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General Hospital on 7/9/2015 – Dante & Lulu, Valerie spills to Jordan, “my name is…”

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy is looking for Dillon.. and introduces his father to Alice, who gives him fair warning if he hurts Tracy! Paul asks if she would do the same to Luke, when Alice tells him what happened at their engagement party… Tracy tells Paul to butt out, but to go ahead and gloat. He says he’s sorry for what happened to her, and genuinely feels bad for her. He admits the same thing happened to him and tells her Jenny fell in love with someone else and left him. Tracy never liked her, and Paul says she always made him laugh.. she is exactly what he needs right now, and she says he is a welcome distraction too!

A warning from Sonny
Dillon sits down at Kellys and introduces himself to TJ when Sonny arrives! He confronts him about coming between Lulu and Dante, when Dillon explains that she is head over heels in love with Dante, and she only lied to him to save her brother. Sonny says he needs to tell Dante the truth. After Dillon leaves, TJ tells Sonny maybe he should move out so he can have privacy with his family.

Lul and Dante and Valerie..?
Lulu continues to explain things to Dante and asks what HE needs forgiveness for..? He flashes back to the night with Valerie.. he admits he was furious with her, and he is really sorry. Not for what he thought of her, but because of what he DID.. with Valerie. She asks if someone happened between the two of them when someone knocks on the door.. it’s Dillon, wanting to explain. Dante doesn’t know why Lulu chose to trust him and not her own husband, Dillon continues to explain how Luke didn’t allow Lulu to tell him the truth. He insists he didn’t do anything, and Lulu would NEVER cheat on him.. does he know how much she loves him? He quietly says yes.. he knows now. Dillon says the last thing he wants to do is hurt the two of them, and leaves them to have the reunion Lulu was hoping to have with him! Lulu quietly asks what happened between him and Valerie?? He says he trashed Lulu to her.. Lulu says it’s all over now, and it’s just going to be the truth from now on. She says she loves everything they have, and he never has to doubt that! He says they’re okay now – she goes to have a shower to put the whole trip behind them. She wants to go pick up Rocco and asks again if they’re okay..? She loves him, and he says he loves her too.. they kiss and he leaves..

At the PCPD, Valerie brings files in for Jordan – the only other thing she needs is to get her son away from Sonny Corinthos! She asks where Dante is, and Valerie says he is dealing with a personal issue, and shouldn’t be contacted.. she tells Jordan his wife is having an affair. Jordan wants the details, and asks Valerie how involved she is with Dante..? She admits to Jordan she slept with him! Jordan suggests Dante took advantage of her, but Valerie tells her they have decided to be friends.. but admits she is hoping they could end up together. She wonders how strong their marriage could be if Lulu ran off with Dillon?

Carly and Liz
Liz runs into Carly at the hospital, Josslyn is there to make sure her cancer is still in remission.. and this day reminds her of little Jake. She is alive because of him. It comforts Elizabeth to know a part of him is living in Josslyn. Carly says the test results are ready, and asks Liz if she could come with her? She is worried her luck has run, and doesn’t want Sonny to know how afraid she really is. She apologizes for reminding Liz of her loss. They go to see Silas together and he tells her Jossyln is in remission.. it has been five years, which is as good as it gets!

A visit to Cassadine Island!
Luke and Laura arrive at Cassadine island to find Jake – they got full access from Nikolas when Laura asked him to trust his mother. They couldn’t risk him telling Elizabeth. He tells Laura he thinks Helena will give him answers if he’s on his own.. and she agrees to go and search the rest of the island with Lucky. Luke loads his gun and enters the house.. Helena greets him sitting at a table.. she has been expecting him! They have a lot to discuss and she invites him to sit down. She reminisces how entertaining it was working with him, and scoffs at his new tattoo to keep his demons away. He demands to know about little Jake.. or will she force him to beat it out of her? She says Nikolas has finally taken up the gauntlet – she is so proud how much of a Cassadine he is. She tells Luke their feud has fueled her, there is only one last loose end to tie up. Little Jacob Martin Webber.. or is it Spencer? She says this might be the last time they might see each other, so she will give him a parting gift – she will tell him everything he needs to know about that little boy!

Luke is shocked by what Helena told him and wonders how he knows she is telling the truth? A remote control car hits his foot.. and she sees a little boy standing there!

Dillon arrives home just as Tracy and Paul go to look for him at the pool! Lulu calls him and thanks him… he says he may have been knee-capped by Sonny had he not talked to Dante.

Sonny tells TJ he should make up with Jordan for Shawn.. he also tells TJ he can handle her.

Jordan tells Valerie to be careful, seems like she has it real bad.. and it could break her heart.

Lulu sees the smashed family photo in a drawer.

Dante arrives at the station and sees Valerie.. who smiles at him.

Carly thanks Elizabeth, and gives her a big hug – she is so grateful, and so sorry she had to lose her son!

Helena thanks Luke for all the years of passion he gave her, and kisses him goodbye. The little boy says “my name is Jake, what’s yours?”.

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