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General Hospital on 3/9/2015 – Maxie chooses Nathan, Ava’s cancer, Luke escapes, the new AJ!

Nathan tells Maxie their relationship isn’t working anymore – she asks if he wants to break up with her after one unwelcome kiss from Spinelli? He asks about her history with Spinelli, she hasn’t made up her mind yet, so he has decided to walk away so she can be with Spinelli. Maxie argues they did share something, and will always share Georgie between them – she still cares about Spinelli as someone she used to be in love with. He understands, but it doesn’t make him feel any better about things.. he has to let her go. She asks if he has lost all faith in her? Maxie wants to go back to her place so they can focus on being together.. she wants them to appreciate each other, and he finally smiles.

Finding Patricia
Spinelli has news for Tracy – on Luke’s sister Patricia. Lulu arrives and gives them an update on Luke’s transfer to Shadybrook – in restraints and a muzzle. Spinelli tells them Patricia has been staying under the radar, but he found an address… however it’s not Pat’s address, it’s her last known address 10 years ago. Tracy decides to visit the residence herself and sends Spinelli on his way.. he asks if he can stay there for a while, to avoid Nathan, who saw him kiss Maxie. He thinks Maxie’s heart still belongs to him.. she is probably severing her relationship with Nathan right now! Tracy sends him away, to go be the woman he loves. Lulu decides to join Tracy..

Maxie holds Nathan hands and tells him she choose him.. Spinelli arrives to see them kissing passionately.

Shadybrook Escape
At Shadybrook, Nina decides they will work with Luke to escape this loony bin.. she wants to start living her life and be happy with him. Luke has a network of connections, and asks them to remove the restraints so they can get going! Nina is left alone with Luke, she opens his restraints as Franco pretends to be crazy to distract a guard, but the guard returns to see them all standing in the hall. Luke grabs Nina and threatens to snap her neck if the guard doesn’t stay back.. He throws Nina aside and runs away from the guards!

Where is Avery?
Kiki doesn’t think running away with Avery would honor her mother’s memory, they should return her to Michael, but Morgan is worried they will all lose her forever.

Michael threatens Sonny with arrest for kidnapping if he doesn’t tell them where Avery is right now. Sonny says he would rather die in prison than give his daughter to him.. before the cop arrests him, Michael asks for a moment alone with him and Carly. He tells them her life will be at risk staying with Sonny, but Carly points out the Quartermaines are no better. The remaining family members will cherish Avery. Sonny is adamant that he will NEVER let Michael raise his child. He offers himself for arrest and Michael tells them to arrest Carly too! For conspiracy.. Sonny agrees to tell him, but Carly stops him, and wants to be arrested. Michael tells the guards about the private island, when Kiki and Morgan walk in with Avery! Kiki pretends to be surprised that Michael got custody, they just returned from New York City for her mother’s memorial. Morgan points out they were within their rights as Avery’s brother and sister.

Ava has cancer!
Ava laughs when Silas tells her she’s dying.. but he informs her she has cancer. He ran multiple tests, she has lymphoma, which is blood cancer – she realizes she has been experiencing the symptoms. Silas informs her the bruise under her arm is a tumor – she has advanced non-Hodgkins lymphoma. A stunned Ava realizes that’s why Silas didn’t turn her in.. or let her run away with Avery. She gets upset when she realizes turning her in doesn’t matter.. at least she saw a preview of her own funeral. He tells her she would need a bone marrow transplant, he checked everyone, and there is no match. She asks about Delia but Silas says she is past the age for it to be a viable option. He also looked into the bone marrow registry.. and shakes his head.

Avery returns
Morgan tells Sonny that Kiki had a point, Avery shouldn’t grow up on the run.. Sonny accepts his decision and Carly says they will get through this. Kiki tells Michael he shouldn’t take Avery away from her father, what happened to him? She fell in love with the man who always wanted to do the right thing – Avery needs someone who will love her unconditionally, is he that person? Michael tells them he is like this because of all of them – he takes Avery from Kiki, Morgan tells him he is heartless sonofabitch..

Lulu tells Tracy that Luke has escaped from Shadybrook!

Franco cradles Nina, he apologizes and say he is going to kill Like – this time, Nina isn’t going to stop him.

Maxie tells Spinelli she is going home with Nathan. Left standing alone, he says this isn’t the end of him and Maxie.

Ava finally breaks down and sobs while Silas holds her.

Michael tells Kiki she will not forget about her mother as her middle name is Jerome. He wants to call her “AJ”..!!

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