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General Hospital on 7/7/2015 – Dante & Valerie’s morning, Jake & Sam’s plan, Lulu’s home, Brad’s secret!

Elizabeth stops by to see Nikolas, she gets the feeling Lulu is keeping something from her, claiming she has heard from Lucky and he’s fine.. but now she has disappeared. It’s like they vanished into thin air! He tells her he will call Laura to find out if he’s okay then realizes he hasn’t heard from his mother since she left town with Laura. He leaves her a message and Liz tells him about the 4th of July fireworks. What right does she have to worry about her kids with Lucky, when she is keeping Danny from his own father? All she can think about is that she is hurting him.. Nik says they can call it off at any time, and do the right thing, no one has to know they knew the triuh! Liz admits she will lose Jason to Sam forever and he will lose ELQ. Nikolas says Jason is where he belongs and Sam is happy with Patrick! Liz accuses him of rationalizing.. he closes the safe and tell her he has a board meeting, and can drop her off at the hospital.

Jake and Sam’s plan
Jake and Sam meet at Kelly’s, they don’t want to keep secrets from Patrick and Liz but have no choice – Jake knows that Nik and Liz are close, he thinks Nikolas could manipulate her, and she may tip him off if she finds out. Sam admits she doesn’t want to tell Patrick because she is doing this for Jason as well. He would want Michael to get ELQ back.. and would have done it if he were still alive. She also tells Jake about Jason’s relationship with Carly. Back the Nickolas, Jake thinks he is hiding something.. it’s just a hunch. Sam suggests they go on the offensive and break into Wyndemere! She thinks they should look in his safe first…who knows what else he is keeping from them?

Tracy’s plans
Sabrina stops by to see Tracy at the Quartermaine mansion.. and finds out she’s leaving town. Sabrina tells her she doesn’t have to leave because of Luke, but Tracy says she wants to get ELQ back for the family. She’s off to LA to see Brook Lyn to find out what Nikolas is holding over her head.. if the board finds out he obtained the shares illegally, he will be out on his ass. Sabrina makes her promise she will come back, she likes having her around as a friend. Tracy asks her to wish her luck and leaves..

At the airport
Lulu and Dillon wait for a shuttle at the airport, Lulu is relieved it’s over because of all the lies she had to tell – pretending Lucky was fine to Elizabeth and lying to Dante about her grandmother. They talk about the adventure with Luke and Laura, and how it was so easy for Tracy to believe they got back together. He wonders if Luke has tried to contact Tracy..?

At the airport, they run into Maxie and Nathan.. she is off to Portland to see Georgie, and wonders what Dillon is doing there? He tells her he still thinks about Georgie.. Maxie asks Lulu what she’s doing at the airport, and she admits she wasn’t honest with Dante, she was with Dillon the whole time! She tells them the truth about everything, Maxie says Tracy will be thrilled, Dillon hopes she will come around. Nathn wonders why Lulu trusted Dillon, and not Dante? She wanted to tell him the truth, but Dillon says it was Luke’s doing… he wouldn’t let her tell him. Maxie says she’s relieved everyone is okay.. she thought the two of them may have been having an affair. Lulu is glad she didn’t say that to Dante, she wouldn’t have wanted him to get the wrong idea! She tells Maxie it wasn’t fair for her leave Dante this long.. he’s going to hate that she lied to him. Maxie and Nathan leave, Dillon says going on an adventure with her again was fun.. Lulu says it’s now back to reality!

The morning after…
Dante wakes up with Valerie! He has a major hangover – Valerie admits she wasn’t drunk, and asks if he has any regrets? He doesn’t answer, and is still angry with Lulu.. it hurts like hell, but last night with her he didn’t have to think of any of that. Valerie admits she can’t be sorry it happened, but Dante tells her he is still a married man for now. She claims it’s not something she normally does, and this wasn’t her proudest moment. She admits she cares about him, even if he’s only doing this to hurt Lulu. he tells her this is his mess, he made the dumbest choice possible! When she gets upset, he says it couldn’t have happened if it meant nothing.. and kisses her tenderly. He stops and apologizes.. he needs to think about Rocco now, and get his head on straight now. He doesn’t want to lose her as his friend.. she says she isn’t going anywhere. She realizes they have to go to work, but it’s going to take her a long time to get to and from Wyndemere when Dante offers her the use of their shower!

Brad and Lucas wedding plans
Brad and Lucas chat at the hospital, Lucas asks about a dinner date with their parents, Brad deflects the questions, the wedding is not about their parents, it’s about them. Patrick asks them if they have set a date, and Lucas admits Brad won’t even set a date for dinner with their folks! Brad hits back and asks Patrick when he plans to put a rung on Sam?? They start to tease a sheepish Dr Drake, and Brad leaves to go back to work.. Patrick tells Lucas they have lots of baggage, and he thinks Sam is still grieving for Jason. If and when the time comes for them, they will both know it. Lucas mentions Brad is dragging his heels, and he doesn’t know why. He knows nothing about his adopted family.

Brad hits the vending machine in frustration when Felix appears.. and asks if he wants to talk about it? He says no, then quickly admits he is lying to his fiance! Brad is about to tell him when Lucas arrives.. Brad covers and pretends Felix was telling him about his night on the town… Lucas questions him again, but Brad says everything is fine.

Maxie snuggles up to Nathan before she boards her flight to Portland, she doesn’t want to give him a reason to worry.. but he knows there are no secrets between them.

Liz bumps into Patrick at the hospital – he’s in a hurry as there’s a change in a patient’s condition.. Hayden Barnes!

Sam and Jake walk into Nikolas’ house and go straight to the safe!

Dillon arrives home. and asks Sabrina if she has seen Tracy, he needs to talk to her..

Tracy bumps into someone at the airport and is shocked.. “no”…

The shower is running when Lulu happily comes home and announces herself.. “Dante, Rocco.. I’m home!”.This Week Spoilers
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