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Patrick GH

General Hospital August 5, 2014 – Patrick, Robin and an undead husband

Liz brings Spencer home to a relieved Nikolas, who is very grateful. Meanwhile, Britt calls Spencer from the park and is shocked when Nikolas answers. He tells Nik that was Josslyn calling – he is upset to hear that Spencer bought a burner phone, and asks why he would go through all that effort, when he would have to know what it would do to Nik? Britt finds out that Elizabeth brought Nikolas home and stares daggers at her while hugging Spencer. While Nikolas walks Liz out, Britt asks Spencer what happened.. “my accomplice has loose lips”. She is now worried that it will bring him closer to Liz, when it should have been her saving the day. Nikolas invites Liz to stay for lunch to thank her, and Spencer is sent to his room to think about all the trouble he caused. Britt has to leave for a work emergency and is not happy at all.


Nina tells Franco she knows what he’s up to.. and what she’s going to do with his secret. Carly comes for an unannounced visit to his art therapy office and Franco introduces her to Nina. Carly flat out asks him if he knew that Spencer was hiding in their house, while Nina looks on with interest. Franco completely denies any knowledge of Spencer’s whereabouts but Carly doesn’t quite buy it. Nina comes to Franco’s rescue by telling Carly he would never do anything hurtful. After Carly leaves, Nina tells Franco she has done things she isn’t proud of.. but stops short of telling him anything to incriminate herself.


Patrick comes face to face with Robin at Chrichton Clark. She tells Patrick that Victor brought her there to work, and yes, she has been there the whole time! Patrick is VERY angry she has spent the last five months only one hour away from him and their daughter. She tells him she can’t cross Victor, and understands why he is so angry… she also wants to know how he found her. He tells her he finally realizes that Jason is more important than her family – he’s not mad for himself, he can accept their marriage is over, but he is angry for Emma because her mother wasn’t there for her, especially when she lost her baby brother. Robin is surprised when he tells her he is not there for her, he’s there for Sam. She begs him not to tell Sam about Jason – “I’ll continue to lie to Sam, and she’ll continue to grieve for her undead husband”. He tells her about Nina, but Robin can’t help as she has doesn’t know her. Robin tells him she is sorry, but that both he and Sam have to leave now. He wants to know if Jason is behind the locked door, grabs her pass and lets himself in!


Sam gets caught on the computer, but talks her way out of it with a fake story about wanting to check her schedule online. The bespeckled Nurse Santiago begs not to tell on her.. and it seems she has managed to talk her way out of it by playing dumb with technology. The hospital admin realizes she was trying to access Nina Clay’s records and wants to know why the interest in Nina. He figures out who she is as a security alert was issued after two intruders tried to break into Nina’s room and guards were assaulted. He knows she was there with Silas. Sam tries to convince him she IS Sabrina, but he has her all figured out.


A shirtless Lucas opens the door to an eager-to-please Felix, who suggest they watch the box set of Knots Landing together. When Lucas doesn’t accept, he wants to know why he has been avoiding him, and not returning his many calls. Lucas tells him that he is done with both Brad AND Felix, but before he goes, Felix wants to know if he would have picked him. Brad arrives on the scene just then, and is irate that Felix brought Knot’s Landing (“the gays’ gateway from casual to carnal”).. telling Lucas that Felix just wants to get under that towel of his. Lucas surprises them both when he says “maybe I want him to”. As Felix and Brad trash talk each other about their prowess, Lucas tells them he has an easy way to settle it – they can both have him! He was just kidding, and Carly returns home to interrupt them.

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