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General Hospital on 2/5/2015 – Sabrina tends to Johnny, Sonny is alive, Nikolas at gunpoint, Julexis reunited?

Ned has the flu, and watches a tear-jerker foreign film with Alexis, when they see the news that four prisoners escaped. Julian is in the hospital, shot, and Ned tells her to go .. he knows she wants to find out more information.

Julexis reunion
At the hospital, Fluke arrives to see Julian. He isn’t interested in hurting Lucas, it was just to make a point. He wants to exterminate everyone in his way, and picks up a pillow while Julian screams for help. At that moment, Alexis walks in.. “Luke, what are you doing??”. Alexis can’t believe what she’s seeing, and Fluke leaves with a flourish.. Julian informs her that wasn’t Luke! Alexis wants to know if that was Bill Eckert.. Julian says its the same man he has been taking orders from. Alexis wants him to go to the police, but Julian says if he wants him dead, he will be dead. Julian tells Alexis he didn’t shoot Anthony, he made it up to protect himself.. the evidence that cleared Johnny was faked. He’s alive because he pled guilty to a murder he didn’t commit.. he tells her Carlos shot Ava and she fell of the footbridge. He doesn’t think she could have survived.

Tracy’s anger
Tracy comes home and rages to Ned about Luke and Helena Cassadine.. his argument with Dante on the phone, storming off, and finding him with Helena. He wasn’t in danger, Luke wanted her to see him with Helena. She realizes that Luke has changed, he’s not the man she fell in love with, and feels like a fool. She wishes she could cry now, but she has been hurt and betrayed too many times, it has hardened her. Ned consoles her that she can cry in front of him.. when Nathan arrives, they have to search the house! She finds out about the imposter.. which makes sense to Tracy and Ned. Tracy tells Nathan he saw him with Helena.

Nik threatens Helena
At Wyndermere, Helena tells Nik there was only one casualty.. Nikolas says he will make her pay for this, while Helena warns him about his defiance. She is waiting for her partner, Nik asks what’s keeping him? He doesn’t believe Luke would willingly blow up the Haunted Star – either it’s not really Luke, she did something to him, or he’s playing HER. Helena suggests Luke has been playing all of them. and scoffs at Nik for not being a real Cassadine. He puts a knife to her throat, accusing her of hurting and terrorizing everyone he cares about. She wants him to be like him – kill for fun, on a whim, but he has all the power now. She has done too much damage, the only way to end it all is to end her! She instructs him to pit the knife down, when Fluke arrives.. Nik tells him to stay away, when Fluke pulls a gun on him!

Sonny pulled from the water
On the docks, Carly rushes to see Michael and asks where Sonny is..?? She finds out he never resurfaced, but Carly is convinced he is alive. Michael recounts exactly what happened. Nathan wants to chase down Eckert, but Sloane orders him to stay and find Sonny.. he doesn’t want him or Ava to walk away. Michael doesn’t believe they will find anything. He yells that he’s dead.. and he will never get to tell him anything. He murdered AJ, Michael hated him, but he looked up to him his entire life. He doesn’t know what to do – he used to have two fathers, now he has none.

They pull a body from the water, it’s Sonny… she starts trying to revive him, screaming he’s not dead! Michael and Carly apply CPR.. when Sonny finally spurts water and coughs…!! Carly cries and hugs him close.. she knew he would come back to her.

News for Kiki
Kiki is watching the news – Ava has escaped, but they don’t know if she’s alive – when Morgan arrives. She doesn’t understand why Ava and Sonny would have even teamed up. Sloane arrives with his men to search her place for a fugitive, is Ava hiding out there? The rooms are clear, and he apologizes for the disruption.. after what happened on the bridge. She wants to know if something happened to her mother?

Sabrina tends to Johnny!
Sabrina arrives home to find Carlos and Johnny on her couch, bleeding from a gunshot wound. She accuses Carlos of knowing exactly what’s going on, angry that he brought danger into her apartment! She realizes he is STILL in the mob.. but Carlos insists she help Johnny first, then he will answer her questions. She starts treating his injury, removes the bullet and demands answers! He fills her in on what happened.. then Johnny passes out from the pain. She grills him about what happened to Ava.. he tells her he cornered an unarmed Ava. He shot her. Sabrina is shocked, did he at least call for help?? He says there was nothing that could be done.. she fell over the bridge after he shot her.

Kiki hears the news that Ava fell off the footbridge.. she needs to be prepared for the worst.

Carly cradles Sonny and tells him everyone is safe, including Michael.. who is there with her.

Nathan assumes Helena has gone to Spoon Island.

Luke tells Nikolas he needs Helena right now, and forces him to drop the knife. Helena insists she has it well in hand, but Fluke wants to “deal” with him now.. and yells at Nik to get on his knees!!! He points the gun…

Sabrina stares at Carlos, who isn’t proud of what he did.. but Ava’s dead. She fell off the footbridge.

Julian is thankful Alexis came to see him.. now that he knows she cares, he might be able to get through this.

Helena calls for guards, and Nik asks Fluke what happened to him.. when Nathan bursts in.. FREEZE!

Carly goes into the ambulance with Sonny, leaving Michael behind..

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