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General Hospital on 2/3/2015 – Ava falls, Franco makes a sacrifice, there’s a bomb on the boat!

With 15 seconds to spare, Nathan arrives to save Dante, helps him out of the basement just before the bomb EXPLODES.

Nathan figures it out
At the hospital, Liz hears the TV news that Jake has been arrested, and there has been an explosion on Elm Street, with two detectives on site. Just then Dante is wheeled in on a stretcher, with Nathan at his side. Nathan calls Lulu and leaves her a message to get down to the hospital as Dante was been hurt. Liz informs him Dante was lucky, his injuries are superficial.. she wonders how the house exploded?? Nathan tells her he saw a bomb.. and tells Dante he will be back as soon as he can.

Jake remembers more..
At the PCPD, Jake tells Sam he remembers her giving him the phoenix – Sam grills him, but he doesn’t know. He tells her she’s right, he did steal it – he admits to being in her home when she and Patrick were going in the shower. But strangely, he was watching her and HIM. He can’t hold on to the memories, Sam suggests someone has been putting him up to it. He remembers Helena ordering him to kill Sam, and shares the news! It was ALL him.. he remembers everything, but in flashes only. Why would he do that? He realizes he has been under Helena’s control, and he wouldn’t remember anything after he carried out her orders. He was conditioned! Sam tells Jake she wants to help him, and wonders why he didn’t kill her? He doesn’t know.

The Haunted Star
At the party, Maxie doesn’t believe what Fluke said about Johnny and Bobbie asks Tracy what’s going on with him? Maxie doesn’t think it’s Dante’s style to stay away and sulk.. and Tracy decides to go looking for Fluke, leaving Bobbie behind on the boat.

Patrick and Sabrina catch up on their love lives.. he hopes Sam finds closure and he is ready to move forward, while Lucas tells Michael that Julian and Sonny broke out of Pentonville. Michael is convinced this was the plan all along, and when push comes to shove all he cares about is himself.

Lulu decides to leave to find Dante, and chats with Michael.

Fluke and Helena wait on the docks.. after the house blows up, Fluke says he feels free now. Helena tells him she would have no use for Port Charles if it weren’t for Nicholas and Spencer. She says they are perfect for each other.. when Tracy arrives. “Luke!”. She tells Helena to leave, buy Helena coos that Luke would never hurt her.. and kisses him on the cheek while Tracy looks on, stunned. She tells Luke he is not in his right mind.

Carlos pulls the trigger!
Carlos taunts Ava on the bridge, she tries to make a deal apologizing for what she has done, but he doesn’t care and laughs in her face. She asks him to have mercy, and he pulls the trigger.. she’s stares at him in disbelief, he shot her! She tries to attack him, he pushes her back with the gun.. and she tumbles back off the bridge.

Johnny taunts Sonny at gunpoint, tells him to say goodbye. A shot rings out.. it’s from Julian propped up against the tree! Johnny stumbles and runs to Carlos on the bridge. He decides they need to get the hell out of there, and they leave..

Julian asks Sonny to go find Ava! He sees her hanging off the side of the bridge.. she asks him to help her up. “Why would I do that”. He reaches down, tells her to grab his hand, and pulls her up to safety. He makes her say she is sorry, informing her he is saving her life because it’s what Connie would have wanted. He tries to hold on, but loses his grip.. and Ava falls!

Heather threatens Nina
At Shadybrook, Heather holds the syringe against Nina’s neck while Franco has her at gunpoint. He agrees to put the gun down, and finds out the syringe contains LSD. Franco tells her to go ahead… but Heather doesn’t buy it. He admits Nina is important, and tells Heather he has been a terrible son, he only ever added to the craziness, he didn’t rise up above it. He tells Heather she can jab HIM instead of Nina, who has been through enough. They struggle with the syringe.. Franco grabs it, and the gun, pointing it at Heather. Nina whispers she knew he would come while Heather mocks the fact they have no future. She still wins. She leaves to tell the guards an escaped convict is on the premises.

Nina quietly asks if she is going to lose him again, but Franco says he won’t let that happen.

Julian wants to find Ava, but Sonny insists they have to go to the Haunted Star. Julian stays behind and tells Sonny to look after their sons.

Nathan arrives at the Haunted Star, looking for Fluke!

Helena leaves Tracy and Fluke alone at the docks, she doesn’t understand why he would speak to her.. when she realizes he might be Faison!! He yells he isn’t Faison, Larry Ashton or Bill Eckert.. he is LUKE SPENCER. Tracy decides to track down Helena for answers, saving her own life.. for now.

Dante stirs awake. He tells Liz about the bomb on the boat.

Nina asks Franco how they will stay together.. when he jabs himself in the neck with the syringe…

Fluke waits for the explosion.. with no one to stop him.. when Sonny appears with a gun…

Jake remembers putting a bomb on the boat!

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