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General Hospital on 9/25/2014 – Everyone is home, Ava needs help, Ned’s date & John Doe is treated!

Mac and Felicia wait for Maxie’s return at the station, and she rushes into Felicia’s arms! She feels she put everyone in danger with her bad decisions, but Felicia says it all comes back to her ridiculous treasure. Maxi presents her with the dagger, and tells them she killed Levi/Peter to protect Nathan, who shared his true feelings when they were chained together. She thinks he deserves someone more special than her.

Welcome home, Dante & Lulu
Olivia and Nikolas welcome Dante and Lulu home! Lulu rushes to hold Rocco and thanks Olivia for taking care of him. Nik apologizes and says he didn’t know great-Uncle Victor was capable of this kind of horror. Lulu says it wasn’t just him, it was Stavros. Nikolas thanks Dante for dealing with Stavros, they decide to put it all in the past. Nik says he DOES have something else to discuss, but they decide to wait until tomorrow. Olivia and Nikolas leave after more hugs.

Welcome home, Nathan
Britt hugs Nathan, and tells her that Anna has Obrecht in custody to answer questions about his father, Victor. Britt reminds him that he has a brand new family. She offers to pave the way with Nik, then asks about Maxie. He tells Britt she couldn’t tell him how SHE felt, but there IS a chance, he isn’t giving up on her just yet. Nik stops by and thanks Nathan for his help – they have lots to talk about but business can wait. Britt tells Nathan she wants to hear about his progress with Maxie!

Where is Ava?
Julian visits Sonny and asks “where the hell is my sister?”. Sonny mocks him, saying he lost his sister and Julian reminds him the baby is his own flesh and blood. He asks Sonny if he killed her? His security detail is missing, and Ava is gone.. Sonny yells he wants him out of his territory and life. Julian tells Sonny if anything happens to Ava, no one will be able to save him, and eaves. Sonny and Shawn decide they need to find Jordan.. Shawn will do it himself.

Alexis and Ned on a date!
Alexis and Ned meet for their dinner date at the Metro Court. He hopes the date is to help her get over Julian, not a ploy to win him back. He tells her that Olivia used him to make Sonny jealous… kissed him “till his toes curled”. But made it clear they are just friends. He asks her about Julian, and she confirms this IS a real date! While they chat, Julian appears at the restaurant to speak to Alexis – Ned refuses to be intimidated and calls him a thug, but Julian asks for two minutes of her time. He wants to know what her boss Sonny did with his sister, as she is missing. He asks her to talk to Sonny, then takes some jabs at Ned. He doesn’t love her the way he does.. eventually she will be back. Julian tells Alexis she isn’t willing to admit her feelings, but knows where to find him. He leaves to find his sister and tells her to have fun on her date.

Olivia sees Ned sitting alone in the restaurant, sits down to tell him the news about Dante and Lulu. She pours herself a glass of wine and says they should go out and celebrate.

Morgan helps Ava
Ava arrives at Morgan’s front door, asking for his help.. can she come inside? She tells him something terrible happened tonight – some men tried to kidnap her at the apartment, but she managed to get away. Morgan’s father is after her! The minute she gives her birth, Sonny is going to kill her. Ava insists she is telling him the truth – she actually came to see Kiki, and asks him to hide her before Sonny finds her and it’s too late. She just needs one night to come up with a plan, but Morgan decides to give her all the time she needs.

At the hospital
Sabrina wonders why Ava hasn’t shown up at the hospital yet? Elizabeth tells her they’re expecting a patient who was hit by a car, when Jason is wheeled in. The doctor starts working on the John Doe, with Elizabeth’s assistance..

Jordan arrives at the hospital, and Sabrina asks if it’s about Ava, but no, she is inquiring about the man she hit. Sabrina says it’s too soon to tell how he’s doing, then Jordan accidentally drops pills out of her handbag when she receives a phone call. It’s Shawn asking where Ava is. She tells him she doesn’t know.. then Sabrina asks what Jordan is doing with Ava’s medication?

Elizabeth helps John Doe
Elizabeth asks the patient his name when his vitals drop – she climbs on top of him while the doctor tries to save him! They need to take him to the operating room.

Alexis returns to the table, and tells Liv she is in her seat! They are on a date… Olivia is SO embarrassed and rushes to replace the wine.

Maxie and Nathan come face to face. She tells him he is more than welcome to stay at the apartment.. and he invites her on a dinner date tomorrow!

Lulu tells Dante she wants to wait to have another baby.

Shawn wants to find Ava if it’s the last thing he does.

Jordan tells Sabrina she will make sure Ava gets her pills.

Ava wants to get away from the city. Morgan offers his bed to her – he will stay on the couch and take care of her.

John Doe squeezes Elizabeth’s hand before surgery.This Week Spoilers
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