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General Hospital on 3/3/2015 – Ava’s memorial, Mob business, the custody fight & more!

Morgan and Sonny meet at Kellys, Sonny isn’t pleased how Ric went after Michael, but he has to fight for Avery. Morgans asks if he can take Avery to Ava’s memorial, just for one night.. Ava’s mother hasn’t even met her yet. Morgan pleads with him and Sonny finally agrees..

Avery’s custody fight
At the courthouse, Julian approaches Michael for a chat. Avery is his niece.. why should HE be the one to get custody? He owes it to Ava to make sure she’s safe, but Michael argues living with Sonny isn’t safe. He plans to keep her away from thugs like him and Sonny.

Alexis greets Alexis in the courthouse with a passionate kiss, he’s heading to NYC for Ava’s memorial. Ric arrives and suggests Michael to drop the case – Avery is Sonny’s daughter and he’s going to keep her. Michael reminds him what HE did to Carly, but it’s about Avery’s future.. Ric already went after him on the stand, but he has nothing to hide. He also tells Ric he hates him.. when Alexis pulls him aside. She needs him to understand they have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he is an unfit father. She doesn’t think Sonny will EVER forgive him if he keeps going, the best thing he can do is call it off.. that’s her best advice as his lawyer. Alexis tells Michael she doesn’t think he can win the suit, but he flat out refuses.

Julian runs into Sonny at the courthouse.. he’s surprised he agreed to let Morgan take Avery to the memorial. Sonny reminds him he did everything he could to save her on the bridge – Julian thanks him for saving Lucas’ life by taking the bomb. He also gives him a mob update – the Jerome family is resuming full operations, they will be on opposite sides again! Sonny informs him he’s done, he has his family to think about. Sonny says he won’t get his territory back.. and the two start to bicker about business. He chooses to be Sonny’s enemy.. who replies he will break him!

Ava’s memorial
Ava’s memorial kicks off at Ryan’s Bar in NYC as Delia hugs Kiki… Ava would be so pleased with the arrangements. They reminisce about Ava together and Kiki says both Morgan and Julian will be there.. but she doesn’t know about Silas.

At New York Methodist Hospital, Ava thanks Silas for saving her.. and giving her freedom. She hates the idea of Carly raising Avery and reminisces that Sonny would have killed her had Michael not saved her. Silas consoles her. but Ava is also worried about Kiki, they have been so close and now she’s grieving. She wants him to let Kiki know she’s alive, when Kiki phones Silas to tell him about the memorial.. and it’s in New York! He lets Ava listen in on the call, which makes Ava cry – Silas agrees to go, and leaves his phone in the room for a few minutes when a text comes in from Kiki! Ava reads that Morgan is bringing Avery to the memorial and deletes the text before Silas comes back. Before he leaves for the memorial, she promises she won’t do anything to get him in trouble.

Sam arrives at Shriners
At Shriners Hospital, Nikolas gives Alexis an update on Spencer… when Sam arrives to see him, their family and have to stick together. Nik flashes back to the the fact that Jake is Jason Morgan.. alive. She gives him a little present for Spencer, she was busy as she waited for Jake to come out of surgery.. she wanted to make sure he was ok. They chat about Helena and Sam thinks she probably knows Jake’s identity.. and maybe he does too? Nik looks pensive, but doesn’t give anything away.. he doesn’t know why she is so wound up about it? His identity doesn’t have anything to do with her.. “oh yes it does”, she replies.

Jake confides in Carly
A shocked Carly looks on at GH, as a cop tells Jake that Sloane wants to know why he doesn’t want the charges dropped! She wants to know what THAT was about.. why wouldn’t he take the Commissioner up on his offer? He’s reluctant to discuss it, she guesses there are strings attached and wants to help, so he shares the details of the undercover offer. Carly offers to hire Diane to get the charges dropped, but he’s worried he will be found guilty and go to jail. She wants to pay, but he refuses.. it’s his mess. He explains as his friend, she has to accept it, and she agrees to support him.

Morgan arrives at the memorial, Kiki greets Avery and Delia meets her for the first time!

Carly returns to the courthouse and asks Sonny how it’s going?

Court is back in session.. the honorable Judge Walters!

Silas tells Kiki he didn’t see her text, while a parka-wearing Ava peers inside.

Jake tells the guard he wants to talk to the Commissioner.

Sam reminds Nikolas that she didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to Jason – she doesn’t want another person to go through that. Nikolas admits he has something to tell her!This Week Spoilers
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