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GH August 7

General Hospital August 7, 2014 – Alexis says goodbye & Jason IS in the pod!

Julian admits to Alexis he killed Mickey for everyone he loves. “I refuse to let people I care about get hurt”. She questions Jordan’s motives.. and suggests the only reason she would take the fall would be to  help Julian and the business. She figures out the house bombing wasn’t retaliation for LEAVING the  business, and he admits he’s still in the mob. She asks him why he didn’t leave, he tells her he can’t be someone else “I am who I am”, but he is still the same man she fell in love with, and nothing has changed. He knows she stills love him and leans in for a kiss.. and they take their passion to the living room floor! Afterwards she tells him she can’t have him. She can’t stay with him as it makes her family a target – as much as she loves him, she has to keep her family safe. Alexis walks out, leaving a shirtless Julian behind.

Carly and Sonny meet up, they talk about what a good person Alice has been to their boys. Sonny tells her how Morgan is still angry, and how supportive Michael has been. He is worried what will happen if he finds out he shot AJ – Carly tells him that’s not going to happen.. “we made sure of that”. Nina sees them share a tender moment. He tells them the pattern hasn’t changed – when someone he loves gets hurt, he just can’t think and makes mistakes. He compares Morgan’s feelings for Ava to Carly and Franco.. they both need a wake-up call. She has been lying to herself all this time, then plants a BIG kiss on her while Nina is watching! Nina smugly wheels away just before Carly stops the kiss and tells him he shouldn’t have done it.. “we are NOT having this conversation”. She loves Franco, and he admits he still loves Olivia but she has moved on. He continues to question her and Franco, but she tells him she is committed to him and needs him to respect that. After she leaves he says “you don’t know what you need”.


Tracy apologizes to Alice for not listening about Luke, and the Quartermaines rally around her bedside. She knows the truth now – “looks like 3 strikes and I’m out”. Alice says she’s just waiting for the ref to call it, and doesn’t want anyone to get in trouble on her behalf. She thinks they should say their goodbyes. Morgan isn’t ready, she tells him that he and Kiki are honorary Quartermaines to her, and her greatest pleasure has been “managing their chaos”. In the middle of her goodbye speech, they are interrupted by Selma Diamond, Mickey’s sister! Selma happily tells Alice she wants him to have her brother’s heart. She hopes the heart gives her a long and happy life. The Quartermaines celebrate.. while “Selma” (who’s real name is Renata) meets with Sonny telling her the fake ID worked! He gives her money for her troubles. And acting classes.


Nina and Silas meet in the hospital, she tells him she has a good feeling she will be up on her feet in no time. She is feeling SO good she wants to make him her world famous tomato soup. Molly interrupts before they leave together and tells him she is staying at Sam’s, and how sorry she is they broke up. Nina is ALL charm to Molly, leaving the two of them alone to talk. She asks Silas if there is any hope for him and Sam. Silas admits he still loves Sam, but their relationship isn’t in the stars, and thanks her for being a good friend to Rafe. The conversation prompts a new flashback for Molly! She remembers Rafe saying Dr Drake’s crash wasn’t an accident.. he tells her he wasn’t high, but did it on purpose because someone put him up to it. Just as soon as he was going to tell her, they crashed. Nina interrupts and he tells hear about Molly’s new memory.


Patrick tells Robin to let it end.. leaves her alone with the cryogenic pod. With alarms going off, Sam and Patrick make a mad dash to leave Chrichton Clark .. he turns back for one more look at Robin, who looks on longingly. Back at the bar, Sam tells Patrick she almost had the info on Nina but got busted by William, the hospital admin. Patrick doesn’t tell Sam he saw Robin, or what she told him about Jason – she’s a little suspicious but seems to buy it. She wants to know what’s bothering him, but he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.. he invites her out for dinner in New York City!

Robin flings a tray to the floor when Victor walks in “that equipment is expensive – you break it you buy it”. He heard Patrick was visiting, but reminds her of the rules – visitors are strictly forbidden and wants to know what she told him. And whaddya know.. she LIED to Patrick that Jason was dead! She didn’t tell Patrick the truth but Victor is more concerned about what he might tell Sam. Robin is convinced he will keep quiet. Victor isn’t overly sympathetic that he will be divorcing her .. and suggests he would hate to arrange for Patrick and Emma to have another accident! Robin KNOWS he was responsible for the crash and tells him there was no need as she was doing everything he asked. Vistor reminds her what’s at stake if she adanbons the project. Turns out Jason IS in the pod! Robin comiserates to the pod saying she hates the lying, and it will all be worth it when he is  okay. Together they can make sure the Cassadines will pay, and her family will be safe. But will they understand when they hear the truth?This Week Spoilers
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