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GH Maxi August 8

General Hospital August 8, 2014 – Nathan tells Mac, Ava’s baby & a suspicious Franco!

Dante is at the station reviewing Mickey’s file when Lulu shows up with coffee and bagels, wanting to talk. Her medical tests checked out and they can start making a little Falconeri right now. They plan a visit to the doctor’s office tomorrow – why wait when you’re so in love?


Nathan knocks on Maxie’s door, remembering Nina’s words of encouragement but Mac tells her she is at the Haunted Star for her wedding. He didn’t realize it was happening so soon and apologizes to Mac for trashing his future son-in-law. Mac thinks it’s a disastrous decision, when Nathan decides to share HIS feelings for his daughter. Mac says Maxi is only marrying Levi to save him – and there is “something off” there. He’s way too charming, pops up everywhere, making Maxi feel guilty and responsible for him, and leeching all the joy out of her life. Mac isn’t sure Levi has an agenda, and while he wants to give him a chance, he doesn’t want to see Maxi hurt. Mac suggests Nathan tell Maxi how he feels… it’s not too late!


Felicia fusses over her daughter at the Haunted Star, who looks beautiful in an off-shoulder gown with lace trim. Levi stops by, almost sees her in her dress (not quite), and turns on the charm, admiring Felicia’s Aztec ring and earrings. She tells him a little history – she made the sceptre into earrings and the necklace she wore to the nurse’s ball. He is very interested, but she surprises them both saying that she traded it for a camera! It was given to a photographer to protect a friend and Levi sings her praises for being such a good friend, and he is thrilled to be marrying into the family, When he leaves to try on his tux, Felicia tells Maxi it’s not too late to change her mind. But no, Maxi says she loves Levi and that’s it… they can’t postpone the wedding or Levi will be deported. He is kind, thoughtful and supportive, and is is indeed the one (the one what, though??). Felicia gives Maxi her Aztec ring, and Maxi can’t think of a reason not to accept the gift. Mother and daughter share a loving hug. Mac joins them at the Haunted Star, and wants to talk to Maxi alone. He tells her he loves her and trusts her, but thinks she doesn’t have all the information she needs. She needs to know the way Nathan feels about her!


Meanwhile, Nathan is back at the station when an irate reporter from the Port Charles press shows up at the station saying something very valuable was just stolen from his house. His Aztec necklace! Nathan is starting to clue in on something..


Franco and Ava talk over the phone.. she threatens him with lies to Carly, as she still “wants that dam recording”, so they can both get Sonny out of their lives. Sonny catches him saying Carly is already out of his life! Franco hangs up with Ava only to face an intense Sonny.. they repeat the “keep quiet about AJ” in exchange for “staying away from Carly” pact. Sonny flashes back to yesterday’s kiss, but keeps mum to Franco, and Nina wheels in while Sonny tells him he sounds insecure. She asks about his intense conversation with the man in the suit (“a very sharp dresser”) – and asks if he is sure Carly and her ex aren’t still involved?? He tells her they aren’t involved physically, but there is still an emotional connection there, while Nina feeds his insecurity about their “unhealthy” co-dependent relationship. He tells her Carly promised she would keep her distance from Sonny and is going a really good job of that (flashback to Nina seeing the kiss!). She tells him she is protective of Franco, he figures out there is something she isn’t telling him… and really wants to know, despite Nina dancing around the topic. She claims she is just trying to look out for him.


Morgan is staying at the hospital until Alice recovers from her surgery, and tells Carly she had a “guardian angel”. He is still angry his dad slept with his girlfriend questions the baby’s paternity. Carly is worried about him, and wants to know what he’s thinking. Morgan wants to move on until he knows if the baby will be his son or brother! The “not knowing” is driving him crazy and Carly wants to fix it (as any mother would!). Sonny runs into him at the hospital, and brings up Ava – he wants to tell him the truth about what happened between them. He doesn’t want to hurt him and was trying to protect him – he admits he crossed a line he can never come back from, but can’t tell Morgan the details. He tells him Ava was using Morgan to get back at him, she set a trap and he walked right in. When he realized it, he didn’t have another option but to keep her close.  Morgan says it doesn’t change what has happened, and while Sonny wants them to stay a family, Morgan does appreciate Sonny telling him this.


Carly pays Ava a surprise visit and the blondes face off. Carly tells him she is there for Morgan and tells her she is taking a paternity test. Ava is SO not going with her.. “not a chance”. The test is invasive, she won’t risk the baby and isn’t going anywhere. Maybe Carly should worry more about her relationship with Franco, then kicks her out while Carly says “this isn’t over”. It’s far from over. Ava smirks and says “you know where to find me”.


Next week – will Maxi go through with the wedding once Mac tells her about Nathan’s feelings? And will Nathan figure out Levi’s motives? Stay tuned!This Week Spoilers
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