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General Hospital on 5/8/2015 – More shots fired, a death, Olivia’s baby, Anna’s decision…

Carlos and Duke struggle with the gun, a shot rings out..

Wrong place, wrong time
Jake sees blood and a gun on the floor of the garage. Maxie and Nathan slow-dance together, and he kisses her passionately. They missed each other and agree to go back to his place. They enter the garage, hear a gunshot and see Jake with a gun! Nathan pulls his gun, Jake slides the gun over to him – Jake co-operates as Nathan cuffs him and ask who’s blood is on the floor? He tells Maxie he didn’t shoot anyone, and Nathan calls for backup – Jake insists he doesn’t know who got shot, and it isn’t his gun, he didn’t fire it. He explains he noticed the gun and blood, kneeled down and needed to protect himself when he heard a loud noise. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time. When the cops arrive, Nathan wants Jake brought to PCPD for questioning.

The Hit
TJ runs into Shawn on the pier, waiting for an apparent shipment. He tells TJ he told Jordan he loves her and she feels the same, but TJ expresses concern about what they do for a living.

Bruce takes multiple shots at a figure in Jordan’s bed! He pulls back the covers and sees pillows.. when a stealthy Jordan appears behind him with gun, he tries to explain but she shoots him! She picks up his gun and takes his pulse – he’s dead.

Sloane tells Anna that Duke is ordering hits, she tells him she’s leaving Port Charles with him tonight! She pack a bag and tells Sloane they’re going to start fresh – he asks if she has thought it through? She chooses love over everything thing, and has waited a long time for this. Sloane stops her – “I can’t let you do that”. He asks about her new job, and the people in Port Charles – she has friends and family here. She admits she will miss Emma, but she might find a way – she asks why Kyle cares so much? He admits he will miss her – she has grown on him and he asks her not to do. She insists she’s loves Duke and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Just as she says goodbye, she gets a panic-stricken call from Jordan – she just killed someone!

Kyle and Anna arrive at Jordan’s, she tells them about the hit – they walk in and see Bruce lying dead on the floor. Duke Lavery’s bodyguard. Sloane wants to know where she’s meeting Duke! Jordan is confused, she had no idea Anna was planning to leave with him. Anna continues to make excuses, but Kyle yells at her to stop acting like a lovesick teenager, and start acting like a cop. It’s conspiracy to commit murder! She rushes out.. Sloane tells Jordan that Anna has made her choice.. he puts out an APB on both Duke and Anna!

Olivia’s having a baby
Liv is in labour, with no time to go to the hospital! Patrick gets ready to deliver her baby, while Julian hovers.. he’s not going anywhere as he’s the baby’s father. Ned and Julian bicker and Alexis points out to Julian that he is upsetting her. They need to deliver the baby safely and he agrees to leave. Patrick enlists Sam’s help, and she starts to push, with Ned at her side.

Julian and Alexis sit a table while Liv is in labour. Alexis reminds him he is going to be the father from the very beginning.

Sabrina and Michael
Michael walks Sabrina to her door and kisses her – she beams at him, and mentions they’ve never talked about it. She asks what they’re doing? She invites him in, and reminds him she is Avery’s nanny.. she wants to talk before things get awkward. He agrees to back off if it will impact her work with his sister. He doesn’t regret kissing her – she asks if he still has feelings for Kiki? He admits a connection doesn’t disappear overnight, but it’s in the past – just like Patrick and Carlos are in her past. She tells him she saw Carlos after his prison release, and she knew it was over when he told her he was back working for the Jeromes. She doesn’t understand why it’s so hard to leave that life behind?

Michael tells Sabrina she is the perfect nanny, he asks if she wants to try for a second date? She wants to take it slow – he agrees to get at what ever speed she wants and they make a dinner date for tomorrow! She kisses him goodnight and he leaves.

Patrick tells Olivia to push, it’s a boy! But she asks why the baby isn’t crying…??

Shawn leaves a message for Bruce, and decides to walk TJ home.

Jake tells Nathan he’s sorry for the misunderstanding, Maxie really hope he didn’t pull the trigger. She wonders who got hurt in the garage?

Sabrina receives a knock on the door – it’s Carlos, and he needs her help!

Anna waits for Duke at the pier – he shows up with a gunshot wound and falls to the ground!

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