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GH August 6

General Hospital August 6, 2014 – Patrick & Robin, good luck with your corpses!

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Patrick flings open the door at Chrichton Clark and sees… a Lady Gaga egg. “So it’s true?” he asks Robin. Yes, this is what a cryogenic chamber looks like. Patrick is still VERY angry and wants to open the pod – he demands to know what’s going on. Robin tells him it’s not Jason.. it’s STAVROS Cassadine! She can’t tell him anything about Helena or Jason.. “he isn’t anywhere, because Jason is dead”. Robin admits Jason WAS barely alive, and thought she was making progress, but her work wasn’t ready for human trials. It did look like he was going to wake up, but his organs failed and he went into decline. She tells Patrick she failed him – he’s dead and he’s never coming back. Patrick understands it’s difficult for her to lose a friend, but why hasn’t she come home? She tells him she isn’t being forced to stay, she WANTS to stay. He reminds her of wanting to be a good example to Emma, yet she’s still there, away from her family trying to revive two maniacs who are better off dead. Unlocking the secrets of life or death is the reason she isn’t coming home. He tells her to quit the crap and tell him what it is – “spell it out for more”. Robin replies her research could help millions of people. And it IS more important than her family. “I know that I’ve hurt you and Emma, and I know this is completely unfair and horrible to ask.. but can you please just give me more time?”. He tell her they can’t go back – the only thing left for him is to get a divorce! And at least he knows where to send the divorce papers now. Robin tells him she loves him and always will… Patrick responds “Goodbye. Good luck with your corpses”. Ouch.


Meanwhile, down the hall, Sam is doing her best to talk her way out of the computer break-in situation, and decides to come clean and ask the hospital admin for answers. She wants to know if it’s possible that Nina is faking her medical disability. She is hoping HE will authorize her to look at the records, but how far will she go? Sam tells him her husband left her LOTS of money, and offers to pay him if he plays his cards right. Creepy admin now tells her he wants sex in return for the records. When he tries it on, she knees him in the groin, rushes back to the computer, but he runs out calling for the guards.

Ned is distraught as Monica comes up short in Baltimore – Mickey’s relatives don’t want his heart donated to Alice –  and bumps into Olivia. She tells his she’s recovering from the worst hangover she’s had since her clubbing days and apologizes for “pouring her junk out” on him. He asks what are friends for, and Liv tells him she likes the sound of that. The two share a chemistry-filled smile! Olivia is there to bring food to the Quartermaines, asking Ned who’s talking care of him while he’s looking after Alice? Ned and Liv share a moment, he tells her it’s his job to look after the family, to figure something out (as his grandfather would tell him!).  He will never be the man his grandfather was, that much is obvious.. Liv hugs him. Sonny overhears Olivia and Ned talking about Edward, and does not look happy (yeah, he shouldn’t be). When Ned thanks her for her support, she grabs him and KISSES him while Sonny looks on. And interrupts them. The three stand there rather awkwardly and Ned realizes Liv may have kissed him for show. “I can explain”.  She apologizes for violating him – climbing all over him  like a jungle gym. He tells her he knows she just wants to stick it to Sonny.. and is happy to oblige.


Julian and Jordan talk over the phone about the gun used in Mickey’s shooting – she tells him they’re the only two people who knows what happened in the hotel room. As if on queue, in walks Shawn. He expresses his concern for her and reminds her of the kiss they shared. He doesn’t believe her lies and asks “what the hell is really going on”. Jordan continues to tell the same story… and now plays the career card and tells him she never got out. Shawn isn’t going anywhere – they may bring out the worst in each other, but he just wants her to be honest. She admits she feels something for him, and he leans in for a passionate kiss. They take it to the floor… not quite making it to the bedroom!


Michael and Morgan have a heart to heart about telling Alice the truth about her heart. Morgan is adamant they can’t lose another family member, as Sonny arrives. He doesn’t know Alice well, but appreciates loyalty in anyone, and the fact that she cares about his sons is enough for him. Morgan still isn’t thrilled he’s there. They tell Sonny they can’t find any next of kin for Mickey’s heart – he offers his assistance to make things easier for his sons. Morgan tells him to go back to Ava, and refuses to listen to what Sonny is about to tell him (Ava isn’t living with him anymore). Michael leans on Sonny for support, telling him he’s a good dad.. but Morgan just can’t see it right now. Michael and Morgan get the news from Monica that the family changed their mind, and Morgan hears the news that Ava is no longer living with Sonny. Michael asks him to consider a Corinthos cease-fire. He is still very angry about Sonny and Ava – and no matter what happens, “she is still having a kid that’s going to be my kid.. or my sibling”. But Michael sings Sonny’s praises to Morgan..


Julian is happy to see Alexis, but she’s only there to ask if he shot Mickey. He plays dumb telling him he doesn’t even know who this Mickey Diamond is. Alexis tells him she doesn’t think it was Jordan who shot him, it has Julian in retaliation for what he did to her (that pesky house bombing). Alexis loses her temper and tell hims to stop lying to her. “Did you shoot him because of what he did to my house”.. “You’re damn right I did!”.  Alexis understands his desire for revenge on anyone who tries to harm his family, but she doesn’t understand why Jordan confessed to shooting Mickey.


Ned tells Morgan and Michael it’s time to tell Alice what’s going on .. and prepare to say goodbye.This Week Spoilers
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