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General Hospital on 9/17/2014 – The end of Chrichton-Clark & the return of Helena Cassadine!

Nikolas talks to Britt about how much Lulu means to him, and also about his Uncle Victor. Spencer comes in and tells Nikolas why he is scared – Lulu’s father is a bad man too.. and Patrick believes him.

Sam tells Alexis
Sam keeps remembering Patrick’s kiss.. and shares the news with Alexis. She doesn’t feel she is ready to move on because of Jason, even after taking her ring off for Silas. She doesn’t want to risk her friendship with Patrick, and the history between Jason and Robin might cause problems. Alexis think it could work because they share that common bond, and are both single parents too.

Patrick tells Elizabeth
Patrick and Elizabeth commiserate over relationships, and he tells her about kissing Sam. He talks about his past with Robin and Sabrina.. and how there could be something between him and Sam. Elizabeth suggests he goes for it.

Stavros is lying on the floor, while someone takes the fertilized embryo.

Hello Helena!
Robin’s key card isn’t working, but Jason hotwires the security pad, and comes face to face with Helena Cassadine! Helena greets “Mr Morgan”, and her guards knock him out. Robin tells her to stay away from him. Helena thanks her for bringing her back with her formula, and says her son will live on thanks to Lulu. She and her friends will get what’s coming to them very soon!

Lulu and Dante meet up with Maxie and Nathan, and they rush to find Anna, who is already with Obrecht. They know about the self-destruct sequence, and try to find their way out of the clinic before it’s too late.

Nikolas call Patrick and asks if there is any truth to Spencer’s story? He tells Elizabeth they need to focus on finding out the truth.

Helena tells Robin that Anna, Dante, Lulu and Maxie are in the clinic and ALL of the exits in the clinic are sealed. Helena has the over-ride card from Victor, and tells Robin she has big plans for her and Mr Morgan.

Nik tells Britt about Luke – he’s a scoundrel, not a murderer. Britt consoles him, and holds his hand.

Anna & the group blast through the door and leave the clinic.

Jason grabs the gun, shoots Helena’s guards and leaves with Robin! On her own now, Helena says Jason and Robin will be very useful, and walks out with the embryo.

The clinic blows up! The end of Chrichton-Clark as we know it..This Week Spoilers
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