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General Hospital on 2/4/2015 – Franco goes trippin’, bomb on the boat, Sonny saves the day!

At the docks, Sonny holds Fluke at gunpoint, who asks where Julian and Ava are. He insists Sonny wouldn’t hurt his old friend, but Sonny tells him he wouldn’t hurt Luke. Bill Eckert is another story! He doesn’t care who he is, he isn’t going to hurt Michael or anyone else he cares about. Fluke tells him it’s too late.. Dante is dead, and Michael’s on the boat, which is about the explode.

There’s a bomb on the boat!
At the Haunted Star, Nathan tells Lulu that Fluke put Dante in the hospital, but they don’t think it was Luke. He tells them about the bomb in the house on Elm Street, and Dante was unconscious at the hospital. Lulu rushes to the hospital..

At the hospital, Dante tells Liz he has to leave, there’s a bomb on the boat…he wants her to call Nathan. He is desperate to leave when Lulu arrives.

Jake tells Sam that Helena wants to kill everyone on the boat… instructs her to use her phone to have the boat evacuated.

Ivy approaches Patrick and asks to borrow his phone to leave a message for Nikolas.. she sees the incoming call from Sam and decides to ignore it. Sam leaves a desperate message and calls Lucas, who picks up. Jake gets on the phone and tells them there’s a bomb on the boat, underneath the bar. Michael sees it and yells at everyone to evacuate.. he carries the bomb out to the deck where he runs into Sonny! Sonny grabs the bomb from him , he’s not going to let him die, and jumps in the water. “Dad, no!”.. the bomb explodes while Fluke lights a cigar in glee.

Julian on the bridge
Calling for Ava on the bridge, Julian gets arrested by the cops and Agent Sloane, who wants to know where the others are! He has Julian cuffed, who tells him Ava went over the railing.. they need to save her. He wants to know where Sonny is – he pretends he doesn’t know, but tells him Franco went to Shadybrook, convinced she’s in danger. They see the explosion, and Julian begs Sloane to make sure his son is okay.

The bomb aftermath
Jake tells Sam to call Lucas – he’s fine, just a little shaken, and puts Patrick on the phone! She asks if he’s okay, crying a little.. she’s at the station, and Jake planted the bomb.

Michael shakily tells Nathan and Maxie that Sonny jumped overboard with the bomb.. they are safe thanks to Michael and Sonny. Maxie doesn’t want to let Nathan out of her sight, but he needs to look for Sonny, while Bobbie comes rushing to Michael’s side.. he tells her everyone owes their live to Sonny.. his father!

At the hospital, Lulu tells Dante about Sonny, jumping into the water with the bomb.. Nathan has gone to look for him. He saved everyone on the boat. Lulu kicks herself for believing Fluke’s stupid story, while Dante flashes back to the body. He says he doesn’t think he was ever rescued from Miscavige, the imposter is Luke’s cousin Bill. She wonders where her father is.. he tells her if that was her father in the basement, he was already dead before the bomb went off. The body was decayed..

On the docks, Nathan runs into Fluke and points his gun at him.. “Freeze!”. Michael shows up and Fluke gets away

Franco goes trippin’
At Shadybrook, Nina watches Franco jab himself in the neck with Heather’s needle. He gave himself an overdose to stay there with her.. she says he helped her, but he insists he should have been a better friend. She worries the LSD is supposed to be enough to fry his brain, but he says it’s ok.. he promises her he will be coming back. He wants her to promise she will be here for him, no matter how dark or violent he gets. She promises not to leave him, but he has to promise to know she’s there, and to come back. He says it will be easier if she gives him something to remember.. and they passionately kiss! Franco starts to hallucinate… completely freaking out, when the police arrive.. she tells them he’s had an overdose of LSD and needs medical help.

Patrick rushes into the room at lunges at Jake.. he leaves with Sam, who tells him Helena programmed him to commit the crimes. Sam wonders why she would do that to Jake?

Maxie comforts a shaken Michael, who doesn’t know why Sonny took the bomb out of his hands..

Sloane figures Ava is gone, and sends Julian to the hospital.

Doctors strap Franco down and wheel him away, as Nina kisses him and tells him not to forget.

Julian is wheeled into the hospital when Lucas arrives! He finds out that Sonny saved everyone on the boat. and worries about Ava.

Dante tells Lulu nothing is as it seems.. and her father might be dead.

Fluke walks along the bridge, smiling..

Michael worries about Sonny…

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