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GH August 11

General Hospital August 11, 2014 – Nathan finds the stolen necklace, Levi pulls a gun!

Emma and Robin video chat from “Africa”, which makes Patrick sad. She asks Robin if she and daddy are still getting a divorce, Robin tries to explain that they can’t be married anymore, but they will always be her family. Emma is heartbroken and tells her to be careful as Africa can be dangerous. After they hang up, Emma cries while Patrick tries to console her. He tells her about the choices Mommy has to make – Emma shares the news about finding Spencer and mentions that Felicia let her play with the Aztec jewels! Patrick tells her he’s really sorry about what’s going on with Mommy, and the two share a very tender father-daughter moment.


Victor tells Robin she only has herself to blame for breaking Patrick’s heart (and the divorce), Robin tell him to go to hell. He strongly suggests she focus more on bringing Jason out of stasis, and if she doesn’t maybe he can arrange another mishap for Patrick! Victor says the loss of Patrick’s son was collateral damage.. and says his threats aren’t veiled at all. Robin informs him she has had a breakthrough – after she saw Patrick, she stayed up all night working. Victor thinks desperation is a great motivator! He wants to know if it will bring back Stavros and Helena and suggests they try it on Jason, but she wants to use it on them first. Robin thinks Jason is too far gone, and she only has enough formula for one person. Victor thinks he is being manipulated, and says Jason is the guinea pig.. the canary in the mine. He says it’s time for Jason to take the medicine now. He goes over to the pod for the injection.


Silas pays Sam a visit while she’s on the phone with Patrick. He admits it’s as awkward for him as it is for her but wants to tell her what Molly remembered about Rafe (that someone told him to force Patrick’s car off the road). He is surprised to hear that Patrick was out of town with Sam and a little miffed as well. She tells him once again how sorry she is that what happened to Rafe. They discuss Rafe’s drug use, and the possibility it might have been his dealer. They almost share a moment when Patrick arrives at her door. They tell him that he, Sabrina and Emma were specifically targeted.. Silas apologizes for not looking out for Rafe, but Patrick knows he isn’t to blame. After he laves, Sam comforts Patrick with a hug… who wants her to find out who killed his son.


Mac tells Maxie that Nathan has romantic feelings for her, but she assumes it’s a trick to make her call off the wedding. When she asks for more details, he tells her that Nathan thought it would be rude and selfish to confess to her right now, but Mac personally thinks it may make a difference today (her wedding day!). Maxie is flustered and upset with Mac for telling her, she thinks it isn’t fair, but Mac insists she should walk down the aisle with no regrets. Maxie starts remembering the nice things Nathan has done for her. Mac asks if she shares his feelings, and she gets angry as she still believes Nathan made the phone call to immigration. Mac says she needs to think about her own feelings. Lulu arrives and Maxi ushers him out as she needs to get ready to walk down the aisle… and tells Lulu that Nathan has feelings for her.


Nathan figures out Felicia’s necklace has been stolen from the reporter, and tells him that Felicia wouldn’t have changed her mind (stealing it back herself, which would launch “Aztec-gate”), but he knows someone who would steal it. Nathan has a hunch and wants the reporter to ID the photo of Levi in the newspaper (from the wedding announcement!). Unfortunately the journalist was hit from behind, and he can’t remember any details but suggests Nathan visit Dunkleman to question him.


Levi gleefully admires the stolen Aztec necklace when Felicia interrupts him.. he says he was meditating, “we need to make time for serenity every day” and more of that “eat, pray love” crap. He is admiring her earrings when Dante and Lulu arrive for the wedding (with news of their own to share later). Felicia tells him to go change into his tux and ropes Dante into being his best man, to help him with the cummerbund and studs! They go off to the state room to get Levi suited up and Felicia tells Lulu she’s certain about Maxi’s choice now. In the meantime, Nathan arrives, wanting to talk about the necklace. Felicia tells Nathan she told Levi where the necklace was just a few hours ago.


Levi and Dante share their mutual dislike for each other – Dante warns him “if you do anything to hurt Maxi, I’ll give you so much negativity, they won’t have anything left of you to bury in the outback”. After Dante leaves, Levi takes the necklace out of his pocket.


Nathan knocks on Levi’s door, asking him if he stole his future mother-in-law’s necklace. Levi acts confused, tells him he is delusional but Nathan finds the necklace under a pile of clothes. Levi tries to play dumb, but when Nathan says he is going to arrest him, he pulls out a gun at points it straight at Nathan…  “sorry about that mate”.

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