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General Hospital on 3/10/2015 – ER visit for Georgie, Luke’s escape, Avery becomes a Quartermaine

Maxie and Nathan’s romantic evening is interrupted when Dante calls to inform Nathan that Luke has escaped from Shadybrook. After he leaves, Spinelli arrives on Maxie’s doorstep to pick up a hard drive, and when he finds out that Nathan isn’t there, does his best to convince her to let him stay. Just as she is kicking him out, Felicia calls – she’s at the ER with Georgie!

After exchanging threats with Sonny, and some pleading from Carly, Michael finally leaves with Avery. Kiki tells Sonny she is sorry for bringing Avery back, but he doesn’t blame her or Morgan.. and they decide to have a family evening together, playing Monopoly and eating pizza. Kiki and Morgan eventually leave and Carly stays with Sonny.

At the Quartermaine mansion Tracy and Lulu talk about Luke’s escape, worried he may try to hurt them. After Lulu leaves, Michael comes home with Avery, scaring Tracy in the process – she thinks Alan would be pleased he has decided to call her AJ. The two fuss over Avery when she starts to cry, and Michael is pleased to see how warm Tracy is to the baby. She leaves and Michael promises to Avery she will grow up a Quartermaine.

Back at home, Lulu tells Olivia how exited they are for her.. happy the baby will grow up with Rocco. Liv cries, thankful for the support.

At Shadybrook, Nina and Franco are getting passionate when Dante and Nathan arrive to question them about Luke’s escape. Franco covers for Nina, saying he let Luke out of the restraints because Harry Houdini needed his help. The detectives don’t believe him, but they need to find Luke.. Nina truthfully tells them she doesn’t know where he is.

Spinelli and Maxie arrive at General Hospital where Felicia tells them Georgie was running a high fever. Lucas informs them she has the flu, and will have to stay overnight, but arranges a cot for them to stay overnight.

After hearing about Georgie, Nathan arrives at the hospital and sees Maxie and Spinelli in a family moment, watching over the baby together.

Dante returns home and promises Lulu he will find her father.

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