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General Hospital on 2/6/2015 – Ava presumed dead, Sonny’s reprieve, Fluke is Luke??

Olivia is wheeling Dante out of the hospital when Lulu arrives, she can’t get answers about her father from Sloane.. but she knows someone else who can help.

Sad Kiki
Kiki reaches out to Michael, leaving a voice mail.. Silas arrives and she cries in his arms about her mom. The cops don’t think she’s alive, but Silas tells her to never give up hope. Sonny saw her go into the water after she was shot.. she’s not sure what to believe, did Sonny really try to save her? She needs him to convince her it was an accident.

Dante visits Michael
Michael reads the paper, while Tracy comments on the Pentonville prison break – it turned out to be a good thing after all. Dante arrives on unofficial business, he can’t tell Tracy much about Fluke – they think Bill Eckert was impersonating Luke, and he found a badly decayed body in the basement just before the bomb went off. They are trying to identify the remains right now. Michael offers his help, but Dante is there about Sonny.. Dante thinks he should go see him. He took a ticking bomb out of his hands! Dante understands his feelings, but the man saved his life. He doesn’t have to forgive him, but he should thank him. Dante doesn’t want him living with any regret, and leaves..

Ivy and Lulu angry at Nikolas!
At Wyndermere, Ivy is furious with Nikolas for leaving her on the boat! He claims his phone was taken, and she accuses him of being in on it.. if it weren’t for Sonny, a slew of people including her, would be dead! She thinks Sonny deserves a medal and will tell him that herself.. she also tells Nik to lose her number! Lulu arrives, equally angry at him… everyone would have been dead if it wasn’t for his homicidal grandmother. The bombs wouldn’t have been planted if someone who knew who have stopped it.. she wants honesty, how much did he know and when..?? He yells that he didn’t know.. not at first. Helena has been there since Thanksgiving, and he actually thought it was Luke siding with her. She is floored he chose his relationship with Helena over her. She says he isn’t the brother she thought he was – he is unrecognizable to her.

In custody
Fluke and Helena are in holding cells in the PCPD, bickering.. Helena insists she has a “get out of jail free” card when Sloane arrives, sending the guards away. Helena reminds him he only has the job because her family rigged the election, but he can’t release them, there would be a public uproar and an inquiry. Anna Devane would be reinstated. They have to play it carefully, he is slowing down the investigation. Fluke allows him to run his damn fingerprints.. he figures the truth will come out, once way or another. Helena thinks allowing the tests is a mistake. Fluke muses he couldn’t keep his secret indefinitely.. he can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction.

Sonny at GH
At the hospital, Carly, Shawn and Morgan hover over Sonny. He wakes up, relieved to hear both Dante and Michael are safe.. he was so brave with the bomb, Carly insists Michael still cares about him, but Morgan wonders why he isn’t there? He’s angry with Michael, their relationship has hit rock bottom.. he didn’t come to hospital to check on Sonny, and didn’t bother to tell Kiki sorry about her mother. Sonny tells them about Ava’s fall.. he really did try to help, he swears on Avery’s life. He couldn’t let go, not after what he did to Michael – he tried to save Ava, but it wasn’t enough. He asks about Avery, Morgan shows him some pictures and leaves. Shawn arrives and Sonny asks what’s going on? The cops are looking for Johnny and Carlos, and Bill Eckert and Helena are in custody. Sonny is skeptical…

Carly wants to talk to Sonny about refusing her visits to Pentonville, when Dante arrives.. Sonny is relieved Nathan saved him, and Dante is impressed at his old man! He’s glad he’s alive.. and right back at ya. The two share a hug, when the police arrive.. it’s time to take him back to Pentonville.

Michael arrives at the hospital, sees Sonny being wheeled out… Carly asks the guards to give them a minute to talk. Sonny tells him he has very brave last night, and he is proud of him. Michael has something to say, when Ivy interrupts their moment! She is grateful for his heroic actions and so is her father, the Governor of the State of New York!

The decayed remans
At the hospital, Obrecht shows Nathan the decayed remains of Luke – she will be examining them, but it won’t be easy, when Tracy barges in. Liesl informs them she can’t run tests right now, she isn’t allowed. Tracy suggests she will deal with Sloane, when he phones Liesl.. she can proceed with testing the remains! Time to find out the truth about the body in the basement.

The prints come back on the imposter…

Sloane arrives at Kiki’s with news.. they’re calling off the search. Ava is presumed dead.

The Governor thanks Sonny, and because of his courage, he doesn’t think he should spend any more time behind bars..

Lulu arrives at the hospital.. are the remains her dad..?? Obrecht tells them the subject has been dead for DECADES.. Tracy muses that Bill Eckert died twenty years, maybe someone dug him up?

Fluke thinks the Bill Eckert theory is hilarious! He has been dead all along.. the answer has been staring them in the face all this time.

Nathan returns with the results of the fingerprints.. they’re a match to Luke Spencer!

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