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General Hospital on 4/3/2015 – Ric’s scheming, Jake’s first day & flashback, Spencer finds the ring!

Nikolas and Spencer (in his Phantom of the Opera mask) return home.. after Spencer rushes up to his room, Chandler the chauffeur hands Nik something that was found among his clothes in the laundry after the fire. A wedding ring! While he places it in his safe, Spencer returns and asks what he’s hiding in there, is it a present for him? Nik insists it’s just some old jewelry.. when Chandler announces a visitor, it’s Sonny and he wants a hug from Spencer! The mask is to protect the area that is healing, but he wanted to hide his “disfigurement” – the doctors are hopeful, an Sonny has something for him. A replacement boxing robe! Sonny reminds him to never value it above his own life, thanks god he’s ok.. but he yells that he’s not okay. Cameron ruined his life. Both Nik and Sonny say it was ruled an accident, but Spencer argues with them… Nik takes a call, leaving Sonny and Spencer to chat. Sonny reminds him he won Emma’s heart because he has a good soul.. but Spencer wonders where she is today? He needs to lock her down.. give her the engagement ring before she sees his face. The problem is that his father hid the ring, but Sonny insists he has to be himself. He thanks Sonny for the “good talk” and the robe.

Nikolas tells Spencer the plastic surgeon wants to see them to discuss the next steps – Spencer begs him to let him stay home, and he agrees to go alone, leaving Spencer at him by himself.

Elizabeth and Jake
At the hospital, Elizabeth is remembering Ric’s words when Jake arrives and tells her he is staying in Port Charles! He doesn’t want her to be surprised when she sees them around town.. he wants them to try to be friends again. She mentions she has been talking to Ric about getting back together.. he wants her back, but she isn’t sure. He is disappointed, and leaves for his first day of work.

Jake’s first day of work!
Julian arrives at a ransacked garage, and quickly gets off the phone with Alexis – he draws his gun, and sees Shawn in the doorway. Someone has hijacked their latest shipment – Julian claims he and Duke owed him, but Shawn insists he return it. Or he will put his ass in the ground. Julian responds that he will shoot him dead, plant the gun and tell the cops he found and intruder breaking in. Shawn points out there are two armed men with him! The thugs escort him out, when Jake arrives.. he knocks out both of them and forces Shawn to drop his gun.. and both Jake and Julian turn their guns on him! Julian tells them to leave, but Shawn says this isn’t over… Julian is pleased with Jake’s first day and thanks him for stepping in, and Jake suggests he give him a job where his “skill set” can work to his advantage? He agrees he would make a valuable assets, but in the meantime asks him to run the garage since Johnny Zacchara is now a fugitive. He doesn’t know much about mechanics, but Julian thinks he knows much more than he realizes.

Jake makes a call – maybe he can find something useful at the garage? He sees a motorcycle.. and has another flashback of him and Sam!

Ric’s plan and a visit from Cam!
At his hotel room, Hayden tells Ric she is working on Jake, and he offers to pay her more if she can help him get Liz back. He wants Liz to come to him, but Hayden reminds him her services don’t come cheap. Just as she leaves, Cameron arrives home and asks who Hayden is..?? Ric claims she is his client, and Cam announces he needs to hire him to protect him from Spencer! He doesn’t want to go to prison.. but Ric insists no jury will convict him, he has the best lawyer in him. Cam hugs him and says he is the best.. he wishes he could be back together with this mom. Ric tells him his mom makes him happy, and Cam shouldn’t give up on Emma either.. the two shake on it.

Hayden arrives at the hospital to tell Elizabeth she and Jake are staying in town – she asks Liz to stay away from him, so he can focus on their marriage.. and mentions the amnesia sex was like the first time all over again! Liz is shocked.. and dryly says she is happy they are trying to figure things out. Hayden says it’s a good thing things are over between her and Jake, maybe she can patch things up with her ex..?

Patrick and Emma
Sam and Patrick talk over the phone about the upcoming move – he hasn’t told Emma yet, but they agree it’s going to be good! Back at his house, Patrick sits down with Emma – he tells her about Sam and Danny moving in, and her little face is surprised.. she asks where everyone will sleep? She says his bed is mommy’s bed! He tells her things have changed, and when adults love each other they can share their lives together, and a bed. He admits he loves Sam.. Emma asks if they will get married? He smiles – maybe one day, this is an experiment to see if they can live together. He thinks they can be a fun family, and Emma agrees.. but what if they’re not happy under one roof? He points out they will move out, but he and Emma will always be together.

Sam moves out
Alexis returns home and Sam tells her Ric was messing with her head when he dropped Molly off, telling her about Jake’s wife. To her, something doesn’t feel right.. and Alexis asks why she cares? She still thinks he is dangerous. It’s time for Sam to leave, she hugs Alexis and asks her to take care of the place she shared with Jason.

Liz wonders how Hayden knew about Ric? She says Jake told her – and promises to stay out of her relationship, is Liz stays out of hers! Ric arrives and tells her Cam came to see him, worried about Spencer.. he insists he is there for both of them.. and gives her a tender kiss. She doesn’t have to say anything, and he leaves.

Julian arrives home to Alexis – she wants to know why he got off the phone so quickly.

Shawn sits down with Sonny and tells him about Jake Doe.

Nik arrives at the hospital and sees Elizabeth – she tells him Cam is worried about Spencer, but Nik insists he has him in check. She tells him she nearly got together with Jake, but his wife showed up!

Spencer stands on some books and opens the safe.. and takes out the ring!

Ric and Hayden ride the elevator together – he is close to getting her back for good.

Sam arrives at the garage to get her car fixed. Jake stands up and stares at her…

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