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General Hospital on 3/6/2015 – The fight for Avery, the fight for Maxie, new allies & Avas shocking news!

Michael greets Tracy at home, he gives her the news that he won custody of Avery! Tracy tells him she overheard Monica pressure her boyfriend Judge Walters into taking over the case.. she congratulates him as Sonny is a greedy arrogant thug who broke her father’s heart. Michael taking HIS child is exactly what he deserves… poetic justice. Tracy warns him not to go alone. He tells her Carly accused him of tearing the family apart, but he mostly did this for Avery.. to protect her. If Sonny suffers in the process, that’s a bonus. After Michael leaves, Alice asks Tracy if she’s worried Sonny will resort to violence, but Tracy says Quartermaines have more influence now. She tells Alice they need another nursery as Olivia is pregnant with Ned’s baby.. Alice is SO excited, it’s wonderful news. Tracy explains that Luke is a mental patient at Shadybrook now, and she doesn’t know what to do. She needs a clue on how to disarm him.

Franco and Nina have a new ally?
Franco promises Luke his corpse will be something to behold.. maybe his best work ever. Luke muses that he’s wasting his talents on Baldwin, a loser who has failed against Luke his whole life. Killing Luke would take away Scotty’s adversary.. his only reason for being. He encourages Franco to kill him, and just as he places the pillow over his face, Nina walks in and tells him to stop! Does he want to stay there for the rest of his life, or leave Shadybrook with her? Luke tells him he’s stupid if he doesn’t choose to leave with this goddess. Nina reminds him they will never see each other again, Franco agrees to stop, but tells Luke to leave Scotty alone and not even look at the goddess. Luke advises he able to assist them in getting out of Shadybrook! He plans to get out, and thinks he might be able to take the two of them with him. They should pool their resources! Franco decides to listen, but Nina wants to chat with him privately.. what is he doing??? Luke explains it was easier to bust out of the loony bin than Pentonville.. exactly what they did. They decide their best chance of getting out of there is with Luke… there shouldn’t be any problems. Luke is the master of disappearance!

The fight for Avery
Back at home, Sonny tells Carly he won’t let Michael take his daughter. He is angry the judge was in the Quartermaine’s pocket.. he won’t let Michael raise his child, and teach her to hate him, but Carly insists he is their son. A good, kind man who will take care of her.

At Ryan’s Bar, Silas and Delia try to stop Ava from taking Avery.. but she doesn’t want to abandon her. They argue she will get caught, and what are they supposed to tell Kiki and Morgan when they arrive? Silas tells her to think about Kiki, and what this will do to her if they pretend Avery was kidnapped. They are on her side, but Morgan and Kiki will be there soon… Ava cries and agrees to let Avery go.

Walking in NYC, Kiki reminisces to Morgan how much she loved the city with her mom. Morgan is consoling her, when Sonny calls him.. he doesn’t want him to come home as Michael won custody! He tells Morgan to go to JFK, there will be a plane waiting to take them to his island – he will follow once he has neutralized Michael. Morgan agrees, he will explain to her inside the bar. They walk in to see Delia holding the baby, dressed up for St Patrick’s Day, while Ava is back in her room at the hospital with Silas. Ava tells Silas she needs to be with her baby.. she feels an ache in her soul and starts to cry. Silas holds her close and consoles her..

Delia says goodbye to Kiki, hands over Avery, and Morgan tells her about Sonny’s plan. Kiki reminds him Michael hates them both, will have them thrown in prison.. and they would deserve it. Hiding out on his dad’s island is not the best option for Avery.. and Michael will never give up.

The fight for Maxie!
Nathan walks in to see Spinelli kissing Maxie.. “you want to tell me what the hell this is?”. He confronts Maxie… has she made her choice?? She tells him the stupid kiss didn’t mean anything to her.. it wasn’t even a real kiss. Nathan states he isn’t blind, he knows what he saw. but Maxie says it was uninvited! Nathan walks over to a cowering Spinelli, grabs his shirt but Spinelli points out they share a child, there will always be an undercurrent of love between them. Nathan says he may have earned himself a beating, raises his fist, but stops when the computer beeps. There’s a hit on the search for Patricia Spencer! This could lead them to the answer. Spinelli won’t share his information with Nathan as he has been contracted by Tracy, not the PCPD. He quickly scoots away, leaving Nathan and Maxie alone.

Michael arrives..
Carly tells Sonny he will be kidnapping Avery, and making Morgan an accomplice – he will not get away with it! Michael knocks loudly on the door, and Sonny answers.. he’s there to take the baby. Sonny offers him a drink, and says he will get Avery.. but Michael doesn’t trust him and tells the social worker to go upstairs.

Silas informs Ava he is not taking her back to Port Charles.. it’s just not going to happen.

Maxie tries to explain about the kiss, but Nathan says they should re-evaluate things.. maybe it’s time they called it a day.

Tracy is certain she can reach Luke, Alice is convinced she can do it.. when Spinelli arrives with a lead on Patricia!

Franco convinces Nina their best chance to be together is to disappear with Luke.

Sonny tells Michael he is not taking her daughter.. the social work returns, there is no sign of Avery.. Michael angrily tells them to arrest this sonofabitch!

Ava wants to think of a plan, but Silas tells her it doesn’t matter.. she’s dying!

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