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General Hospital on 2/9/2015 – Sonny is free, Michael is angry, Helena wants immunity, Liz wants answers!

Patrick kisses Sam awake, he already spent the morning with Danny and wonders how she’s feeling? She’s restless because of Jake – breaking into her home, sent to shoot her… but also, what stopped him? She doesn’t think he watched them have sex, but weirdly he said he was watching her with him. He had memories and flashes of being with her, and her giving him the phoenix… it’s strange as the phoenix only meant something to Jason. Where did Helena find Jake, and how long has she been working on him?? Patrick reminds her she is safe – he passionately kisses her, they make love and he asks her to join him in the shower.. she pauses to look at the phoenix and dragon.

Liz confronts Jake!
Elizabeth visits Jake in his holding cell, he aided Faison’s escape?? He lied to her, Sam was right all along. She is hurt and betrayed, and feels like an idiot. He let her believe he was a good guy.. she demands an explanation.. now. He tells her it was Helena Cassadine – Sam helped him figure it out, Helena was controlling him. He had to take her orders, but started to have flickers of memories.. and told Sam he remembered planting the bomb. Liz believes him as the thing happened to Lucky, he wonders how they are going to prove this?

Kiki is worried
Morgan arrives at Kiki’s and tells her he was at the hospital visiting Sonny, who should be on his way back to jail. No, Michael wasn’t there. He asks if there is news about Ava? The police don’t think it’s possible she survived, she can’t believe she is gone.. and cries as Morgan consoles her. She wonders if she is enough for Avery, but Morgan reminds her growing up with love is more important than having two parents.

FULL pardon for Sonny
The Governor states that Sonny isn’t going back to prison – he is making an exception. He is issuing a FULL pardon, in light of his heroics on the Haunted Star. Michael argues that he wants him behind bars, releasing him is CRAZY and irresponsible. The Governor hands him the release papers, while Michael looks on furious. He understands Michael’s frustration, but Sonny is also a respected businessman in the community! His decision is final, and Michael needs to accept it. Michael is VERY angry, and accuses Sonny of arranging the whole thing.. was everything staged..?? He asks about HIS father, AJ – he doesn’t accept it as justice, and Sonny will NOT get away with this.

It really is Luke?
Nathan tells Lulu and Tracy the man in the cell IS Luke, according to the fingerprints. A definitive match! Lulu doesn’t believe her father would try to kill his family.. but that also means Luke has been hanging out with his dead cousin’s corpse. Tracy wonders if Helena did one of her “mind control” numbers on Luke.. it’s the only logical explanation. Lulu suggest they go straight to the source, but Nathan suggests she talk to Dante first.. only to tell him what’s going on, NOT to ask for permissions. Tracy decides to go straight to the jailhouse herself!

Lucas Lorenzo Spencer
In their holding cells, Fluke and Helena chat – he muses Bill Eckert has been dead all along. The answer has been staring everyone in the face the whole time. He is the one – the ONLY – Lucas Lorenzo Spencer. He did indeed dig up Bill Eckert and put him in the basement, and yells to Helena that’s between him and Bill. She asks if he has any ideas for an escape, and reminds him they’re not out of options. He scoffs at her – she over-estimated her Soldier Boy.

Tracy arrives to see Fluke… is she ready to face the truth?? She calls him a disaster, and suggests Helena is controlling him.. she tells Helena it’s finished, she needs to undo it. Now.

Nik explains to Spencer
At Wyndermere, Nikolas wants to talk to Spencer – Helena was arrested last night by Nathan. She hurt a lot of people, including his Aunt Lulu. Spencer is confused why she would hurt someone they love, but Nik explains she has different standards.. she does what she wants, no matter who gets hurt. Spencer wonders if she was pretending to care about them? He says she scares him, but sometimes he likes her.. Nik agrees, and tells him no one is all good, or all bad. But Helena will pay for what she did to Aunt Lulu.

Sonny’s handcuffs are removed, and Carly is happy he is a free man! He wants to leave the hospital, there is somewhere he needs to go..

Liz says they need to get Helena to admit what she did to Jake.. and she knows someone who has the leverage with her!

Helena wonders why she would undo the “mind control” of Luke.. Tracy says she will make it worth her while, what does she want? Helena tells Tracy to procure her FULL immunity..

There’s a knock on Kiki’s door.. it’s Carly and Sonny.. in civilian clothes! He is there to see his daughter.

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