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General Hospital on 3/5/2015 – Hannibal Lecter Spencer, Spinelli kisses Maxie, Michael wins custody!

Silas sees that Ava left the hospital, he realizes she read the text from Kiki, and goes to find her. Meanwhile Ava shows herself to Delia at Ryan’s Bar, who rushes to hug her! She was touched by what everyone said about her, especially Delia, and can’t stay away from her daughter. She picks up Avery and holds her close, while Delia worries about her.. is she hurt? Delia is furious with her, when Silas arrives.. and no, neither Kiki or Morgan knows she’s alive. Silas is angry at Ava that she risked everything by showing her face at the bar! He reminds her she has made him and her mother an accomplice.

Judge connections!
At the courthouse, Carly tells Ric and Sonny that Judge Walters is involved with Monica, Ric approaches Alexis and Michael – he knows what they did. Michael and Monica have used their influence. Sonny accuses him of rigging the hearing, but Michael wishes him luck trying to prove it. He still claims he is protecting Avery, but Carly accuses him of tampering with the judge.. just like a Qaurtertmaine. He’s smug that he will get away with it.

Ric asks the judge to recuse himself, accusing him of a conflict of interest! The judge shuts him down, pointing out that everyone present is related.. he is indeed qualified to preside over the hearing, and Ric can appeal his ruling. He grants custody to Michael Quartermaine!

Hannibal Lecter Spencer
In flashbacks, there is drama at the courthouse – Luke is handcuffed, while the media snaps photos. Scotty antagonizes Luke, going too far.. when Luke lunges at him with his teeth to bite his ear off!

Scott is in the hospital after being attacked by Luke at the arraignment, who is now strapped down like Hannibal Lecter at Shadybrook. Tracy and Lulu are at the hospital, while Bobbi is at Scotty’s side. Lulu worries that Diane is part of the problem as she is representing Luke’s dark side. They hope Spinelli can make progress quickly.

Dante tries to talk to Luke, and gets nothing but Hannibal Lecter chianti sounds.. he wants update on him, as the doctor wheels him away.

Bobbie consoles Scotty, who is furious Luke bit off his ear… she tells his something is seriously wrong with Luke, he isn’t well, can’t he see that now?

Franco and Nina
At Shadybrook, Franco pretends he is Jack from Three’s Company while Nina acts crazy to scare the other patients away, then break out in laughter. But they need to figure out a plan. Nathan arrives for a visit.. he tells Nina about Scotty being attacked, when Franco pops up, wanting to know more as Scotty Baldwin is his father! He quickly pretends he knows his just another Baldwin (Alec, etc). Nathan says goodbye, while Franco reads the newspaper.. concerned about his father.

Spinelli tries to convince Maxie!
Maxie goes to see Lulu, and Spinelli answers the door! She finds out he’s staying with Dante and Lulu, he says it’s none of her business. She’s angry he’s causing so many problems in her personal life. They chat about Luke, she finds out Tracy and Lulu hired him to find out more information, and he is looking Patricia. He is searching databases the PCPD may not have access to, Maxie sighs.. once again she’s caught between a crook and a cop. Spinelli points out she just admitted he still has a chance with her! She’s angry he brought her into the loop of something illegal, that she has to keep from Nathan.. just like Johnny. He argues it’s nothing like Johnny.. what they had was special. She tells him he needs to stop talking about the two of them, he says he will stop if she admits she has feelings for him that never went away.

Nathan tells Dante he will check on Spinelli’s progress..

Where is Avery?
Sonny lashes out while the judge points out he is placing Avery in a stable environment. He asks Sonny her whereabouts so social services can arrange the transfer. Sonny tells them Avery is at his home, cared for by the nanny.. which gives him a few hours. Ric will try to block the transfer, while Carly points out Avery is in New York. Sonny admits he lied to the court, and she will stay in New York until he can figure out a plan.

Alexis congratulates Michael, but warns him he has started down a slippery slope.

Ava makes Delia promise not to tell Kiki she is alive, just let her and Silas disappear. Delia agrees while Ava tries to leave with Avery!

Maxie tells Spinelli she has something wonderful with Nathan, but he thinks it’s their time to be a family! He’s ready and thinks she is too… he leans in and kisses her. At that moment, Nathan walks in…

Dante tells Tracy and Lulu that Luke has been transferred to Shadybrook…

Franco storms out to have a word with Luke Spencer and tells Nina to cover for him!

Scotty tells Bobbie she can leave, but she wants to make sure HE is okay.. he admits he will still be there for her, despite the fact that her brother is a rabid dog and needs to be put down! Bobbie isn’t sure how to help Luke.

Franco introduces himself to Luke.. “you hurt my father, prepare to die.”

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