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General Hospital on 3/2/2015 – Jake’s job offer, Franco & Nina kiss, Julian’s plan, Michael on the stand!

Jake asks Liz exactly how she feels about him? She says something was happening between them before Christmas, and she has been unable to turn her feelings off. He asks if he still has a chance??

Jake’s new job?
Sloane arrives to see Jake, they are dropping the charges! When he asks why, Sloane flashes back to Nikolas ordering him to have the charges dropped – his family has hurt him enough. He explains he convinced Baldwin to do it, and now he can walk away a free man. Jake asks what the catch is..? Sloane has a job for him as he is impressed by his skills. He won’t be out in the open, he will be undercover with the Jeromes!

After Liz leaves Jake’s room, she receives a call from Nik.. Spencer is sleeping, she asks if he’s ok? He admits to being scared, but the staff and doctors at Shriners have been amazing. She offers to come to Boston, but he says she has enough on her plate.

Michael on the stand
Ric grills Michael on the stand – he isn’t a parent himself, and the real reason for the custody suit is revenge against Sonny. Avery starts to cry, and Carly takes her outside to a conference room. Ric continues and grills Michael about the real reason he brought the suit. This is about AJ’s murder, and his anger that he was pardoned. Ric says his outrage is hypocritical since HE did the same thing! Michael says he didn’t mean to kill Claudia Zacchara, he was trying to protect his sister. He served only a few months of his sentence, and was paroled. Ric points out Sonny is the father of Avery, but Michael is nothing to him. Ric points out Avery is a Corinthos, and he is not.. he changed his name and has no blood ties. If Sonny is an unfit father, why would he risk HIS like to save him? It was fatherly instincts at its finest.. if Sonny had been killed, his last thoughts would have been “let my son live”. Ric says a child could hardly do better.

Franco and Nina bond
At Shadybrook, Franco tells Nina it was ALL an act.. and she gives him a couple of big slaps! She thought they were friends, she was so scared and he’s just a big liar. He’s just like Silas.. she was almost free, and threw it all away for him. It was ALL for nothing.. he argues that the reason he lied was so he could be there with her. He explained when the LSD wore off, he would be sent back to Pentonville. He couldn’t tell her for both their sake.. he wanted to tell her the truth, but couldn’t deal with the thought of being there without her. He admits he should have come clean, but here’s here now. He says they’re more than pals now.. and they both know it.

Julian and Carlos have it out
Outside Kellys, Julian comes face to face with Carlos Rivera, he made bail! He is free until his trial date, and claims he is an innocence man.. Julian chuckles and throws him against the wall, he will make him pay for killing his sister. Carlos claims he didn’t commit the crime, Julian wasn’t there.. how does he know Sonny isn’t lying to cover it up? Carlos insists it wasn’t a kill shot.. only he and Ava know the truth. While being choked, he reminds Julian that she made him confess to killing AJ and threatened the people he loved. Julian lets him go, there are rules to their way of life.. Carlos is entitled to payback, but now it’s his turn! Carlos reminds him he’s alive because he didn’t carry out the hit ordered by Luke.. and offers him his a truce.. “what do you say boss?”. He knows Julian is getting the organization back together and was loyal in the past.

Ava wants Avery
Silas reminds Ava she isn’t safe back in Port Charles – she watches news coverage of Avery’s custody case. She sees Carly on TV being grilled by a reporter, and tries to get out of bed. Silas finds her on the floor, she wants to call Julian.. he needs to save Avery. Silas refuses to help her, but she doesn’t want Carly to raise her daughter… plus Sonny would have killed her. She cries that Carly will make sure her name is never mentioned.. she will not let her win! She asks Silas what will happen after she patches him up.. he’s only delaying her return to prison. Will he let her go?

Franco tells Nina he remembers what happened before the drugs took over, and kisses her passionately.. they smile and he asks if she forgives him? She giggles and says don’t rush me.. but they have a problem. How to they get out of Shadybrook?

Sloane explains to Jake that Julian had a second chance to live his life free of organized crime – Sloane can’t let him pick up where he left off, he needs an informant on the ground. It will take time – if Jake doesn’t do it, he will end up in prison.

Liz returns and Sloane tells Jake he hopes to hear from him soon.

Carlos makes his case to Julian – Ava is gone, Luke is out of the picture, he can help Julian take Port Charles. They shade hands on it.

Silas quietly tells Ava he still cares about her, and won’t turn her in.

The judge urges both parties to come to a compromise, court is adjourned for the day.

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