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General Hospital Live on 5/18/2015 – Hayden is shot, Sloane protects Anna, Ric and Nina marry!

With Nina in her wedding dress, Franco opens the door to.. Ric!! Franco wonders what Ric is doing there – he proudly looks on while Nina introduces him as her fiance. Franco reminds her what happened at the Nurse’s Ball, he’s a liar.. he asks why they want to marry each other?? Turns out they met and connected at the Floating Rib.. they both know what it’s like to be the object of suspicion and ridicule. She needed a lawyer to defend herself against the kidnapping.. and one thing led to another. He proposed and she said yes!! Franco suggests Ric is taking advantage of her.. and he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her. Ric explains Franco would have saved himself if she had taken the baby.. Franco asks if she even has a ring??

Ric pulls out the ring for Liz, gets down on one knee and officially proposes! Franco tells Nina he sees her as beautiful and smart – he has a knack for making bad choices but he chooses her. He just wanted to protect her, he promises she can trust him. He also promises he won’t lie or take advantage of her pain, like Ric would… she should marry HIM!

Nik says no.. again
Nikolas says no to Elizabeth, he won’t interfere anymore.. or keep their secret. He refuses to be blackmailed again – he reached the limit and will face the consequences. Liz decides to leave to stop Hayden, but Nik grabs her arm! She points out he will lose his ELQ stock and she will lose Jason.. he figures it proves he was never hers to have. She doesn’t want everyone to turn against them, but he observes they would both have each other, and she needs to trust him – it’s for the best! She argues that he promised to keep their secret, she knows him better than that.. and guesses there’s something he’s not telling her. He argues Hayden will squeeze them for more.. Liz asks him to string her along, just make her happy! But no, he just doesn’t think it’s worth the price. Liz has to leave for work, and tells Nik she will never forgive him for this.

Garage shooting!
While Sam looks on in the garage, Hayden tells Jake she can tell him who he REALLY is. He’s doubtful, but she insists he should trust his instincts. She was hoping to turn a profit with the news.. while Shawn lurks outside with a gun, she tells him she can return him to his family. Jake figures if he has a wife, she’s better off thinking he’s dead.. Hayden turns to Sam and says it’s about her as well.

Shawn aims his gun and a shot rings out – Hayden screams, Jake grabs Sam to protect her, and Jordan tries to stop Shawn!

Hayden is on the floor, shot in the head, while Jake and Shawn struggle for the gun.

Jordan pulls a gun on two men fighting “stop!”. Jake angrily tells Shawn he shot an innocent woman.. while Shawn stares at Jordan, pointing her gun at them both.. was she working for Julian all this time?

Cops and EMT show up to take Hayden to the hospital – Shawn asks Jordan if she’s a cop?? She says I’m sorry and tells the cop to take him into custody. While handcuffed, Jordan tells him she still loves him.. but he tells her she doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

Carlos is dead
Anna tells Carlos to go to hell, and shoots him again.. and again!! Justice has been served… and Sloane arrives to see her kneeling over his dead body. He asks what happened, she informs him she just killed Duke’s murderer – she admits there wasn’t enough evidence, he would walk. She shot him point blank and would do it again. Sloane pointed out that Julian ordered the hit, and their only witness is dead thanks to her! Julian will walk.. again. Anna tells Sloane to arrest HER, she’s as guilty as all of them, but he wants to keep it off the record.. and refuses to arrest her!

Sloane doesn’t condemn Anna – he can make this go away.

Sonny and Carly argue
Sonny struggles to make a decision, Carly tells him to wait it out, give him some deniability. He wonders if she’s trying to save Duke’s killer.. it’s not Julian, he’s certain it was her boy, Jake! She argues the theory that he was acting on his own, and is shocked to hear Shawn is on his way to eliminate him. Carly begs him to call off the hit – Jake is her friend, he wouldn’t provoke him, it’s Julian’s doing, he needs to be smarter than that! She warns him he’s about to cross a line with her..

Carly tells Sonny it’s his fault Duke was a target, and he’s not thinking rationally – she argues that Jake is not playing her and decides to leave to warn Jake! Sonny tells her it’s too late. Shawn left an hour ago.. it’s probably done now.

Patrick and Liz are at the hospital when Sam and Jake arrive.. Hayden was shot at the garage! They wheel her in, and Patrick takes over… and refuses to let Elizabeth help. Liz asks Sam and Jake why Hayden was at the garage, Sam explains she had something to tell both of them.

Franco asks Ric what his motive is for marrying Nina..? He claims it was an instant connection – Franco tells Nina he knows everything about her, she has turned him into a sap. He even took a vial of LSD for her.. and came back for her.

The Justice of the Peace arrives, and both men are on their knees asking Nina to marry them!

Nina chooses Ric, but Franco begs her to change her mind. The two are pronounced husband and wife.

Sloane tells Anna he owes her.. and tells her they need to get rid of the body.

Jordan confesses to Shawn she didn’t have a choice when she found out he was going to kill Jake, but he was never her target. Shawn tells her they’re done, and is taken away by the cops.

Sonny tells Carly Jake has to die, but she argues he isn’t who he thinks!

Jake says it’ doesn’t matter what Hayden knows.. can the doctors save her? Sam hopes she recovers and can give him the answers they need.

A thug arrives at Wyndermere to tell Nik the job has been done, it couldn’t have gone better as Shawn Butler was there as well – no one will ever know HE ordered the hit on Hayden Barnes!!

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