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GH August 15

General Hospital on Friday August 15 – Nina tells Franco, Milo & Epiphany & Sonny delivers pizza!

Girl talk at the nurse’s station
Epiphany meets Elizabeth back the nurse’s station, where Liz tells her about Britt crashing her date with Nikolas. She vents about Britt worming her way back into Nikolas’ life.. and Epiphany suggests Liz wants him for herself. She should high-tail it over to that island and jump on that man! Liz says hunting down a man isn’t her style, and turns the tables on Epiphany, who confesses she has feelings for Milo!


A cozy mansion fireplace
Meanwhile, back at Windemere, Britt is grateful to Nik for letting her stay – he figures a “chupacabra-infested mansion” is better than her mother’s house! She tells him about the Brad’s threesome and Nik is a little shocked, so Britt starts in on her Elizabeth-bashing (“she puts the aggressive into passive aggressive”). Nik laughs, he knows the milkshake wasn’t an accident and accuses Britt of the same. She thinks she should leave, when Spencer walks in and throws himself at Britt – asking if they are finally back together? Britt says no, and explains she is just there for the night. When Nik leaves, Spencer grills her about why they aren’t back together.. and says NOW is their chance. Nik returns to see the two of them happily toasting marshmallows in front of the fireplace. Spencer goes to bed, the two share some laughter and Britt leans in to kiss him.


What are friends for?
At the hospital elevator, Milo tells Felix he needs to talk to him and Felix agrees to go somewhere private, putting his friendship with Milo first. Milo tells Felix he can’t stop thinking about someone, and is there on Mr C’s advice to tell that person how he feels. Milo says the person is a nurse at the hospital, and his father wouldn’t understand an inter-racial romance. Felix tells him to stop talking in circles and Milo admits to a huge crush on Epiphany! Felix is shocked, but Milo says there is something about her – he likes her take-charge approach, but isn’t sure she feels the same. Felix says he is happy for him.. but Milo asks why he looks so sad? He realizes that’s how HE wants to feel – and his quest to find a special someone has made him consider doing things that aren’t him. Milo thanks him and says he is an amazing friend and any guy would be lucky to have him. Milo comes to the nurse’s station and says he’s there to ask Epiphany if she would like to go out with him?? Just before he walks away, she happily accepts.. and the two share a big smile!


Threesome to twosome!
Lucas and Brad make small talk while waiting for Felix. Lucas shows off his six-pack to Brad, and the twosome start to flirt with each other. They wonder why Felix hasn’t joined them, but then start to talk about their past together – Brad figures Lucas doesn’t think he is relationship material, and has only planned to use him to help sex things up with Felix. Lucas tells him to shut up – if Lulu can get past things, so can he, and tells Brad he chooses him! Felix calls in to say the guys should proceed without him.. and Lucas makes his move..


Pizza delivery and a heart to heart
Carly is shocked to see a smiling Sonny at her door, and tells Franco “the pizza just got here”, while Franco tells her he is going to be stuck in the elevator until tomorrow. He signs off with “I love you” and Carly asks Sonny what the hell is he doing here? He deliberately intercepted the pizza delivery – and when she asks if he is trying to antagonize her boyfriend, he replies “what boyfriend?” as Franco isn’t there. She gives him money for the pizza, but he won’t leave and wants to stay for a slice. She tries to throw him out in the rain, but he says Franco doesn’t have to know. They argue about her relationship with Franco, and he circles her with his glass of wine. He says she is cute when she is being defensive but she tells him the kiss was wrong… a mistake. While Carly protests, he says he knows her better than herself – and knows exactly what HE wants..


Elevator confessions
Franco and Nina wait in the elevator, and after a chat with Silas, she loses it and HURLS the phone at the wall. She tells Franco she was supposed to get pregnant tonight – and should be having Silas’ baby. She tells Franco she was pregnant when her mother injected her with an overdose of anti-depressants to cause a miscarriage.. which resulted in the coma. He sits down in the elevator to listen to her story – every day she wakes up thinking about her, Silas and the baby, and feels cheated out of her life. They share a quiet moment together – he tells her about Kiki and Nina says Ava Jerome is going to get what’s coming to her for seducing Silas and conceiving his child. Franco tells her about Ava’s pregnancy, that either Sonny or Morgan is the father, when Nina comments Ava sure gets around.. “and so does Sonny apparently”. Franco wants to know what she means! He pushes her to tell him what she knows about Sonny and Carly, and she tells him about the kiss!This Week Spoilers
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