Kiki and Morgan about the service for Ava.. he isn’t sure she’s even dead, maybe they should wait as she’s a survivor. Kiki tells him her mom is gone, and never coming back. Julian wants Avery to be at the service, and hears about Michael’s lawsuit.. he doesn’t agree with him, but the judge must think there is some merit or the they wouldn’t have agreed to a hearing. But if someone tried to take HIS baby, he would fight tooth and nail..

Ava gets news about Avery
Ava wakes up, Silas tells her she’s making a remarkable recovery, she says it’s thanks to him and they share a moment together. She managed to pull herself to shore, made her way to a gas station where there was a phone, and called him because she felt she could trust him. he tells her she’s at New York Methodist hospital, he has kept her off official records – GH wouldn’t have been safe. Everyone thinks she has drowned. He tells her Kiki doesn’t have custody of Avery anymore, Sonny does.. she asks if he escaped, but Silas tells her he’s now a free man as he saved everyone at the Haunted Star. He was granted a full pardon, but he may not actually be raising Avery! She’s ok with Michael making Sonny suffer, but not using her daughter. Ava says SHE will step up..

Shriners Hospital
Nikolas and Spencer arrive at Shriners Hospital for Children, the doctor can help him. He explains how they will be treating him.. including minimizing scarring. They want to get Spencer up and being a kid again.. recovery takes time, their staff is there to help. Healing the mind is as important as healing the injury. Their goal is to give Spencer hope and restore his confidence. Nikolas sits with Spencer and consoles him.

Olivia spills all to Franco
At Shadybrook, Franco has a visitor – it’s Olivia, they have something in common as Heather also injected her with LSD! Franco asks for Phyllis, he’s lonely without here, when Olivia tells him about her experience – she insists he will get better. She claims she could see people for who they really were. She also has premonitions.. she shares the news with him that she’s pregnant by Julian Jerome. She has to get it out, and who better to tell than someone who won’t remember anyway? Franco continues to mutter, while Olivia tells him everything!

Nina plays crazy!
At the courtroom, Nina pretends she’s crazy.. that pretty boy is holding her baby, while Nathan holds her back. Alexis tells her to pull herself together, Sonny tells them she needs help, but Nina keeps saying they took her baby. Michael hands Avery back to Sonny, while Nina says she wants her daughter back!

Alexis leaves to get the hearing postponed, Nina whispers to Nathan she needs her baby, she needs the charges dropped, and needs him on her side, what should she do? Nathan convinces her the best option is to take her back to Shadybrook.

Courtroom drama!
Ric tells Sonny he shouldn’t talk to Michael. Carly tells him they don’t have to be enemies.. but Michael says yes it does. The judge starts the hearing, Ric is representing Sonny now. Given the accusations, she wants to ask Michale why he filed the suit.. his opportunity to tell the court why Avery is best off with him. He testifies that all his siblings have suffered psychological damage being raised by Sonny.. he was exposed first hand to the danger in his life. He was hit by a bullet meant for Sonny and in a coma for a year. Michael says Sonny shot Dante, and Dante lied to protect him.. even Morgan got beat up. Sonny knows his children are targets, but his power and business will always trump their lives.

Jake & Liz
At the hospital, Jake tells Liz he had a dream about her, she was hurt in the hospital and he was taking care of her. He wishes there was something he could do for her, but not while he’s still restrained! Liz says hopefully they will be removed soon, she thinks he has a pretty strong case – they will get him a new lawyer. She tells him about her history with Ric, they way he treated Jake makes her question is he’s the man for her.

Nina is back in Shadybrook, Nathan agrees to come back for a visit, she wants to check on her friend Franco.

Olivia thanks Franco, laughs that he won’t remember what she said and leaves.. he quietly says “anytime, Olivia”.

Jake tells Liz Ric has nothing to worry about from him.. “maybe he does”, says Liz.

Michael strongly believes he can offer Avery a safer home with the Quartermaines. He will dedicate his life to giving everything she needs, she will want for nothing. But now it’s Ric’s turn!

Kiki misses Ava so much, Julian remembers his sister as indestructible.

Silas tells Ava she isn’t strong enough – plus if she returns to Port Charles, she will be shipped back to Pentonville.

Nina tells Franco she had a mental breakdown at the courthouse.. she faked it to be back with him. He tells her he is faking too!!!

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