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General Hospital on 6/15/2015 – Lucky is missing, Rosalie’s phone, another unexpected kiss & more!

Dillon and Lulu are shocked to hear Luke and Laura lied.. they are not getting back together.
Laura thinks the truth could put them in danger, but they both demand to know. Laura says her brother is in trouble.. not Nikolas, it’s Lucky, someone has taken him! When she went to see him in Ireland, his place had been ransacked.. she was told to follow instructions, starting with pretending to be back together with Luke. She wasn’t supposed to tell anyone but Luke about Lucky’s disappearance, but Dillon doesn’t believe it. Luke says they are waiting for the next phone call.. Dillon says this is the consequences of the choices they made, he doesn’t want any part of it and refuses to lie to his mother. Lulu pulls him aside and begs him not to say anything to his mother.. when Tracy walks in!

Tracy, Sabrina and Sam
Sam arrives to see Sabrina, who is helping Tracy remove her engagement ring! Sabrina suggests Tracy stay to hear what Sam has to say.. it’s about ELQ. She has a hunch there’s a spy and didn’t want to tell Michael until she had proof. She’s sure Rosalie is reporting to someone outside the company. She tells Tracy about the shares Rosalie claims she didn’t sell to Nina – Sam tells them she bugged her phone, they should know if someone is trying to take over ELQ very soon. Tracy tells Sam if she finds the mole, she will be back in her good graces.. and the ring on her finger! When she gets it off, Tracy gives it to her – she can save Patrick some money when he finally proposes… keep it and pawn it in case he breaks her heart like… looks at Sabrina awkwardly.. ummm.. when Luke broke hers. Sam doesn’t want it, but Tracy thinks the ring is cursed and decides to return the ring to Luke…

The fight for ELQ
Over the phone, Rosalie nervously tells Nik that Jake has been hired, and will be coming for them. Nikolas finds it ironic he chose Jake, and tells her to just keep an eye on him.. Jake will have to answer to him.

Jake tells Michael he is under surveillance… the person spying on him is Sam Morgan! He saw her hanging around Rosalie’s desk and shows him the bug she put in Rosalie’s phone.

Michael doesn’t think Sam would work against him.. Jake can’t rule out that she might be one of the Cassadines. Maybe not with Helena, but how about Nikolas? It doesn’t make sense to Michael, there is no history or bad blood.. but Jake points out his company is vulnerable right now. He decides to put Sam’s bug back in Rosalie’s phone!

Sloane arrives at Wyndermere with Brook Lyn’s ELQ shares. When he went to visit her, she was babysitting a premature baby.. he figured out that Olivia faked the baby’s death, and agreed to transfer her shares for his silence! But she also had to promise not to tell Ned. Nikolas now owns half the company! He thanks Sloane and promises a place for him at ELQ.. he only needs one more percent..

Sonny’s warning
At the Metro Court, Morgan profusely apologizes to Carly and Sonny and asks for forgiveness, and tells them he and Michael made a truce. Carly thinks it’s a huge step, Morgan offers to ask if he will let Sonny see Avery, after all he let Denise see her. Carly jumps all over him to stay away from that woman, when he flashes back to their kiss. Carly and Sonny both tell him she is trouble, and Carly angrily gets up, she has business to take care of. He admits to Sonny that he actually kissed Denise.. he got lost in the resemblance, and Kiki doesn’t know! At that moment, Kiki walks in.. she mentions her new aunt Denise, an Sonny tells her if she were part of his family, he would be careful.. and watch his back.

Ava confesses to Silas
Ava arrives to see Silas, and tells him she saw Avery as Denise.. and it was glorious! She happily says her plan is working, Michael bought her act, just like everybody else… when Kiki walks in and invites her to join her for lunch with Morgan. Denise points out she didn’t initially realize they were a couple, but it warms her heart to see two people so in love – Kiki happily says they’re taking it one step at a time, gives Denise a hug and heads out to meet Morgan and his parents for lunch.

Ava turns to Silas and asks why they hell he didn’t tell her Kiki and Morgan were back together?? Silas gets angry with her – he saved her life, then tried to blackmail him, so maybe this slipped his mind! She mentions it was awkward for her at dinner the other night, and he mocks her for her troubles.. plus she and Morgan cut ties last year. Ava tells him about their kiss – he consoled her after she saw Avery, just like he had been before, the feelings came rushing back and they kissed. Silas is furious.. Ava might not have known he was Kiki’s boyfriend, but “that horny little bastard” sure did.. he also calls him a lying little took, but Denise tells him to go easy on him, it was just the past. Neither of them will hurt Kiki, and it will never happen again. Silas gets the feeling she isn’t finished with Morgan!

Sonny has to skip lunch as TJ’s arraignment is this afternoon, he promised Shawn he would look after him.

Rosalie interrupts Nikolas and Sloane, they need to talk! She tells him it’s not safe to talk from the office anymore.. her phone is on the fritz, she couldn’t hear his conversation and has no idea what he’s up to.

Jake returns the bug to Rosalie’s phone, while Sam confirms it’s working on her laptop. The next time she uses the phone, they will hear everything.

Carly leaves Morgan and Kiki to their lunch, she wants to know what he was talking about with Sonny when she walked in.

Silas tells Ava she doesn’t fool him – she isn’t over Morgan and wants him back, but she can’t do it, it would hurt Kiki. He tells her her to do whatever it takes to get him off her mind. She gives him a look as says she can think of one way.. then grabs him and plants a passionate kiss…

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